I have the lovely and talented Drea Becraft on my site today – please come and see a bit about her worlds and meet one of her characters.

A woman’s mind is a fickle thing.  Here is a look into one of my characters mind. I would love to introduce you to Samantha Larsh.

Hello Sam and welcome.  How is Kaleb?

He’s doing great growing by the minute.  I can’t believe he will be two soon I am so not looking forward to the terrible twos.

I know how that one goes.  So how is life treating you these days?

Oh much better now that my life has settled down and I am finally at peace with myself.  There for awhile I felt so lost but now all is good.

Describe your perfect man will you please?

Is there such thing as a perfect man, I think not however have found the perfect man for me in Jack.  I was always a sucker for a man with light eyes and dark hair but when the man has such a great personality I am the luckiest person on earth.

How did you and Jack meet?

By a total chance of fate but I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

Does the fact that Jack is not the biological father to Kaleb matter too you?

Not in the least.  Kalebs sperm donor, as I like to call him, was out the door the minute I said I was pregnant.  Jack treats Kaleb no different then if he was actually his and that is one of the many things I love about him.

Are there more children in your future?

God I hope so but not any time soon one is plenty enough for me at the moment.  But I would love to have a little girl with Jacks hair and eyes and my lovely personality.  Wait maybe yet not my personality lol.

Have you finally warmed up to your family?

Yes though it took me awhile I know can’t imagine my life with out my brother and his wife.  Plus now that me and pops are on speaking terms everything is going great.

If you could make one wish for the future what would it be?

To live a long happy life with my family and friends.  I never really realized how much good health meant until recently.

Do you have anything else to add?

Nope I think that about does it thanks for coming and talking with me now I am off to pick up Kaleb from Mrs. White and get food on the table.

If you would like to read more about Sam, Jack and Kaleb you can do so in the book Forget The Yesterdays by Drea Becraft.  Below is the blurb and a small PG excerpt for you to enjoy.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my character interview.

Blurb: Forget The Yesterdays:

Release Date: September 12, 2011

For Buy Links: http://www.dreabecraft.com

Some say the past defines us, others say to forget it and move forward. For Jack McCloud, the past plagues him with what could and should have been. After the death of the only woman he ever truly loved, Jack finds that forgetting the yesterdays is harder then he ever imagined. Impossible, until one woman comes into his life and turns it upside down making him rethink where his future leads, and whether he really wants to survive it on his own.

Samantha Larsh, a single mother, only wants what is best for her and her newborn son. So when offered a job at ARC Management, she is elated at the opportunity to provide the life they both desperately need. One day, one job, and one secret later her life would be forever changed. Can the future handed to her by fate be enough for her to look forward to tomorrow, or is she forever doomed to live in the shadow of yesterdays ghost


His dream began with the sound of the surf reaching his ears, the sunlight gently shining through his closed eyes.

“Are you just going to lay there?”

Peeking through his lashes, he saw Tina. “I was working on my tan.”

“As if you aren’t already too good looking. The last thing you need is a tan.”

Grabbing her hand, Jack pulled her down on top of him, holding her to his chest. “It’s been a couple of months. I missed you.”

“You know I have places to go and people to see.”

Reaching up, he tucked a piece of her auburn hair behind her ears. “Too busy to haunt

Little old me, huh?”

Never!” Leaning down, she kissed his mouth, running her tongue along the seam of his lips, asking silently for entrance.

Jack pulled her tongue into his mouth and sucked on it lightly, at first, then more forcefully. Running his hands up and down her bikini-clad body, he reveled in the feeling of her skin beneath his hands.

Pulling away slightly, Jack looked up to her face as the sun shown behind her, giving her the appearance of having a halo. Tears shown in her eyes, making him wonder why she was so sad. They were on a beach together, nothing could be better.

Reaching up, he brushed the tear from her cheek. “What’s the matter darlin’?”

“I’m going to miss you so much.”

“What are you talking about? We always have tomorrow.”

“I can’t keep coming to you, Jack. It’s time you move on. I want you to be happy.”

“I won’t be happy without you. I can’t be happy without you.”

“Yes you can and you will. Promise me you will move on.”

Turning his face away from her, he watched as the surf receded into the sea. Feeling her small hand cupping his cheek, he allowed her to bring his face back to hers.

“Please, Jack, for me.” A tear ran down her cheek, hitting him just below his nose and running down his lips.

Licking the tear away, he ran his hands up her arms to the back of her head, pulling her down to meet his hungry lips. Kissing her with every ounce of love in his body, he couldn’t stop, like a man possessed. Never leaving the kiss, he rolled over on top of her, her back in the sand.

Pulling away from her mouth had been about the hardest thing he ever had to do, but he couldn’t resist looking into her hazel eyes. “I can’t promise, because I never want to break a promise to you T. I will try my best… that I can promise you.”

“That’s all a girl can ask for.”

“I will never stop loving you, never.”

“I’m not asking you to. I believe there is enough love in your heart for more than one though.”

“I seriously doubt it. No one is you Tina, you’re the one I need and want.”

“I know but sometimes, the heart knows what it can and cannot handle before the brain catches up. Trust your heart baby, it will never steer you wrong.”

A loud beeping sound seemed to come from the waves, getting louder and louder with each beep.

“Its time for you to go, I love you. Always have, always will.” Kissing him, she disappeared in front of his eyes.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Reaching for the alarm clock, Jack pressed the snooze button and sat up in bed. Blinking to clear his eyes, he could have sworn he saw Tina standing in the corner of his room, waving goodbye.

“I love you, always have, and always will.” Jack smiled at her as once again she disappeared, leaving him to stare at the empty room.

Thank you so much for being on!  Loved having you!

Have a great week.


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  1. Sounds like a great story. Good interview, Drea!


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