Uh-huh – you guys weren’t in that steamy car? More prizes today as it’s the last day for the bewitching blog hop. Today I took us away from the spooky ideas of vampires and werewolves into the land of social media. What if you had a heated relationship online and perhaps a few minutes of speed dating but you really never met? What if you had the opportunity to meet and he planned a sinful weekend if you got along? And what if the tables were turned and he surprised you? All those questions and more I asked for my piece just getting ready to release called Sinful By Design – coming from Rebel Ink Press.

Today for a prize – a copy of this sizzling tale – you have to tell me the hottest and craziest thing you’d done in meeting or kinda meeting someone. Enjoy the read – a little “x” rated so careful.

Jerking up from the seat Blake moaned as his fingers clawed and grabbed anything that would keep him afloat and centered. His pulse raced through the fingers that held her tightly. “Fuck woman.” He thrust his hips up into her mouth forcefully as his hand pushed her head all the way down to the base of his cock. The effect took him over the edge. “I can’t hold…it baby. I’m…gonna cum.”

She worked more feverishly as his throbbing cock beat against the back of her throat and his balls hit her chin. The taste of him excited her and she loved every second of the amazing heady experience. Matching him thrust for thrust, she moaned along with him, willing him to cum.

Throwing his head back, the strangled cry permeated the quiet surroundings as his orgasm crashed through his body. His legs shook uncontrollably as he ground his hips higher and faster into her mouth. Wave after wave, he came in the back of her throat. “Oh God!

She grasped his cock and milked him all the while keeping him firmly planted in her mouth, refusing to waste a single drop of his cum. As she squeezed his balls with one hand and pumped the base of his shaft with the other his hot sperm spewed into the back of her mouth and down her throat in creamy strings. Closing her eyes Shannon’s heart thumped sending echoes into her ears.

Blake shifted, his breath coming in scattered pants as he held her golden locks between his wet fingers. “Oh…yes…ohohoh!”

Holding him in her mouth Shannon smiled, refusing to let him go.

Dropping his head he panted, yet his legs shook involuntarily. “Oh…my…God. Shannon…oh Shannon.”

Shannon finally pulled back and stared into his dilated eyes, yet her hand remained pumping his shaft. Licking her lips she purred. “That’s just the beginning. Tell me big boy, do you want more?”

Blake nodded as laughter bubbled past his lips. Hitting the defroster, he glanced around him and exhaled slowly. “We…are…in so much…trouble.”

It was at that moment they both heard the siren as flashing lights settled in behind them.

“Oh fuck!” Shannon scrambled and knew as she tried to glance out the side window into the mirror that the heat of their passion had slickened the glass with fog. “Oh, this is not good.”

Blake fumbled trying to get himself together and his boisterous laughter filled the small space. “Uh-huh, this one will look great to my colleagues. I can see the company newsletter now. Man caught with his pants down, literally.”

“Can you move a little faster please?” She could see the hulking frame in the glow of the headlights fast approaching.

“I am trying.” Yet he continued to fumble.

“Blake. He’s coming.” Sweet Jesus, why was he taking so long?
“No, I was, er did.”

“This isn’t funny!” Shannon could see the glow of the flashlight as it danced as he moved in the darkened night. She closed her eyes and realized they could get into so much trouble by acting like teenagers. Holy crap, what was wrong with her? She heard tapping on the outside glass of the driver’s door and when she finally opened her eyes and gazed over at Blake, she could not believe that his top button was still undone. Damn the smell of sex wafted across the defroster. As she fanned her face she could sense a second officer outside her passenger window. Oh this was something like Deliverance and if she remembered correctly she hated the damn male filled testosterone movie.

Pushing the button, the window rolled down slowly. “Evening Officer, is there a problem?” Blake’s voice held an authoritative tone.

She gazed up into what she could tell was a stern face. It was hard to see anything past the glare of the flashlight but she knew one thing, the officer was pissed. As the light flashed across the interior of the car, she winced and fought screaming.

