Merry almost Ho Ho – I thought I’d give you a little gift. I have three stories up for best covers and best chapters at Renee Bagby’s and I’ll give you the link at the end of you’d like to vote but I thought I’d give you the entire first chapter so you can enjoy. This one is a crossover piece utilizing a virtual bar that is a mainstay in Dakotah Black’s Pinked series called the Flamingo Rustler. Lucifer’s Lair is the man cave nestled in the back where all things wicked happen. This is a steamy m/m piece and I hope you enjoy.

POWER STRUGGLE – from Rebel Ink Press

Chapter One

      “Nice to see you tonight, Cole,” Candy purred as she sat her empty tray of drinks on top of the bar. “I think you’ll make perfect eye candy for the ladies.” Raising her eyebrow, she nodded toward the group of older ladies ogling him as he worked behind the bar.

Cole Stevens sighed and turned his wicked grin toward the sultry blond that looked like a tasty treat in her tight spandex fuchsia mini-skirt and low cut white tee shirt. He couldn’t help but notice the way the pink flamingo undulated across her chest with every move she made. Her emerald eyes were enough to draw any man into the bowels of hell.

Too bad he wasn’t into naughty women.

“Why thank you, sweet thing. I think I’m going to like it here. Interesting group of customers you have.” Cole knew damn good and well he had to hide what he hungered for from the crowd of women. Not only did he need the job and the tips, but the comment from the owner, Mick St. Simon, about being the new boy toy of the joint remained with him like a beacon of wanton lust. He wasn’t hired for his bartending skills. That was obvious from Mick’s wicked grin as he simply stared down the length of Cole. Standing six foot five with hulking muscles from burning off his anger almost every night in an all male gym, Cole was going to be a pseudo bouncer for the Flamingo Rustler Restaurant as well.

“You haven’t seen them drunk,” Candy mused as she swirled the swizzle stick before placing the used glasses in a bus pan. “There’s nothing quite like seeing them dancing in the aisles to Donna Summer to get your blood sizzling. Not sure about your libido, but if you’re into white haired ladies who are funny as hell, you can obviously have your pick.”

He chuckled and grabbed her drink order. “Well, it’s only my second night but I’ve been propositioned six times and offered a new sports car already.”

“Not bad! I dare say you’re rivaling Froggy’s first few days. Where is our sulking head bartender tonight anyway?”

“Mick said he was going to be late. Asked if I’d keep an eye out on the Lair,” Cole said as he glanced toward the back of the restaurant. He had to admit he was more than intrigued with the dark man cave that was nestled in the heart of the snazzy joint. Cole thought about Mick’s heavy pitch. While the restaurant that sat smack dab in the heart of Chesterfield County, Virginia was well known for it’s spicy island food and cranky as hell head chef, it was the all male section appropriately named Lucifer’s Lair that gave the bar it’s rather exotic and extremely well known persona. Named after the Chef, the dark haven was inspired by Mick’s Harley riding’ grandfather.

“Oh boy, you’re in for a raunchy good time, “ Candy giggled. “Lots of crazy things happen in there.”

“If the burly bikers are any indication, I can’t wait to experience the sexy hot spot.” He licked his lips as a group of tattooed rough-hewn men sauntered inside. His cock twitched as he eyed the older blond and imagined being ridden hard and wet on the back of his Harley. His blood pulsing, Cole could barely breathe as desire raged within him.

“Earth to Cole.” Candy waved her hand in front of his face. “See somethin’ you like, sugar?”

If he wasn’t as black as the midnight sun, he knew Candy would’ve snagged his lust for the men easily. “Naw, just wondering what kind of crowd you get in there.”

She leaned over the bar, giving him a close up view of her voluptuous breasts. “Rough and ready big man. Game?”

