I think so. I write about all of the above and I got to thinking about it when I was writing a sex scene recently. Is there really a difference? For me romance is about the preparation and the anticipation of longing and perhaps a very special night. I talk a lot about Victoria’s Secret and for you Brit and Aussie friends you should google the site as they have lots of sexy lingerie and clothing for the ladies. It’s my favorite store to purchase sensual items both for day wear and play wear and they are designed for the real woman and not Twiggy. But purchasing a sinful little outfit is only part of the story. There are wonderful candles in scents of night blooming jasmine to vanilla, bubbles baths and massage oils, the perfect CD with either haunting or beautiful jazz music and then there’s the special bedding – satin or silk.

  This is what I call Romance…

Passion is about the lust and the hunger you feel inside when you see your special significant other. You walk into a room and he’s standing in the far corner in those perfect skin-tight jeans laughing with friends and you simply stand back and say – wow, he’s mine. How about the moment at dinner when he takes your hand and gazes into your eyes and says nothing more than – you look beautiful tonight. Doesn’t that send a series of tremors dancing down your spine? What about the text you receive just a few hours before he boards the plan and heads home? Isn’t the single moment you look at him again wonderful?

This is what I call Passion…

And sex? Well, sex can mean the actual act but it’s so much more than this part goes here. Don’t laugh. Sadly I think so many men and women – and of course this doesn’t matter if you’re in a hetero or homo sexual relationship – sex simply is something you do perhaps once a week or once a month or…  This is for me what becomes sad in society. We forget about passion. We forget about romance and my God we forget that sex if about enticing your partner. You can’t always have the most romantic evening or be able to afford something all the time to entice but you can be creative. Then there’s the beautiful feeling of simply touching each other or massaging or kissing. The art of kissing seems to have gone by the wayside. It’s more like groping now. Why don’t you kiss and touch and taste for longer than five minutes? Take the time to re-learn each other’s bodies. You won’t be sorry.

This is what I call Sex…

As a writer I try and bring you ideas that might spark something in your relationship or give you cause to buy a little treat for your partner. Some couples like to read to each other or snuggle under the covers and watch a scary movie. That doesn’t cost money but sometimes it does take imagination. I’m going to give you a little taste of an upcoming piece and see what you think. Can you add a little spark? I think you can…



Wynter Mclean was very good at her job as a legal assistant for a prominent law firm in Baltimore. Conservative and quiet, no one knew she had a wild and kinky side. When her boss decided to kick up the heat on their holiday party making it a bit twisted she was determined to finally “come out” to her colleagues. Pining away for the two hottest attorneys in the office, not only did they not know she existed but they were in lust with each other. Purchasing a sexy outfit as required by the rather sinful invitation, she was ready for the event. Granted a glass of wine and a sex toy certainly helped ease her tension.

Cody Wallace and Daman Miller were lovers and well respected attorneys but they had a dark side that no one knew including sharing a D/s lifestyle. Longing for a third they just happened upon a rather kinky sight coming from a condo across the street and a sinful plan of magic was put to action. Enlisting the help of one elf who had rather shameless designs on the Christmas event the three engaged in a little wicked heat of their own. While the game was fun – what about the rest of the season?


Wynter eyed the packages from Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood and licked her lips. Sliding her finger back and forth across the seam of her mouth she had formulated a new look and was about as excited as a kid in a candy store. Mr. Saunders refused to let anyone in on the festive events of the party but she’d done enough snooping to realize he’d spent some money on the event. It didn’t hurt she doubled as his sometimes legal assistant as well as the other attorneys in the office.

Eyeing the rather scandalous purchases, she shook her head and walked to the kitchen, her stomach in knots. This was going to be her coming out party. Giggling, she poured a hefty amount of cabernet and turned on a little mood music. She’d listened to the entire Twisted Christmas CD until she never wanted to hear another damn thing about the twelve days of Christmas no matter how silly and sinful they were. Instead, she popped on Donna Summer and as the throngs of Hot Stuff reverberated around the room she couldn’t help but grin.

