In my second piece published and my first piece of the year – I wanted to give a naughty idea for a birthday event. What if your man had everything and you wanted to give him something very special for his birthday? Could you really go out on a limb for him and do something highly kinky? This was nothing more than a fun frolic and I just wanted to give you a taste of some kinky romance.



What could you give a man for his birthday that had everything? That was Brittany Cox’s daunting task. David Miller, her secret lover, had every expensive toy money could buy. On one snowy winter night after a wicked round of sex, he admitted that he wanted his friends to watch their passion. Unfettered, an idea was brewing. When he presented her to her neighbor, forcing her to have sex in the hot lights of her picture window, she developed a naughty plan of her own. Unfortunately on the night of his birthday, she had to work. As the stretch limo took David and three of his close friends to their secret destination, he was shocked.

The strip club was not his idea of the best place to be without her. As the guest of honor, he was given front row seats to the show. The masked vixen hired began her dance of seduction. When she attempted her version of a lap dance, he broke the rules and touched. Shoved into a darkened room, he was undressed and tied to a chair. The dance not yet over, the mysterious woman teased and tasted, enlisting help from his shocked friends in an audience full of hungry voyeurs. Horrified, David refused to enjoy the stunning woman and he knew that Brittany could never forgive him for such betrayal. What David could not know what that there was another beguiling secret yet to be revealed.


David groaned and tried to get to her. “Woman! You will get another spanking!”

“Promises, promises.” She purred, knowing that no matter what he just asked for, he wouldn’t believe she’d perform such a fiendish act. Not yet. The wicked tryst had been a huge and sinful secret they’d managed to keep from everyone. David’s friends had no idea that the girl who had been just a friend to all of them for years was now David’s lover. They’d alluded to their raging desires and teased each other relentlessly for months. But the moment their lips touched, both Brittany and David had nearly exploded. That first night, she’d lost an expensive pair of Victoria’s Secret panties in the crazed round of animalistic heat. Lordy. They’d consumed each other until the wee hours of the morning, succumbing to their wildest driven desires and christening every location in Brittany’s home. How delicious that she could barely walk the next day because of their raucous rounds of sex.

Brittany giggled at her lurid, naughty girl thoughts. Every one of David’s male friends had a crush on her, but over the years they’d managed to stay just friends. Buddies. A couple of them had asked Brittany out and although a few were handsome and dashing, they weren’t her type. For years she’d secretly hungered for David and no other man. He captivated her with his sexy blond hair, rough-hewn mustache, goatee and a drop-dead body. Mr. Six-foot-something boiled her blood like no other man ever had. Rugged and adventurous, David would try anything she wanted to in bed or out, his hunger and exotic tastes pushing her beyond her limits. Her wet heat was drenched just thinking about him. His buddies would die if they knew Brittany and David were indulging in their every wicked fantasy. In fact, they could barely keep their hands off each other. “Tell me or I stop.” She snaked her finger down his quivering cock for emphasis.

He panted and eased up onto his elbows. “Fine. I want you as my slave girl, to perform a shameless erotic dance in front of the guys for me. I want to show everyone what I have and maybe, just maybe, I’ll give them a taste. I want your sinful long legs wrapped around anything that will show how sexy you are and then, well let me think. Then, I want them wrapped around my neck as I thrust my dick so far into your snatch that you scream and beg me for more. That’s what I want.” His evil schoolboy look told Brittany so many things.

Slave girl eh? Oh, that settled it. “That’s all?”

David grinned.

He didn’t believe she had the guts. Well, well…

“A naughty little dance for you, huh? How about now instead?” She took her index finger and placed it into her mouth as she fluttered her eyelashes against her cheek. Suckling her fingertip, Brittany sat up onto her knees and swayed her hips back and forth as she finger fucked her mouth with one hand. She slid the other down to her dripping cunt, feathering her bare mound as she watched him glare at her with wild eyes. “Like this baby?” No doubt she knew how to drive him over the limit.

He snarled and grabbed her arm, jerking her forward roughly. “Oh yeah. Damn girl.”

“Oh no.” She snatched her arm free and giggled as the heat of the fire cast a warm flush across her face. The glimmer of the firelight cascaded across his, accentuating his chiseled features. Her pussy ached with a desperate need to have his cock buried deep inside. She knew exactly what he wanted but he was too afraid to tell her in any mind-blowing detail. His tastes knew no bounds. They were more than a bit kinky, but Brittany knew David was afraid she’d fight his dark and dangerous side. Well then, he had no idea what was in store for him. His birthday was the perfect time to play a nefarious game. “How about this, I’ll plan you a surprise for your birthday, but you’ll also get three wishes. Just like a genie in a bottle, mister.”

“Mister? That’s master to you woman.”

I hope you enjoyed a little blast from the past!

Kisses   xxx


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