Cole sensed the intelligent green-eyed wonder could see right through him. Every part of him fought accepting the job, yet it would help pay some of the bills as he continued to look for another financial advising position. If he could find one. News traveled fast in Richmond. As he watched Candy dance to the pulsing sounds of rock and roll music, he knew there was something about the perky blond he was going to like. He pushed the freshly made drinks her direction and gave her a shit-eating grin. “Now now, little filly. I think the question is, is there something you might like to nibble on?”

She shook her head and laughed. “Nice try. I’m gonna like yanking your chain.” Grabbing the drinks, she gave him a sultry grin as she picked up the wooden tray. She tossed her shoulder length hair and purposely swayed her hips back and forth provocatively as she moved away from the long mahogany bar.

Cole sniffed and cleaned the top of the bar, chuckling to himself as he watched her filter through the crowd as the music changed. The sounds of Bon Jovi pulsed in wicked strains from the jukebox and a line of women jumped from their seats, dancing together as they squealed and raised their glasses. He checked his watch. It was barely ten-thirty. Going to be a damn long ass night.

He sighed and filled the drink orders, getting more comfortable with each passing minute. He’d worked for two months as a bartender in college and figured the job would be like riding a ten-speed. He chuckled at the thought. Hell, he was bloody rusty. What in the world was a cranium crusher? Eyeing Candy’s latest ticket, he snarled. They had way too many homemade drinks.

“Drink sheets on the back of the register, sugar,” Candy purred, wagging her tail back and forth.

He grabbed the vinyl-covered recipe list and glanced through the long list. “Who the hell created all these?”

“Froggy.” Grinning, she gave him a look. “They’re hugely popular so don’t go making fun of them.”

“Then the little muscular man needs to get his ass in here and make them!” Cole smiled.

“You’re mouthy. Good, cause you’re going to need it tonight.” Candy shivered as the loud sounds of men arguing in the Lair drew her attention. “I don’t know what’s gotten into them, but Roger can’t handle that crowd. He’s too pretty.”

Cole burst into laughter. “You’re right about that.”

She shook her head. “I think it must be the damn football game. It’s got the bikers all hot and bothered.”

Suddenly the vision of seeing one or five of the burly bikers spread eagled as he suckled first one and then another cock sent sparkles of vibrant light dancing across the periphery of his vision. Damn if he wasn’t hot and horny. How the hell long had it been since he’d tasted a man? While Cole enjoyed women on occasion, there was nothing like taking a man’s dick into the back of his mouth as he came in violent waves, spewing hot cum down Cole’s throat. “Hot and bothered, eh? You want me to check it out?”

“Tell ya what, I’ll go in and sniff and see what’s up. If I need ya, I’ll call.” She gave him a naughty grin and swaggered toward the Lair, fluffing her hair along the way.

Every part of his body quivered from the nearly desperate need he felt. He’d struggled for two solid months to keep his job through some of the most difficult times he had ever experienced and there’d been zero time for a fling or anything else. His last relationship ended badly. Finally tasting a woman for the first time in years, she didn’t like his long hours and his need to be taken hard and fast. That’s when Cole made the decision he hungered for another flavor and switched his lifestyle permanently.

Cole realized he was famished to have a cock shoved in his ass but he was angry as hell, the rage from being fired by a boss that deserved to burn in the flames of hell sizzled within him to the point he wanted to take down a man. Normally enjoying succumbing to a sexy hunk, fulfilling his every fantasy, this time Cole wasn’t going to be the bottom. The need for revenge was all consuming. He prayed to God that bartending would temper his wrath.

He kept his gaze locked on the entrance to the Lair as he milled back and forth filling orders. The more men that entered the small space, the rowdier the crowd got. The hoots and hollers were fine, but he had a sixth sense that Candy could be in serious trouble. There was nothing like inebriated men crowded into a darkened space with one stunning blond vixen tempting them. Walking around the end of the bar he stood with his arms folded, hearing the inebriated voices filter past the swinging doors.

“Yeah baby! Come here sweet thang.”