Dancing around the room, she pressed her hand over the treats and couldn’t wait to slide into the slinky fake velvet. Snuffling, she looked at her watch and realized she still had a few hours to wait. Maybe a little soothing of her savage beast was in order or at least it would out her in an uninhibited mood anyway.

Wynter lit her two favorite candles and turned down the bright lights. Sauntering into her bedroom, she opened her nightstand drawer and grinned. Choices. Choices. Selecting her favorite one – her passion pink Rabbit vibrator – she turned it on to check the batteries and chuckled. Okay so she kept the huge economy pack from Costco in the house for emergency purposes. If only her friends knew what emergencies meant to her.

Moving back into the living room she checked the front door to make sure it was locked before pulling off her clothes. Yet she kept her blind open that fronted several upper scale condominiums. Perhaps she was a brazen little hussy after all. Turning up the stereo she dared anyone in her building to call the police. As the strains of the disco Queen blasted through her condo she danced around naked as she turned the vibrator on high and grazed the tip down across her cheek to her neck, rubbing the slick rubber back and forth until she breathed in deeply. Moving further down she slid the tip around her aureoles just darting it back and forth across her nipples until they became rock hard.

Wynter smiled and swayed back and forth to the music as she followed every move of the vibrator with her hand until she was hot, wet and very horny and all the while the dancing toy was pulsing across her skin she could see the two men tasting and licking her entire body. Grabbing her glass of wine she took a gulp before setting the glass down, savoring the slight burn in the back of her throat. As she inched the vibrator down to her stomach she moved closer to the window and opened her eyes wide to stare at the lights from across the way knowing if anyone had a telescope they could see her brazen actions and the thought only fueled her actions more.

Opening her legs wide, she threw all caution to the wind and slipped the vibrator down to her dripping cunt. “Oh yeah.” Moaning, she brushed the tip over her clit in a single circle and gasped. Licking her now dry lips her eyelids fluttered as she repeated the move again and again until her legs trembled. Wynter giggled and eased the sex toy to her pussy lips and as she nodded to the window as if acknowledging her bad girl behavior she thrust the entire length of the vibrator into her pussy. “Fuck!”

Tingles raced down her spine as she gasped and nearly tipped over. For some reason the combination of a hint of voyeurism and the naughty night ahead fueled the wicked girl living inside. In and out she plunged the solid rubber as her cunt muscles gripped around the thick invasion until she panted and wiggled back and forth. God, this was too damn tasty. Using enough force she was pushed onto her tiptoes she stumbled forward and had to grab the wall to keep from falling. Now directly in front of the window she could just make out people milling about in the well-lit condos and couldn’t help but smile. The wild child was back.

Harder and faster she drove the toy into her slickened pussy as her breath skipped, her pulse sky rocketed and just as she thought she could take it no longer she tipped her head back and roared as the climax hit her hard in wave after drenching wave.

Minutes later she tried to collect herself as she dropped her head and laughed. The Christmas party wasn’t going to know what hit them.

Well – this is the holiday season, right?

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. Great post loved the excerpt and now you have me googling Victoria’s Secret- purely for research purposes of course


  2. Johnny Miles says:

    Awesome! I especially love the bit about re-learning each others bodies. I am sooo with you on that. There are times, I must confess, when we go for a while without sex. We get too busy, too tired, don’t feel good. Frankly, sometimes, we just don’t have the energy! Then it becomes this wonderfully intimate moment where the kissing and touching are MUCH more important than the actual sex. Thanks Cassandre!


  3. Great post, Cassandre.


  4. Gemma Parkes says:

    I am lucky enough to have a sensual partner (long term relationship) l’ve always loved dressing up and role playing etc. Before this partner though, the games and the imagination were wasted as my previous man didn’t feel comfortable with anything other than straight sex. It is so very important to have someone you are compatible with, even for those long slow kisses and sensual strokes.


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