Merry Christmas and a Special Thank You

Happy Holidays to everyone! To everyone who’s made this year very special for me. I feel more than just blessed – I feel honored to be a part of many groups of fabulous writers and publishers who have become my friends. I also have to say thank you to my husband – who went from saying writing is a hobby to an internship and now is trying to do everything he can to be supportive of me. He’s the man who created and handles my websites – reminds me not to beat the computer when Safari and the internet is acting wacko and has no problem actually telling friends I write erotic. I have two BEAUTIFUL dogs who are my children and I just finished up holiday shopping for them. What could be better than to live in a country where pets are so highly adored? I love you MacGyver and Goldie Hawn – my angels.

The writing business is tough and for anyone who doesn’t think so – you’re going to find out. We all have to be supportive of each other with everything from being there when the rejection letters and bad reviews come in to being happy when the news is just the opposite. I’ve met some of the most fabulous people in the world and I consider them my friends for life. I haven’t met all of you but the few I have make me want to meet more.

The internet can be a wonderful and terrifying place but I tell you what – being able to connect to readers and publishers and reviewers from all around the world is simply fabulous. A few special shout outs including all the readers who have purchased and given me insights into what they like and would like to see.

The members of the Naughty Romance Writers including Dawne Prochilo who created the wonderful place. I had a chance to meet her this year – what a treat. All you fabulous writers and there are too many to mention but you know who you are… And many of you I’ve had the pleasure of having as family in Rebel – that’s the best part.

Steven Zimmer and the cast of Fandomfest. Sexy Lexi and Siobhan from Mysticon – can’t wait for February!

Queer Magazine Online – what a treat to work with you every day. Erotic Diaries – love being there. Masters of Passion – Blak, Sharita and Xakara – who ladies rock, KinkE Magazine – Marabelle – you’re wicked like me. After Dark Online – Ray, I consider you such an inspiration. All the folks from Wicked Wanton Writers – you are a great team and so support each other.

And then there’s my publishing teams – Naughty Nights Press – Gina, Penny, Jennifer, Sheldon and Shane – you rock my world.

And Elizabeth Carr – what can I say about a woman who took a chance and has become a great friend. I love the Rebel Ink Press Team – Lila, and Carl, Sherry and Dawn – you make me look better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I so look forward to 2012.

Merry Christmas

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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1 Response to Merry Christmas and a Special Thank You

  1. Merry Christmas to you, you know what you mean to me, and I’m proud to be part of the same team of writers as you.


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