What? You Don’t Believe in Santa? Stuff Your Stockings Blog Hop

Oh Come on – you have to! I do…

You have to know we all do to a degree. I think as kids we believed in the man himself for as long as our imagination would allow it but for so many the actual magic was lost and that’s so sad. For many of us we go about our daily activities during the holiday season forgetting what the spirit of Christmas is about. Now, I’m not religious period but I do believe in the power of kindness, salvation and love. I’m the original kid that cries over all the holiday movies and longs for man to be better and sometimes – and I say that loosely – sometimes mankind is over the holidays. Then sometimes they aren’t and it’s so sad. They’re cruel or heartless because they’re harried or worried. I understand – this can be a tough time for all but you have to believe in something and give back.

    What does giving back mean? It can be something simple like giving to your local charity or volunteering time to read to a group in an aging facility. It could mean adopting a dog or perhaps simply baking cookies for your neighbor but I think it’s so important to give something. And its not about gifts either. I love the movie Scrooged because it reminds me every year to be better than I am. Hmmm… Now what if you really thought your boss was a self-serving jerk? Could you tolerate being around him, especially at the holidays and when he’s determined to give you something? It’s funny. The one aspect of thinking you’re SO sure about someone is that we all hide behind masks. Sometimes there’s a very good reason for it. Thought I’d give you another taste of St. Nick’s Night of Xstasy – and let you see why Sabrina hungers for not just one sexy Santa but two.

Don’t judge a book by its cover every day…  I decided I’d tackle that thought for St. Nick’s Night of Xstasy. It’s not just a frivolous piece about erotic desires but about a man who owns a company and while his job is to take over dying firms, he’s not the jerk his financial director thinks he is. And there’s a terrible secret why he remains guarded. Now, it’s also about two sexy men loving each other and wanting a third so there is plenty of steamy romance just in time for the holidays. Let’s take a taste.


Setting her purse down she turned on the water, her hands shaking violently, and dabbled cool water over her shimmering cheeks. Okay, so she needed to get laid, but this behavior was ridiculous. Sabrina gripped the counter and stared at her reflection. At thirty-nine, the big birthday was right around the corner, on Valentine’s Day nonetheless, and she could hear the words of her mother admonishing her for not being married…yet.

She loved her mother, took care of her mother, cleaned up after her mother every day refusing to put her into any kind of a home and yet Sabrina hated that the old woman nagged her about getting re-married. Sabrina had been there, done that, and got way more than an ugly tee shirt as a parting gift.  She refused to dip into those waters again. Worse than that, Sabrina had to have her job because the salary was so damn good and in the current state of the economy, she’d be forced to move to a larger city and damn well couldn’t handle caring for her mother if she worked at the kind of places most of her friends did. Sabrina was stuck and she knew it.

She sighed and blotted her face dry. Being childish wasn’t going to help. Still, she couldn’t figure out why Nick had invited her to dinner when he’d only said hello to her causally in the hall or interacted with her mainly at staff meetings. No matter, after last night’s performance, she just might be getting a pink slip for a Christmas present.

Decidedly calmer, she re-applied her hot pink lipstick and puckered her lips. The slinky fuchsia dress hugged her more than voluptuous curves in all the right places, complimenting her long locks and her hazel eyes. Thank God for Loreal hair color or her hair would match her eyes. Dead ass boring.

The thought forced a chuckle.

Hearing the hoops and squeals outside the lounge reminded her why she was all dressed up. “It’s a holiday party after all. Time for foolishness, right?” Okay, so she’d done that to herself the night before. Perhaps Nick had been too drunk to remember.

Grabbing her purse she inched toward the door, steeling her nerves. Time to face the music so to speak. Opening the door, she caught a glimpse of a large man dressed in fluffy red and white and cringed. “Don’t tell me that they hired a Santa Clause on top of everything else.” As she entered the oversized room, much to her chagrin, she realized she was right.

Tyler was motioning to her from her perch, grinning like a damn schoolgirl. Sabrina slunk around the opposite side of the bar as she stole quick glances at the decently costumed Santa, complete with belly and real enough looking white beard. But it was the really huge, red velvet sack that caught her attention. Doling out gifts, the man was ‘ho-hoing’ far too often.

“You got something against Santa, too?” Tyler laughed and whooped when the next present was given out.

“Let me guess, our Christmas bonuses? Trinkets from Sharper Image, I suppose?”

Jesus Christ! We’re going to have to start calling you scrooge.” Tyler kicked her hard.

“Wait a minute, what did we get last year?”

Tyler shrugged and turned her attention back to the jolly elf. “Who cares? This is a party! Get it in gear, girl or I’ll take you out back and flog you in the snow.”

“I remember exactly because all the girls got the same thing. One gift card to Victoria’s Secret, one gift card to Bath and Body Works and oh yes…one twelve ounce box of chocolates. That was some Christmas bonus. And you ought to remember since you’re the Accounting Manager!” Granted, Sabrina knew her words sounded ungrateful and she really wasn’t that kind of girl. Perhaps it was the fact she was overdue on a couple of bills that was killing her. Thank God no one was listening.

“Fuddy Duddy is my new name for you,” Tyler said, leaning in.

“Is that Nick behind that beard?”

Tyler grinned. “It’s Santa. Don’t you believe?”

“Not since I was four.” Tossing her hair behind her back she grabbed the freshly made drink placed in front of her and took a long sip. The night would be over soon enough. She’d stay through the presents and the beef carving, wish everyone well and leave in the middle of the snowstorm. “Perfect.”

