Purr babies…

It’s the holidays ladies and gents and the perfect time to sauce up your wardrobe. Been out shopping lately? Have you looked in your closet to see what you might have to put on? How about a lacy teddy underneath and pair it with a snazzy leather skirt – very short and very tight.

Doesn’t that naughty thought give you a little pause? What could I be thinking? Hmm… Well, in truth for this little piece I’m thinking about all the wild women out there that like to dress up for a night out on the town. I’m one of them. What do you slide into to entice your man? When you go out for a date, whether you’re involved or married, do you long to end the evening in a ravaging round of passion? I know I crave seducing my man. In talking with my guy friends – and yes the conversations get very hot hot HOT, I hear that they prefer women in something sexy and inviting. Come on now ladies, you don’t want to see him in a torn tee shirt and wrinkled pants do you? Be honest… I want my man all studded out in tight black jeans or crisp charcoal linen pants and that perfect shade of cerulean blue silk shirt that goes perfectly with his luminescent eyes as they undress you the moment you step out in your hot little outfit. Can’t you just envision him licking his lips and wishing that the two of you didn’t have to go out anywhere so that he could drag you into the bedroom and pleasure you all night long? Getting a little hot for you?

In days done by (I won’t tell you the year but even in the eighties and early nineties – NOT telling my age!) it seemed that people dressed up to go out at night. Girls enjoyed slipping in to a hot outfit that took a full hour putting together with the tallest stilettos and the perfect combination of spice and verve. Back seam pantyhose, vibrant colors, matching underwear (if you wore any) jazzed up with the perfect jewelry and hair and makeup done to the nine’s. God, those were the days for me! Dancing and drinking until dawn to a hot band or awesome club with a dj spinning all the sexiest dance tunes in a delightful evening. I had and still do a closet full of – you guessed it leather and lace. And I don’t mind wearing the sexiest piece out anywhere – well, there are some limitations!

Even going out to dinner was a dress up fest. Now? You are lucky to see women wearing a dress, much less spangles and beads. Today’s world is more relaxed and down to earth. Shorts and flip flops are the product of the day and while I don’t mind wearing a tiny spandex cotton dress from Victoria’s Secret for a beach outing – I WILL wear something sexy for a night out. So my choice? Leather and silk! Okay, that wasn’t one of the choices, but there is nothing quite like a tight supple leather mini-skirt and tall heels to garner some attention. There’s also nothing wrong with dressing up for your man. Do you honestly think he wants to see you in sweatpants and a tee shirt all the time? Come on ladies.

Do you really think he wants to dance close to you during a very sultry version of Lady in Red when you’re wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt? The resounding answer is – NO! What do you think he would do if you purchased something slinky from Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood and topped it off with a hot little crimson number and four inch heels? Hmmm…I am betting what might happen at the end of the date. Whether you enjoy leather or lace doesn’t really matter.

In testing this little premise I put it out a little on twitter and instantly had a few hits that were…um…spicy in content. For men – I think the thought alone of a lady dressed to kill is scintillating for them. Of course what they would prefer to do is peel off the slinky bits one piece at a time. But then again, isn’t that what you ultimately want? As I just said to a lovely twitter friend of mine – a roaring fire, sultry music, a bottle of wine and a long night to…unwrap each other. And the wonderful moment of passion all started with a naughty outfit and a wicked attitude about seducing your man.

Don’t forget to make sure the entire evening is planned with nothing but seduction in mind. Satin sheets, a see through nightie, cinnamon and vanilla candles and bubble bath – just in case the evening turns frisky, which I’m sure it will. And just think ladies, it all started with kicking up the heat in your closet…

It’s that time of year where we all like to feel a little bit sexy. Don’t we? I mean think about it. It’s the holidays and it’s the time we can use an excuse to purchase a snazzy little dress in crimson silk – it’s the one you might not wear again for a couple of years but then again you never know. Add a splash of perfume and you have a hot night in the making. Now tell me – doesn’t that give you some ideas?

Kisses   xxx


PS – next time you dress up – tell me how it worked for you…

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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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