It’s one of my favorite times of the year and I have TWO sexy vampire pieces coming out on the 30th from Naughty Nights Press.  My favorite creatures of the night are vampires – go figure – so I thought I’d give you a little taste of Red Fire – Surrender. This one is a bit different. Aleksandr is a Russian male vampire who’s profession is an erotic photographer specializing in BDSM with young men. Jax Steele is a human cop who is forced to work with Aleks to uncover the serial killer torturing young men. Of course Jax isn’t aware of the fact Aleks is a monster. What Jax also doesn’t understand is that Aleks has a hold over him in more ways than one. The trilogy –  set in my home town of Richmond Virginia – is a weave of not only the power of the vampire kingdom but the hungers both men face as they come to terms with their relationship and Jax’s need to be dominated – by a man.


Turning his head, Jax eyed the scantily clad woman that stood near, her arm draped around well-dressed man of at least sixty.

“Would you enjoy owning a piece my dear?” The man pressed a kiss against her bleach blond hair as he ground his groin into her silk covered ass.

She squealed. “Oh you know that I would.”

“Then you’ll have one, my love. Tell me, what do you think of his work?” Turning his gaze toward Jax, he leaned in and nodded toward the piece that captured the moment of anguish as it shifted into pure rapture. “Is it not absolutely stimulating?”

Jolted out of his trance, Jax struggled to find the right words as he noticed a flurry of activity coming from the other end of the side of the gallery. “It is indeed electrifying. Do you know his work well?”

“I have two hanging in my home. They bring very interesting discussions with my group of friends, I can tell you that.” He laughed as the blond leaned her head against his arm. “I wanted this piece in particular but it is my understand from Stuart that it was purchased by the Governor. What a shame. I would’ve enjoyed having this one over my bed. Would you like that precious?”

Cooing, she pressed a kiss against his cheek and nuzzled into him. “I would love any piece my darling.”

“Come my sweet, let me talk with Stuart. Enjoy sir as his work is a true thing of beauty.”

Jax nodded and glanced back at the picture and wondered how in the hell the guy hired models to perform in such an erotic fashion, opening themselves up to being not only photographed in such stimulating ways but to actually enjoy the nearly brutal acts. He envisioned himself in the piece briefly and shivered yet for a flash, he could see himself kneeling at Aleksandr’s feet. Shaking off the feeling, he wiped his brow and took another long sip. “Jesus.” Barely a whisper, he looked down terrified someone would see his interest. There was no amount of money that would be worth taking…partaking in such blatant act. As the commotion grew louder, he used the opportunity to inch away from the crowd.

Sighing, Jax walked toward the other side of the gallery to a corner dimly glowing from iridescent blue lighting casting shimmers across the various pieces. He looked closely, unsure of what he was seeing for a moment yet as his eyes adjusted to the almost savage and very explicit representation, his mouth gaped open. “What the hell?” Stunned, he blinked furiously as the entire piece came into focus.

“I assure you they are not being harmed in any way.”

Jax turned to glance into what could only be described as the most beautiful set of eyes he had ever seen and even in the dim lighting, there was no mistaking the shimmer of violet touched with a hint of gold. He swallowed hard trying to place the face. The accent was scintillating, oozing sensuality. For an instant he was mesmerized.“They are models?”

“Of course and come to me willingly. The majority of what you see is staged.” His eyes bore into Jax’s with a simmering hue holding the moment frozen in time.

Jax nodded. The club. Yes, he was the man from the club. “You’re an interesting artist. Fascinating in truth.”

Interesting? Hmmm…I believe you enjoy a touch of the erotic? Do you not?”

As Jax glanced toward the picture whose centerpiece remained the stark wooden rack highlighted by the shimmer of moonlight through a long window and the golden haired boy that appeared almost fragile. While he knew the boy, the man was old enough and willing enough, he had to look away. Cocking his jaw, he fought a shiver. Why was his mouth suddenly dry? “I admire your work. It’s very sensual and captivating, full of passion.”

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Aleksandr Vasiliev.”

Jax took his hand and instantly a trickle of electric heat pulsed through his body. “Jax Steele.”

Aleksandr tilted his head. “I would say Detective that you are here for another reason than to admire my art, although I can tell by the level of heat rising in your body you are more than curious as to what I might be doing with these very delicious young men.” He moved very slowly to the side, allowing his gaze to travel across Jax’s pensive face. “Are you not?”

Jax had to smile as he shook his head. “That obvious?”

Aleksandr laughed, his husky voice cutting through the din of the soft strings of guitar. “I’ve been around the block more than once, Jax Steele. My art has brought you here for a reason and while the lovely lady that you were with earlier is certainly special to you, she does not approve of what I do and you’re not necessarily her type.”

Her type? Jax was unsure of what to say. “She’s unaccustomed to such art forms I believe.”

“Hmmm…she is afraid that you might enjoy without her.”

Jax sighed and lifted his head. There was something so cunning about the man’s eyes as if he could look right through him into a soul that hungered. Craved. Not quite cold and calculating but Aleksandr Vasiliev’s dark and rather dangerous demeanor suggested a life well versed in the pleasures of many erotic acts. Jax looked away yet felt his continued gaze. “I do need to talk with you about some young men I believe may have modeled for you.”

“As you can see Detective Jax Steele, I have a group of fans waiting for me to discuss future business but perhaps if you will stay, then we’ll go and have a drink together and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Fair enough?”

Jax nodded as Stuart beckoned for Aleksandr’s attention.

“Very well detective. I’ll look for you soon enough. Pleasure yourself with my art as you see fit until I return.”

Jax stared after the man as he glided through the crowd. Standing at least six foot four, Aleksandr’s broad shoulders filled the crisp linen ebony suit that shadowed his massive form even in the glimmering lighting. Somehow his long blond hair was captured and kissed by the warm ambient glow and as he turned to stare at Jax, the smile and his luminescent eyes glowed in a haunting shade of magenta. Jax shuddered and realized that the man, the artist could indeed be a monster. Every gut instinct he had told him there was something he was hiding; yet for some reason he felt he could trust Aleksandr.

What do you think? Imagine my hunky vampire – all six foot four inches of his blond yumminess. 

Also – this week I’m going to be highlighting a fabulous new anthology coming from several talented writers and good friends of mine from Naughty Nights Press so stay tuned for some very sexy and terrifying tales.

Kisses   xxx



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