Oh come on ladies! I’ve actually seen it posted lately from some women who are asking the question and then they even go further to question why anyone would pay as much as $50 for a bra. Hmmm… Would you? Okay, I have to be budget conscience just like the rest of us and long gone are the days that I just go out and buy whatever little sexy dress or teddy I want but…that’s really not true. I do spend on me. I might do it a bit wisely but I do. I enjoy finding the right color – red happens to be my favorite. I enjoy feeling beautiful. Let’s face it, living is tough and as we get older whether you’re women or men you want to feel sexy, right? I know I do for God’s sake. I was and never will be the sweat pant kind of girl and when I got together with my very first boyfriend I promised him no sweat pants – unless I’m exercising. Don’t roll your eyes ladies. That’s just what I decided. I look better in sexy dresses than I do jeans. Just my body shape but we’re all different.

I also purchase sexy lingerie not just for him but for ME. And you know what? I think that’s sexy as hell. You’ve heard me talk a lot about and I put into many of my books something about buying a naughty from Victoria’s Secret. The truth is I purchase also all my sexy little outfits from there. I’m not 20 any longer and certain things don’t look good but I know my body. For those of you in other countries – google the location. You can’t buy the clothes in their stores but we are LUCKY enough to have them in the States. You can go in and purchase everything from a naughty thong collection to the perfect push up bra, sexy lingerie and even perfume and make up. Going into the store for me is almost a moment of rapture. From the scents to the helpful store clerks and the lovely music playing, it’s just a wonderful experience.

     And yes some of the items are pricy but some are on sale ladies. For me there’s nothing better than matching your bra and panties and whether they’re made of silk, satin or lace, having them on under everything from a sexy dress to jeans and a tee shirt just help me feel down right naughty – and very feminine. For the men who might read this you might think – why does it matter? But then I can guarantee you’re going to be ogling the pictures I’m putting on here so you tell me – does it matter? Wouldn’t you prefer to see your lady in something other than flannel? Be honest.

I selected a few pictures from the website to entice the ladies and the men. Think of the perfect Christmas gift for your lady. Now imagine her eyes when she opens up one of these babies. Don’t you think you just might win points for your effort? They have a great return policy but if you don’t know your lady’s size, oh baby you are in some kind of trouble. Snoop is the answer. And you know where she keeps her saucy bits of lace.

    I learned a long time ago and I needed to feel sexy for me first or I could never feel good sexually with a man. We have limited time in our relationships or we’re single and trying to not only feel good about ourselves but also lure a lover. Don’t we all want to have a lover or two? All kidding aside here – we either read, write, dream about, fantasize or long for a lover. And there’s nothing wrong with that of course. But how are you going to put yourself out there if you don’t feel feminine or sexy or desirable? Victoria’s Secret isn’t the only place to buy something wonderful. Even your department stores wherever you are in the world have them but for goodness sakes consider buying a treat for YOU for this holiday season.

I always do. Guys, you can really make a hit this year if you consider purchasing something outside of your comfort zone. You don’t have to go into to stores even. Think about it. Online discrete ordering. The packages come in hot pink tissue paper and you can even have them gift-wrapped. If you’re truly a BIG spender, they have a fantasy collection where you can spend over a million dollars on a bra alone. I know…I laughed out loud too.

And for you gentlemen in a same sex relationship – you know there are places you can purchase the sexy silk boxers or tight crimson thongs just for him. How about a silky robe you can push off his shoulders and allow gravity to take it to the floor? It’s the holiday season. Doesn’t that give you more than once idea of being on the naughty list for Santa? Who wants to be good anyway?

Think of it – you purchase something sultry and imagine how long the bit of lace or silk will be on him or her. Hopefully not long. But just think guys – she owns the lovely piece and you can do this all over again…

 A shameless plug in case you guys aren’t sure…

I hope I gave you some wicked ideas and happy holidays. Make it downright naughty and adventurous.

 Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. Naomi says:

    I totally agree with this. I never buy my lingerie from overpriced places such as Victoria’s Secret.
    There are some extremely attractive pieces in my drawer bought at lower prices that make me feel sexy. It gives you a psychological lift to feel sexy.
    Go Cassandre! You nailed it with this article.