“Bring that little ass over here.” The catcalls became loud roars.

“You’re going to like what you taste, honey! Yeah, baby!”

“That’s it.” Cole threw down the towel and headed toward the Lair, his long legs taking him to the entrance quickly. As he gazed inside, he could barely see throughthe haze of the cigarette smoke and the glare from several big screen television sets that blared everything from basketball to Nascar. It was the scent of testosterone that garnered his attention, forcing his cock to throb painfully against the tight confines of his jeans.

He pitched the doors open, the force slamming them against the doorframe and gazed across the room unable to see Candy.

But he could hear her voice as she yelled at one of the burly bikers that seemed to have cornered her at the far end of the Lair.

“Get out of my face!” she roared as her voice filled with defiance.

“Now baby girl, is that any way to act around men that want to lick that sweet pussy of yours?”

Cole growled and thrust his way through the dense crowd, pushing the men aside, heading for the large group of rowdy bikers. “What the hell is going on here?” While he was not normally Billy Bad Ass, tonight Cole dressed the part with steel-toed boots and a tight, black tee shirt. He looked dark and dangerous with his long dreads and chocolate skin and at the moment he was damn glad God had given him more than a fair share of masculinity.

“You gonna stop us?” A snarling voice came from the middle of the crowd.

“Yeah, I am.” Cole eyed the slender bartender that hugged the back wall. What in the hell was Mick doing having a kid man the bar? “Candy? You okay?” he hissed and jerked two strong bikers out of his way.

“I’m fine,” Candy snarled.

‘The lady’s with us.” The heavily tattooed man drifted in front of him, pressing a single finger into Cole’s chest.

Cole stopped and stared down slowly as he sensed two more men flanking the aging blond. “Remove your finger or lose it.”

“Oh, a threat. Hmmm…let me think.”

As the biker took a swing, Cole pushed him hard, forcing him against the side of a pool table. This wasn’t going well. “You’re out of here!” He pointed back and forth between the men, keeping his eyes pinned on their actions. They were drunk and along with their sex drives, their sheer mass could prove to do some damage.

The friends crept closer, snarling as they shook their heads. “Think you’re messing with the wrong boys,” the taller one said, his whisper laced with anger.

Out of the corner of his eye, Cole saw Candy shift through the crowd. While she didn’t look any worse for wear, she was one pissed off little gal.

“Out now and when you cool off, you can come back to the bar,” Cole warned, realizing the other two were about to take him down. He stepped back, ready for a fight.

“You gonna make me?” the first man hissed in Cole’s face.

“Yeah, I am,” Cole said quietly, his eyes dancing back and forth across the three bullies. He bristled and ducked as the first swing came, the force and clear inebriation of the straggly man throwing the attacker’s body forward off balance.

Snarling, the man landed with his hands on the edge of the pool table and instantly swung around, fists raised. “Fuck you!”

Go! Go! Go!

As the second man gathered Cole’s shirt in his hands and shoved him hard, preparing to pepper him with harsh blows, Cole snarled and jerked free, sending the stunned man pitching into the crowd. At that moment he knew he was in deep shit. Second day on the job and he’d started a riot. “Fuck!”

The next several seconds played out in slow motion as the majority of the customers formed a circle around them, grinning, raising their fists and chanting like wild dogs.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Candy pushed her way toward Cole and held out her hands. “Stop it, boys! This is nuts.”

“You takin’ up for him sugar?” The blond man grinned, yanking her into the heat of his body and flicking her nipple through her tight tee shirt. “He can’t have a taste until I’m done snackin’ on you!”

Jerking out of his slippery hold, she placed her hands on her hips and stood to her full height, glaring at him. “You couldn’t handle me so don’t waste my time and trust me, if you touch me again, I will rip it off.”

“Ooohhhh, a ball buster I see,” he snarled. “Well we know how to deal with those kinds a bitches.”

“Bring it,” Candy hissed.

