Good Girls Don’t

My very special guest today is Alexandra Christian. She and I met at the Mysticon conference last February and have been fast friends ever since. I finally convinced her to come and become a part of the Rebel Ink Press Family and she’s going to have her first release with them in a few little days. Take a taste of her worlds.

If you don’t know me, I’m a writer of erotica—mostly paranormal—but erotica nonetheless.   Meaning that I write romantic, plot-driven stories with lots of explicit sexual content.  It is not pornography—pornography is that stuff written in Penthouse Letters.  There is little to no artistic value and its purpose is clear:  to sexually arouse the reader and help him or her get off.  Erotica is different in that it has a complex plot that stretches beyond the screaming orgasm.  However, the purpose is still clear:  to sexually arouse the reader and help him or her get off.  That’s right, I said HER.  Society tends to think of men as sexual beasts and women as their long-suffering victims.  It’s not polite for a woman to enjoy sex, let alone use porn or erotica to masturbate.  I mean, we all have that one friend who insists that “I would never do that!” Come closer… I’m going to whisper a secret that will change your life.  Are you ready for it?  THEY’RE LYING!!!  Everyone masturbates:  men, women, boys, girls, apes, dogs, Betty White—EVERYONE.

Let me start by saying that if you don’t have a vibrator— rush out to the local sex shop and remedy this problem IMMEDIATELY!  I know what you’re thinking—“I have a husband/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ whatever!  I don’t need one of those things!”  But you are dead wrong, chica. It’s not the same thing at all.  No human could do the things a vibrator can.   A vibrator is God’s little technological gift to all us girls.  Now boys, don’t be jealous.  A vibrating motor covered in cyberskin is never going to take the place of a warm body pressed up against you.  Or the moist breath in your ear as he whispers naughty little secrets.  A vibrator can’t kiss you, embrace you or tell you everything’s going to be alright.  But there are many things a “B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend)” CAN do for you.

The most important thing about using a vibrator is choosing the right one for you.  There are tons of different types in all different prices ranging from cheap and sleazy to yer fuckin’ kiddin’ me.  You have to consider how much its worth to you, what you want to do with it (use alone or with a partner) and where you’re wanting to put it (clitoral, full penetration, g-spot, anal).  Be in touch with what you’re comfortable with before you just run off willy-nilly into the sex shop.

For the lady on the go, a “Pocket Rocket” might be just the thing for you.  Not meant for actual insertion, the “Pocket Rocket” is designed to stimulate the clitoris with little vibrating nubs on the end.  Good ones can be multi-speed and small for discreet travelling—or fun at the office.  They are especially good for a “cum on the run,” as they will get you there fast.  Also an excellent choice for the first-timer, as they are pretty affordable ($10- 30).

If using a vibrator is meant to be a substitute for the real thing, then a full penetration vibe might be best.  This is your classic toy that’s shaped like an actual penis, more or less.  It may also have “realistic” texture features (veins, bumps, ridges) that are meant to stimulate the walls of your vagina while you pump yourself into oblivion.  The tip can also be used for direct clitoral stimulation, though I will say, in my personal experience, be careful doing that.  Your clitoris is a very sensitive bit of flesh that can be overstimulated.  My advice, use sparingly.

For the experienced Goddess of Masturbation, there’s always the mother of all vibrators—The Jackrabbit.  This vibrator looks scary.  It has a long shaft that varies in length and circumference.  Not only will this thing vibrate, some models have beads inside that spin around and tickle those inner vaginal walls.  But the cherry on top of this beast is the cute little bunny rabbit that sticks out from the shaft and uses his ears to flick at your clitoris.  That’s right—it does both simultaneously.  In perfect rhythm.  See what I mean?  No man can do that without really good coordination.  The Rabbit is a commitment to masturbation.  I’ve never seen one priced less than $75.  However, they are worth every damn penny.

There are lots of others to try, but that’s a start.  Make sure you investigate fully before investing in something really expensive.  My personal preference is a full penetration model covered in smooth cyberskin.  Though I am thinking of investing in a Rabbit.  But no matter what the style, make or model is:  be sure you know how to clean it and clean it after every use.  And don’t forget—you can use vibrators with your partner.  It doesn’t have to be a strictly solo experience.  Using a vibrating bullet on your man’s balls can be very pleasurable for him—especially during oral sex.

Now, we can sing the praises of technology but there is a place for au naturel digital stimulation.  For instance, many men state that watching their wives or girlfriends finger themselves is extremely hot.  Not to mention that it can be educational for them as well—showing them how and where to touch you.  With that in mind, I’ve included here a short excerpt from my newest release, “Masquerade,” available from Rebel Ink Press on December 17th.


What’s your fantasy?”

Blythe McLachlan had the perfect life until the night he said those three little words that could make or break a relationship.  When Blythe tells her husband about her fantasy of a hot menage, he’s less than pleased.  But when he drops her off at a mysterious masquerade ball, she finds that the boundaries of love can be crossed and rules are made to be broken.


Blythe turned red from the tips of her ears to her toes. She wanted to pull one of the coverlets over her body, hiding herself from their eyes, but she didn’t move–couldn’t move. She raised her eyes to see The Raven standing by the bed. He stared down at her as he pulled at the tie around his neck. She watched as he opened the crisp dress shirt, button by button, laying it open so she could see the muscular form that lay beneath. Her mouth watered and she desperately wanted to touch him. Though Apollo’s hands were running slow and sensual over the backs of her legs, she forced herself away from the sensation and crawled across the bed to The Raven. He smirked as she approached, pulling the shirt from his shoulders and tossing it to the side. She touched him tentatively at first, just letting her fingertips slide along the hard lines of his body. His skin was a masterpiece of flesh, so smooth and pale, yet sun-kissed. She kissed the center of his chest, tasting the salty sweat that had formed in a thin sheen over his body. Moving downward slowly, she followed the line leading to his navel, lapping up the taste of him as if his body was an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. He pulled at the button on his pants, opening them fully so that they sat precariously on his pelvic bone. He would let her do the honors of unwrapping her prize. And open it she did, pushing the meddlesome wool and cotton down over his hips and gasping at seeing what lay beneath. She looked up into his masked eyes as if asking permission. He nodded and tangled his hands in her mess of black hair, running his fingers through it gently. Leaning forward, she kissed around the base of his cock, her nose tickling the soft blonde curls there. She giggled, blowing playfully at the coarse hairs.

Suddenly she had a flash of pure mischief and turned to look over her shoulder at Apollo. His dark complexion was flushed and his black hair, once so perfect, was now standing in stiff, messy spikes behind the gilded mask. His body was long and lean and he had wasted no time in disrobing. His cock stood out proudly, already erect, as if reaching for her. Blythe smiled and winked, giving a subtle nod. She wanted to be sure he was watching. An evil expression curled his lip into a cunning grin and his chocolaty eyes pointed her down to where his hand stroked his member with agonizing slowness. He was watching.


RAWWRRR… I love that scene.  And it only gets worse from there.  “Masquerade” comes out on December 17th and can be purchased through Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand, and Barnes and Noble.

Before I go, I’d like to thank Cassandre for having me today.  It’s been a real business talking pleasure with you.  And remember:  Good girls don’t?  Yes the hell they do.

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Now do you see why we get along? She’s another wicked sister of mine! And just think – she and I are going to be at Mysticon again this coming year on several erotic and BDSM panels – will the world be the same?

Kisses   xxx



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  1. Excellent post but it’s not just girls that like toys boys can play as well ;). Loved the excerpt as well, very erotic


  2. Lexxx Christian says:

    Oh yes… but then, that’s another post for another day…. LOL.


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