“Hmmm, let me think, folks. Two adults in an over heated car in the middle of the night on a side street. I think I know what you were doing. Do you realize that fornicating in the public eye is a crime?” His gruff voice matched his attitude.

She crossed her arms and fought the words that wanted to erupt from the dark angry sections of her mouth. Fornicate? What?

“Why officer, my girlfriend and I were just having a discussion,” Blake quipped.

“Discussion? Sure of the carnal kind.” The officer swung the light inside the car a second time, concentrating on Shannon. Shifting the beam slowly he moved from her eyes, down her face to her neck and settled on her breasts before inching over the entire length of her body and back up to her face again. “Interesting.”

Dear God, the man was undressing her with his flashlight. What the… “Um officer, we were just leaving if you don’t mind.”

“Shush now darling and let the officer talk.” Blake glanced at her.

Were his eyes dancing just a bit too much? Hmmm…damn she hated not being able to see clearly. “Shush?”

Blake patted her leg, allowing his hand to travel up her leg under her dress. “Yes, sexy kitten.”

Stunned, Shannon stole a glance at the officer. His face was hard as a rock and the frown was easy enough to see. She crossed her arms over her chest wishing they were anywhere else and knowing they could end up locked in a cell for the night. No fucking way that was going to happen! “As I said, we were just leaving.”

The officer sniffed and leaned further into the car. “I strongly suggest that you take your little sexual encounter somewhere else. I could arrest you both for indecent exposure at minimum and sexual gratuity easily enough.”

Wait a minute. Her mind raced over what he was saying. “Can I see your badge officer…what is your name?”

“Officer Jenkins and you can see my badge after I see some identification.”

“Officer, I’m an attorney…”

As Blake rattled off his credentials, impressing the officer, she wondered why she had the distinct feeling they’d edged into the twilight zone.


Speed dating? No way! But not only did romance reviewer Shannon Spencer agree to spend one delicious night at a wild social club getting to know a sexy man, she also enjoyed a scandalous internet romance with the distinguished attorney.

Blake Worthington was older, very charming and had one too many ex wives. And Shannon was burned out from an ex-fiance that left her at the alter. Yet Blake held the key to her most shameless erotic desires thanks to countless nights spent talking on the computer. Finally indulging in a meeting over dinner, Blake’s offer was one wild weekend. Not only did he have a plan in mind to drive Shannon into a roar of ecstasy, he also had surprises in store including a torrid event with two very hot blooded police officers who happened to be his good friends.

Blake fulfilled Shannon’s every fantasy including voyeurism and a wicked foursome. But unfortunately, real life interceded forcing Blake to reveal to her his most haunted secret–the daughter kept hidden by his ex. The daughter in need of medical attention. Of course Shannon assumed the worst, another woman. So when Blake finally revealed the truth and his love for Shannon, they had to admit they could face anything, as long as they were together.

I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Halloween – xxx





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  1. The internet has certainly exposed me to a whole new world over the last several years. I’ve had meetings with a number of women I met online, dated a few for awhile and with others had some one time encounters. Some of which went better than others,
    To be honest, I’ll be open here, I lost my virginity to a woman I met online. We had become flirty online friends, she lived in the area, and we met up for that sole purpose. It was very satisfying.


  2. Fedora says:

    Oh my, Cassandre–what an excerpt! As for crazy or hot, I can’t recall doing either in meeting anyone 😦 Which is why I love to read about those who do 😉 Happy Halloween!


  3. Barbara says:

    My, my, my…that was HAWT!! I think the craziest thing I ever did was reluctantly agree to go on a ‘blind date’ arranged by my boss. How can you tell your boss ‘no’, right? And guess what…I didn’t like him. But he was persistant…wouldn’t leave me alone! Well…luckly, it worked out, ’cause four yrs later…we got married! Now…we’ve been married 20 yrs, have 4 children between us…and 9 grandchildren! Go figure 😛 I guess you could say he was a ‘trick’ that turned out to be a ‘treat’ afterall…LOL! 😀


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