“Candy, back down.” Cole cringed, realizing the boys were no longer playing games. “Go get Lurch, now!” he demanded, forcing her toward the back door. At least the hulking bouncer could help throw them out.

“I can handle them,” Candy growled.

“Out!” he yelled as fists were raised and the three men stumbled forward, surrounding him.

It was the booming voice that everyone heard first. It was the shattering of glass that they heard second.

“Enough!” The deep rumble thrashed through the crowd, bouncing off the dark paneling.

Cole tipped his head as the large golden-haired God like man swept through the crowd, pushing the men aside like they were toy solders. The rumbling of his humongous frame as he pounded the tile floor resonated throughout the room like a jagged bolt of white-hot heat. “Shit!” You go big man.

“You heard the nice folk here. Leave the woman alone or you’ll have to deal with more than the hired help, boys.”  The man snarled and grabbed the aging blond, lifting him like a rag doll.

Cole smiled as the captive man’s eyes grew wide. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Candy grinning wickedly before backing out of the Lair. He hissed at the remaining two, relishing the way they slunk into the shadows.

“If you want a show boys, take it outside without the lady. You got it or do I need to give you a little reminder?” The hulking hero cocked his head, his eyes shimmering as he licked his lips and leaned into he shaking man, breathing a single puff of air into his face.

Tick Tock. Cole thought for sure the asshole was going to try and take on the carved hunk.

“We were just leavin’.” Huffing, the tattooed man snarled yet he refused to look the hero in the eye.

“Trouble in here, boss man?” Lurch said, leaning against the doorjamb.

“I think we got it.” Cole eyed the large man and sighed, feeling his blood sizzle. While Lurch was the epitome of dark and dangerous with his long shaggy hair and oversized torso, the stunning blond had to stand at least six foot seven and was built like a brick shit house. Suddenly breathless, Cole realized his heart was beating raggedly. The man turned him on with his serious bravado, kick ass attitude and that damn sexy body. The long tall drink of water was exactly what Cole hungered for. Blinking back his lust, he nodded to Lurch and smiled. “I think we have some really good customers in the Lair.” He turned back to face the show and smiled.

While the blond kept the snarl on his face, it was his dancing cerulean blue eyes full of mischief and the slam-dunk unknowing of his power that forced the bully to shrink like a wallflower. Blondie was obviously having fun playing hero.

“Come on boys, night’s over. Go sleep it off,” Lurch beckoned, stepping forward and grabbing the arms of the other two.

“Get your damn hands off of me!” the tall one demanded.

Lurch jerked both of them toward the door easily and growled. “It’s only Friday. Damn it!”

Inching forward, Cole stood beside the savior as the remaining patrons slunk back to their respective bar stools and games of pool. He heard a series of ragged sighs. Nodding to Roger, the drinks started flowing as the boy bartender turned up the music, masking the remaining snarls. Then he gave the bully a fiery look and stuck a single finger to his chest. “You’re banned, buddy boy. Don’t try and come into the Lair or the Rustler period. You and your friends are no longer welcome here.”

As the man let the biker down onto his feet, he blew him a kiss and suckled his lips, the guttural sounds permeated the air, fueling chortles within the crowd.

The effect was just enough the disheveled blond scowled and stumbled toward the door.

Cole waited until they were out of the bar. Following to make sure Lurch had it under control, he chuckled as the men seemed a bit shorter now that he and his buddies were pitched out the front door of the restaurant. Breathing a sigh of relief, Cole turned to face the man and thank him but the good patron had disappeared into the shadows. Cole scanned the darkness and fumbled to keep his raging hormones under control. This wasn’t like him at all. He never mixed business with pleasure and yet, there was something about the carved man with arms larger than his and a dazzling smile that had Cole quaking inside. Dear God, if the man asked him to drop to his knees in the middle of the crowded bar, Cole knew damn good and well he would.

“Well done,” a smaller man grinned as Cole passed.

