All Vampires are NOT the Same…

It’s Rebel Ink Press Home week and I have a very special guest – Lanie Barnes!  I am so excited to bring you a taste of her hot piece – you guys know I love my vampires! Let’s take a look…

I am a writer and lover of paranormal romances, specifically those involving vampires.  My first book, Fade Into You, is debuting January 17, 2012 through Rebel Ink Press.  When people ask me about my book, the first thing I tell them is that it is a vampire romance.  Anyone want to take a guess at the first statement that pops out of everyone’s mouth after I tell them the genre?  “Oh so it’s like Twilight!”  (eye roll) No it’s not like twilight. Yes, my book is a paranormal romance and the hero is a vampire and there is a bit of a love triangle, but that’s pretty much the only comparison it has to the very successful saga. My book is for adults…not children, not teenagers…and definitely not book clubs. It is not something Oprah is going to recommend. Not because it’s not good, but because it’s written for a specific type of audience. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of twilight (to the point my family is embarrassed) and I would love to be as successful a writer as Stephanie Meyer, but I am proud of my book for what it is and what it isn’t. It will probably never make me a millionaire, but it’s mine. It’s my sweat and tears and frustrations and laughter on every page. My vampires might not sparkle, but they’re very real to me, and I love them. I read a lot of paranormal romances…and when I say a lot, I mean like it’s my only addiction and I have several bookcases full…so if one day the books I write could be a part of someone’s collection that is similar to my collection, and they consider my books a part of their favorites, then I have succeeded.

Happy Readings,

Lanie Barnes

Blurb from Fade into You by Lanie Barnes

Stacia Raines knows all about the price of falling in love.  After a tragic accident leaves her with a bleeding heart, Stacia flees to the other end of the country in hopes of finding a life far away from the cornfields of the Midwest.  While out for a night of fun, she meets the dark and mysterious Kael Loren, and in no time she is swept off of her feet by an intense passion that leaves her breathless.  They say that true love never dies, but what if it does?  Can a broken heart be so easily mended?

Kael knows the moment that he meets Stacia that she’s the only one for him.  No other woman has ever brought him to his knees before simply by the look in her eyes.  Yet he’s unsure how to explain his feelings for her without revealing his darkest secrets.  When trouble arises on the wings of the ghost of lovers past, Kael is forced to compete for the heart of his mate.  Luckily for him, when it comes to fighting dirty he’s not all talk…he’s all bite.

Excerpt from Fade into You by Lanie Barnes

She couldn’t speak, was lost in the empyrean fields of his eyes.  Her fingers tightened in his hair and she leaned closer into him, her breasts smashing against his chest.  She gave a slight nod and closed her eyes, losing herself in the temptation of him.

There were no words to describe the moment his lips touched hers.  It was beyond heavenly.  His lips were gentle at first, before becoming hard with need and desire.  He parted her lips with his tongue, entering her hot mouth, tasting her sweetness.  His arms tightened around her, his hands leaving a trail of fire as they moved over her back.  Kael consumed her in mere seconds, took over every good intention she had tried to have.  His kiss was lethal and savage and practically orgasmic.  She would never get enough.

Stacia moaned into his kiss as the robe rubbed against her sensitive nipples.  Her toes curled against the tiled floor as her womb contracted with burning need.  Liquid fire flowed through her entire body before settling at her core like it was anticipating her self-combustion.  Never in her life had she ever had such a response to a single kiss.  It was unnerving to say the very least, but she didn’t care, didn’t dare try to analyze it.  All she could do was embrace the moment with this gorgeous man and his incredible mouth.

Excerpts from Fade Into You.  Coming January 2012 from Rebel Ink Press.

Lanie Barnes is a newly published author from western Ohio who claims that the most exciting thing in her small town is her wild imagination.  She has been writing her entire life in the forms of short stories, poems, and songs.  Her first published book, Fade Into You, will be out early 2012 through Rebel Ink Press.  She is a fan of all genres, but prefers to read and write paranormal romance.  Books are her addiction, and she considers 24 hours a day of reading her favorite books to be the absolute euphoric experience, and hopes to one day have the time to do that for at least a week straight.  She enjoys traveling, cooking, Massage Therapy (which she has her degree in), and reading books to her son.

Please visit her website at!  Also follow her on Twitter and Facebook!;

Thank you so much for being here!  What a treat and good luck – I know it’s going to do so well!

Kisses   xxx


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