“Oh…my…God!” The older woman squealed. Martha was their well-loved receptionist and had been with Nick’s father for twenty years before Nick took over as CEO and President.

“What the heck did she get?” Tyler craned to see the contents of the silver bag. “Come on, grab your drink and let’s go.” She gripped Sabrina’s wrist and yanked her off the stool, pulling her into the melee.

As Martha held up a necklace that had to be white gold, the stunning piece sparkled with diamonds and rubies. Sabrina felt light headed. “He isn’t giving her what I think he is.”

Tyler squealed. “He is, girl. Look at Bart! Now that man is a happy camper.”

Sabrina gazed at the heavy-set man who was grinning from ear to ear. “Is that a Rolex?”

“None other. I’d recognize those markings anywhere.”

“I don’t believe this. Is Nick out of his mind?”

Tyler gave her an admonishing look. “First you hate that Nick is a Grinch and now you hate him for giving expensive gifts. What is with you?”

“It’s one thing to be nice, but this is nuts.” Sabrina grimaced as the screeching got louder with each beautifully decorated gift opened.

One by one the presents were dazzling and expensive and included an all expenses paid vacation to the Bahamas, a musician’s summer camp for Judy’s autistic son, a semester of college paid for Trudy’s girl. Sabrina realized she was thinking about the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, and flinched. Did the guy have a soul or did some flunky do this for him? “Did you know about this?”

“No. I can tell you that or I would have groaned. These had to have come from his private account. No matter what you think, Nick St. Peter is fiscally responsible.” Tyler grinned. “Nice guy, eh?”

“Something’s up. We’re all getting fired.”

Tyler slapped her arm. “I mean it, shut up!”

Sabrina ended up sliding back toward the bar, hovering near to the back wall as she eyed the insanity of the moment. She had to admit, the guy had…something. She was just fearful there was indeed another shoe. Nursing her drink, she felt shivers dance down her spine every time someone opened up a gift.

As Santa glided through the crowd, walking dangerously closer to her, her blood pressure rose. Santa began to steal quick glances in her direction. And then again, so did Cord, who followed closely behind the mysterious gift giver. Sabrina licked her lips and wished to be anywhere else.

“Ho, ho, ho little lady. What can Santa bring you today?” His eyes sparkled as he stood in front of her in all his dazzling glory.

Cord flanked him, giving her a saucy grin as he surveyed the scene like a vulture waiting for the outcome.

She resisted slicing her hand out to slap him, knowing that would certainly put a damper on her evening and nodded. “I have everything I need.”

He chuckled. “A beautiful, seductive, special girl like you always deserves something else, something very special indeed.”

“Beautiful indeed,” Cord purred.

Sabrina narrowed her eyes. Was Santa actually flirting with her?

Now…there is something going on behind the scenes but you’re just going to have to wait. Releasing on the 3rd from Rebel Ink Press.

Happy Holidays

Kisses   xxx



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12 Responses to What? You Don’t Believe in Santa? Stuff Your Stockings Blog Hop

  1. Pomma says:

    I so agree with your post about Christmas being about hope for better people being better people. I so want people to treat one another better and care about each other so much more. It cost nothing and it feels so very good to do. Money and having things have never meant that much to me as things don’t feed the soul…*S* I love animals and my heart breaks everyday at the cruel indifference about cats and dogs and other animals that have been abandoned because of our economy. It literally breaks my heart and makes me bawl like a baby. So I donate dog food and blankets and toys to the local shelter.
    You have a great heart and I love your books…*S*
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    pommawolf @hotmail.com


    • behalle says:

      I am not even sure how to reply to such an incredible message. You just stilled me with your comments. Thank you for getting me and my writing and the compliment I take to heart in a way that I think you do understand. Merry Christmas and bless all the little creatures around you


  2. Joanne B. says:

    We usually donate to the local shelters all year round, but more so during the holidays. It’s sad people can just dump their pets without any second thoughts.


  3. DawnM says:

    Love the excerpt, can’t help but relate to her “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” mind set


  4. Jaime says:

    I totally agree with you! I also had to get a cold cloth for myself looking at al those pics you have on your page! Wooo weeee calm me down!



  5. Renee' S. says:

    My Hubby & I are huge animal lovers & used to foster dogs that have been neglected & abused, it is heart-breaking the things we seen. I am a true believer in that the things these people did to their innocent dogs, they should have to go through the same treatment, and maybe they would think twice. But this comment is not meant to be gloomy. When we fostered, we never wanted to part with the dogs LOL they became a part of the family so fast & we have 3 pups of our own. Dogs give Us unconditional Love & all they want in return is for someone to love them. Now we volunteer locally, instead of in our home, because even the staff knows the dogs won’t leave. LOL I just wish people wouldn’t buy a dog for Christmas or a rabbit for Easter, etc., because the shelter get so filled with unwanted pets after the novelty wears off, it’s just not fair to our 4-legged friends.
    Ok, I promise, I’m off my soapbox now. lol
    Have a Wonderful Holiday Everyone & Be Kind To Our Furry Friends,
    Renee’ S.


  6. T.t. Miller says:

    Love the excerpt! I also love what you said about Hope for better people being better people. I also REALLY loved what Pomma and Joanne B. said. I guess I like a lotta things. Right now my Hubs and I are fostering a cat who is estimated to be over a year old. She was found on the streets of Chicago, and she weighs 5 lbs. They told us she wouldn’t get any bigger. I am VERY happy she was found and that we are fostering her (with hopes to adopt her).

    oh, and thank you for being a part of the blog hop!


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