Cole nodded and headed straight for Roger. He looked down the length of the wooden bar and saw the blond hunk sitting at the very end, nursing a beer and eyeing the television. The look of him in a flowing crisp white shirt and tight jeans matched the scuffed cowboy boots. The man had dark and dangerous down to a “t”.  And there was something about his two day stubble that sent a series of shivers dancing down Cole’s spine. Finding it difficult not to approach the man, he clenched his fist open and closed as the bartender came forward.

“Thanks,” Roger said quietly.

“If you ever have the kind of shit start again, for God’s sake come grab me,” Cole admonished. It wasn’t the kid’s fault but like it or not, this was the only damn job he’d been able to find in the lousy two and a half months of looking. “Is the blond a regular?”

Roger turned his gaze. “Never seen him before.”

“Buy him a beer or five on the house. Keep em flowing. Whatever he wants.” Cole knew it was a bit over the top, but he wanted the guy to hang around for a while.

“Will do.”

Cole showered the man with a look of longing before heading back toward the main bar. Passing through the swinging doors, he was thankful to see Froggy holding court with the waitresses. Candy grinned from a distance, tipping her head in appreciation. He sighed and stole a glance back toward the Lair. One way or the other, he was going to get to know the stunning hunk.




Ryker Marks sat picking at the label on the beer bottle, barely focusing on the game that blared above his head. Bone tired, the night hadn’t been what he’d expected. Rolling into town on his Harley, he thought he’d found a quiet joint where he could drown his sorrows for a day or a week without interference. But seeing the spunky blond being accosted had brought out the warrior male in him. Chuckling, he took a long pull of the warm piss water and hissed.

“On the house.”

He eyed the cold bottle of Bud before lifting his head and staring into the dancing eyes of the young bartender. “Thanks. No big deal man.”

“Cole insisted,” Roger said, smiling.


“The new bartender and the guy trying to stave off the fight.”

Ryker gazed toward the club’s doors catching a glimpse of the muscular black man strolling out. “Him?”

“Yep, told me to keep them coming too. Whatever you need, I’m your man. Just ask for Roger.” The young redhead grinned and thumped the bar before heading back toward the register.

Ryker raised his eyebrow and grabbed for the cold one as the distinct feeling that Cole wanted to say more than a thank you washed over him. Shaking his head, he groaned. Maybe he was fooling himself. No one wanted him. He closed his eyes and gulped half the bottle before setting it down with a thud. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you hadn’t been working so many damn long hours then maybe Samantha wouldn’t have left you. Left? Hell, she’d taken half his bank account and cleaned out their house before skipping off with some frivolous skinny guy with perfect teeth and a crimson corvette. At least that’s how he pictured the latest of many lovers. He could remember her screeching words clearly when she grabbed her purse and told him to be gone when she got back. Oh, he was gone all right, but only for a week or so. Then he’d have to deal with their fake engagement.

He eyed the ball game and tried to concentrate on the score. Hell, he didn’t even know who was playing. The hotel was close enough. Perhaps getting drunk was in order. The leave of absence was meant to heal, right? Suddenly feeling better, he downed the remainder of the beer and motioned for Roger. Might as well take Cole up on his offer. He had no burning plans while staying in Richmond except perhaps to get laid.

Yeah, like that would make him feel better.

The third beer turned into a forth and as Ryker stared aimlessly at the television screen, he felt a presence behind him.

“I owe you a thank you,” Cole said quietly as he slid into the next barstool.

Ryker turned his head slowly and gazed down the length of the brawny man. Something about his stunning good looks and dangerously sullen eyes was strangely attractive. While he hadn’t been with a man in years, the thought of a wicked tryst with the chocolate treat entered his mind. As his cock throbbed against his tight jeans, he envisioned taking the man hard and fast across the back of his Harley, the vivid imagery forcing a series of wicked thoughts dancing into his brain.