  2. Jamie says:

    Great article Cassandre! There was a day when I wouldn’t be caught without a matching bra and undies… now… I’m lucky to be able to stay most days in my p.j.’s with neither on! I agree nice underware makes a girl feel sexy! 🙂


  3. Awesome post! Even before I was married I bought sexy stuff for me. I firmly believe it goes a long way into giving a woman confidence 🙂 And that is the sexiest thing of all. I often wait for sales. Hips and Curves is my go to place 🙂


  4. Erika Badass says:

    I love to feel sexy. Although *looks down* shit I’m wearing flannel pj’s
    I need to get back into the “Hey, I’m a woman other than just mom!” mode. I need some new garters 😉


  5. You’re definitely onto something here. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, no matter how old she is or what shape she might be.

    Though one thing I have learned from my husband over our nine years together is that it isn’t always just about the way things look – he’s very much the type that likes to touch. Lace and other fragile fabrics might be pretty, but if it isn’t soft or silky, odds are he’s not going to like it too much. And I’m the type that’s going to be much more flattered if he can’t keep his hands to himself. 🙂


  6. Jolie Du Pre says:

    THANK YOU! I’ve met another girly-girly. You! It’s so refreshing! I LOVE SEXY STUFF, OF ALL KINDS. Sometimes I buy it for me. Sometimes my husband buys it for me. (I prefer he buys it. That way he can spend the money. LOL) Cassandre, I love books like “The Bunny Book,” that proudly gives suggestions on how to look sexy. ( I may be almost 50, but I’m not ready for the pasture yet. If some other women are happy looking frumpy, that’s them. I’m not one of them. When I travel, I notice that European women appreciate looking sexy much more than American women do. We want comfort over sexy. But as a Southern Belle once told me, “Beauty knows no pain.”


  7. Great post, Cassandre, and something to think about.


  8. Gemma Parkes says:

    I have to wear sexy underwear, just have to! It makes me feel powerful, sexy and feminine. Like you Cassandre l am not the sort of person to be found in a tracksuit and always go out in slinky dresses, usually red, sometimes black. I counted my bras the other day and l had 23! l also had 44 thongs! l also have a drawer full of lacey french knickers. Everything matches, always. It’s that little gasp and appreciative murmer from my man when l undress, and that little kick it gives me when l look in the mirror! It’s great being a woman!


  9. Ah, this is an interesting topic. I think my husband spends all of five minutes admiring me in my lingerie and then he wants it off and in his mouth. LOL! I buy it more for myself than him. I like to gaze at myself in the mirror while I’m all dolled up and sporting my lacy number. I know this may sound crazy, but I think a woman wearing lingerie increases her confidence and inner beauty. I have many friends who are down on themselves and their appearance because of imperfections. When they don a sexy piece of thread and/or a stunning pair of heels all of that self-loathing flies out the window. Truth is, most women need to feel beautiful and sexy. That’s way lingerie will always be a popular item.
    Wonderful post Miss. Dayne!


  10. I feel sexy in anything, actually. I’d rather spend my money on a cute dress or top that I can wear out in public for the world to see me in.


  11. Davee says:

    Yes, I agree, I purchase my bras and panties from VS. The quality is chef and the selections are very sexy. Everyday, my undergarments match, even if I’m the only one who knows. And BTW, I refuse to own sweat pants!


    • Oh yes, it’s very important for the undergarments to match. True story; I got in a bad accident about 15 years ago. When the paramedics took me out of my busted up car, my skirt was up over my butt and my blouse was torn. Of course, the paramedic was respectful enough to pull my skirt down, but on the way to the hospital, he complimented my sexy bra and panties. LOL! Seriously! I couldn’t laugh or say thank you cause I was in so much pain and they had my head strapped in a neck brace, but it goes to show that you never know when you’re gonna be forced to put on a public display of your sexy undies. Needless to say, he and I dated afterwards. It was $75 dollar bra and panty set, and I was thanking my lucky stars I wore it on that day. Now, I never leave the house in anything but silk and lace over my arse. *grin*


  12. I’m wearing a pair of purple sedate Victoria’s Secret jammies right now. 🙂

    For the most part, I don’t care much for Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie. It’s too snug. I like Baci. Baci means “kisses” in Italian. My favorite lingerie are chemises and nightgowns. I also like loungewear. The looser the better. I’m not big on tight lingerie like corsets. I also wear kimonos as robes. Mix a kimono with loose fitting pajamas and you have a very sexy and elegant look.


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