I have a new friend and a great lady with me today. Please say a huge welcome to Bonni Sansom and take a look at her and a indulge in a taste of her new release. Oh and she’s giving a naughty copy away to one lucky commenter!

Hi  Bonni Thanks for taking time out to come and talk to us today.

You’ve just released your debut Novel ‘Jacks Christmas Wish’ you must be incredibly proud!

Could you tell us a little bit about it? Jack’s Christmas Wish is about a little boy who’s lost his mother in an accident and when Santa asks him what he wants for Christmas he says a new mom. Jack asks Lissa Santa’s sexy helper if she would be his new mom because she’s pretty. Well his dad thinks so too. Derek and Lissa have an instant attraction to each other that they can’t deny so they embark on a whirlwind relationship that leaves them both breathless. It’s a fun read with a bit of BD/SM And steamy love scenes. I really enjoyed writing this one because Lissa kept me laughing. And little Jack was a joy to write. He reminded me of my daughter.

Who published this for you and why did you choose them? Sizzler Editions published me and the reason I went with them is because they could get me out before Christmas. I had looked at another pub house but it would have been June before it would release. So you can see the choice was clear.

What inspires you to write? My characters. They really do talk to me and direct my every move, I do not plot, I do not plan I just sit down and write. The characters write the stories. I’m just the schmuck sitting there typing. Sometimes I wish I were in charge, but that’s the way it goes.

How long have you been writing in this genre? Probably about four years. I didn’t plan to write in this genre, it just sort of happened when my first character showed up in the shower. They always seem to catch me in the shower. I had to buy bath tub crayons for the shower so I could get it all written down as quickly as possible. My husband doesn’t mind reading a love scene while he showers. Ha Ha.

What is your favourite book outside of Erotica? I don’t know if I have one favourite book. There are so many great ones that I just couldn’t choose. I read the twilight series over and over again so maybe those would be in the favourite category. Don’t hate me for being a sparkling fan.

Do you have a fantasy that you don’t mind sharing with us? I do. I would love to be locked up in Barnes and noble overnight with the cookie and coffee counter left open.

Do you have a favourite fictional character and what makes them special? My favourite Character would have to be Laine my heroine from my first book. She was my best friend for the longest time and I’m hoping that book will be under contract soon. She never ceased to amaze me with her humour and her strength.

Are you planning a sequel? To Jack’s no. I do have a series that I’m working on but Jack’s is a stand alone.

What is next for you? I have a new wip that I’m currently working on Chasing Bliss and as long as the characters talk I’ll type. After that, it depends on who pops in next. I’ll always write I can’t help it. It’s in my blood.


She’d been nice – so Santa brought her heart’s desire, a sexy new master! Aside from being broke, stalked and groped by Santa, Lissa Monroe wondered what would happen to her next? She never expected it would be love at first sight. Times are hard for Lissa, with her mother’s illness and her own financial problems. She took a job as Santa’s sexy helper in a department store. Her ex-boyfriend Rex is stalking her and leaving dirty messages on her answering machine. She thinks she can handle him, but things turn deadly causing her to have an accident. Being a widowed single father isn’t easy. Derek Baxter knows this first hand, but when your son wants a new mom for Christmas what are you to do? It’s not like you can go out and find one or is it? Jack thinks so when he meets Lissa as he sits atop Santa’s lap. Outwardly Derek is the polite, shy widower and devoted father to his son Jack. In truth Derek is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He harbors a naughty secret that would surprise his friends and neighbors. Derek is a BDSM-Dominant with a playroom hidden in his basement loaded with BDSM toys. Derek’s not looking for a relationship; at least he doesn’t think he is until Lissa and Jack have an instant bond, causing Derek to wonder if maybe his son’s instincts have found him a new Wife. Derek and Lissa embark on a whirlwind relationship which accelerates and leaves them both breathless. They both want the same thing—each other, but Lissa’s past hurts in the name of love hold her back. Derek is determined to break down her walls one way or another and win her heart. He determines she is the perfect submissive and uses it to his advantage, winning her over one sexual encounter at a time. She caves and agrees to marry him, making Jack and Derek happy that Jack got his Christmas wish.


“Jack, what would you like for Christmas?” The boy wobbled on Santa’s knee.

The little boy hung his head, a frown on his little face with drooping shoulders.  He looked like a wilting flower.  “I want a new mom.” He said in a hushed tone.

She almost didn’t hear him.  She glanced at the father, who now looked somber.  Ohmigod, what if she had died?  How terrible.  Her heart was breaking for them, at the same time she wished she could be the woman he was interested in.  Shame, yes shame, is what she should feel, but she didn’t.  Instead she felt an attraction.  Not just to the father but to Jack too.  She just couldn’t explain it.  It was a little disconcerting.

Fake Santa didn’t seem to know what to do in this situation, so she handed the little boy a candy cane, and whispered, “Honey, I’m sure your dad loves you enough for two; I know I would.” She would too, she decided.  Somehow she knew this in her very core.  The little boy needed her.  She wished she could be there for him and the father.

He took the candy and smiled up at her.  “Will you be my new mom?”

That she wasn’t expecting.  Crap!  Now what?  I can’t very well say yes I’d love to, now can I?  Yeesh!

“Uh no, honey, but I’m sure your dad will find someone.” She looked to the dad and he gave a timid smile.  Pick me.  Please, pick me. 

She smiled back, searching those deep blue eyes for any hint of attraction, because she was feeling loads of it.  She might not be his mommy, but she would certainly be girlfriend material.  The mommy thing would work itself out.

Jack slumped over again.  God, she felt bad for him.  He hopped down from Santa’s knee and turned to her.  “I would’ve liked you to be my new mommy.  You’re pretty.”

Her face heated.  “Thank you, Jack.” What else could she say?  Me too.

The dad stepped up to collect his son.  “He’s right, you know.  You are very pretty.”

Good grief, all the sudden it was seriously hot.  All the man had to do was say she was pretty and she creamed her fuzzy green outfit.  His voice was a low baritone that vibrated more than just her ears.  Fabulous long blonde lashes framed those blue bedroom eyes.  He could have been a GQ model.  High masculine cheekbones and a square firm jaw and not to mention those perfectly kissable lips.

She caught herself leaning toward him, trying to get closer to those glorious features.  A compliment will get you everywhere.  What a true statement that was.  “Thank you, I’m Lissa.”

He chuckled.  “You’re welcome and I’m Derek.  You’ve already met Jack, and thank you for saying what you said to him.  He’s been having a hard time since his mom died.”


Thank you so much for being with us and the books sounds incredible!

Kisses   xxx



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  1. June M. says:

    This sounds like a really good story. Bonni Sansom is a new-to-me author but I would love to win a copy of this book to read. Thank you for the chance.


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