Cole sighed and rubbed his hands up and down his thighs in long, lazy motions and Ryker found his eyes following the sensual move, his heart racing.

“None needed,” Ryker said, the timbre of his voice dropping to a husky whisper. “The little lady needed help. Glad to do it.”

“Candy’s a bit feisty and can usually handle herself, but it was much appreciated.” Cole inched closer, his eyes darting back and forth across the man. Licking his lips, he cut his eyes toward the crowd.

Was he nervous? As Ryker watched the long gaze sweep down to the bulge between his legs, he realized the man seemed more than just a bit interested. What were the odds of finding a delicious treat in the middle of a county bar? Hmmm, this might prove to be an interesting trip after all. “You work here long?”

“Coupla days. Just biding time. Feeding the beast so to speak.”

“I hear that.” Ryker sniffed and turned his attention back to the television. He hadn’t played a cat and mouse power game in years. This could prove to be fun. He’d determined Richmond was the place to land simply because he could get to it fairly quickly from his home in DC. His employees could run the business for a couple of weeks while he re-grouped.

“You?” He inched forward, spreading his legs wide.

“Taking a few needed days off. Just here in Richmond to unwind.” He stole a glance of his own at Cole. The outline of the man’s cock bulged against his tight jeans sending a series of electric jolts slicing into his system. Ryker hadn’t been this turned on in years. Damn he wanted the man between his legs sucking his dick. Taking another long pull of the cold barley, he made a decision. Throwing caution to the wind, he pursed his lips and gave Cole a look. He’d never see the man again so why the hell not? “You closing tonight?”

“Yep. Low man on the totem pole,” Cole gazed into his eyes, a slight smile curling on his lips.

“Perhaps we could have a drink when you’re finished. All I have is an empty hotel room to go back to.” God, that sounded like a freaking invitation if he’d ever heard one.

“Empty eh? Shame.” Cole slid the tip of his finger across the seam of his mouth, pulsing it into his wet heat as he kept his eyes locked onto Ryker’s. “I’d like that.”

Ryker held his breath as Cole pressed his finger in and out of his mouth in a blatant invitation, inching to the edge of the barstool. He knew no one else could see the brazen action and at that moment, he wanted the man naked and tied to his bed. He’d longed to tie his former fiancé, Samantha up and take control of her body and soul, but she’d scuttled away from every hint, every suggestion. The distance, his kinky needs and workload eventually sent their relationship into the toilet. “You sure you can handle it?”

Cole smiled slyly and stood, gazing into Ryker’s eyes. “I think the question is can you handle a real man?” His voice a husky whisper, he moved beside Ryker, the shadow of his body allowing him to slide his hand across Ryker’s massive thigh and brush his fingers across his crotch.

The instant Cole’s hand touched his aching shaft Ryker shuddered. The savage beast that dwelled within wanted nothing more than to throw him over the pool table and fuck his tight ass. “Don’t tease unless you can take the heat.”

Cole grasped his cock, sliding his hand up and down in long languishing motions as he leaned his head down. “You’ll love the control I’ll wield over you. Be prepared to be taken like a man should be. Rough.”

Ryker swallowed and fought choking as the shameless words burned into the back of his mind. Panting, he tried to regain control as Cole squeezed hard enough he bit back the whimper that bubbled to the surface. No man had ever turned him on this way. Closing his eyes, he shamelessly opened his legs as Cole gripped him, clenching his shaft like a vice.

“Be waiting for me.”

Ryker nodded and as he tried to focus on the sensual man as he glided away from the bar, he realized Cole wanted him to succumb to his own dark hungers. Licking his lips, Ryker wasn’t sure if he could give in or not. He’d never been ridden and fucked by a man. He’d always been the one in control. His hands shaking, he grabbed the beer bottle and swilled the remainder of the liquid as his heart thumped into his chest. “Fuck…me.”

Have a wonderful holiday!

Kisses   xxx



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