How Do You LIke Your Men?

Isn’t that a question? I enjoy my men in all ways including in the stories that I write. I think we as readers really do enjoy finding a hero in the every day man. They are they guys we have either lived with or loved and perhaps seem to be every day men. What you have to remember is that men in truth are like anyone else. They hold secrets or concerns behind their every day persona. They worry and frustrate like women do and not just over their jobs and families but about how they look and how they’re perceived in life. I love my men real and honest and loving but I personally have a darker side too.

  For those of you who know me as a writer I tend to call myself the wicked girl. Why? Well it’s not all about writing kinky romance. I honestly love my men all hot and dangerous. Sorry nice guys out here, little girls always craved that one guy in school that was on the wrong side of the tracks. Didn’t you? It’s a hidden fantasy I think that we wanted from the time we were teenagers seeking that sullen boy who never paid any attention to the rules or fitting in and he was the perfect one to take to the prom. Right? Did I give you fond memories of sneaking around the corner and watching his rough-hewn body or the long hair flowing to the middle of his back that teachers hated?

Let’s take it further and go into our adult lives. You can’t tell me that you didn’t secretly have a crush on the motorcycle riding guy with tattoos, a dark tan and even darker shades. Whew! Is it getting hot in here? I know exactly what I fantasize late into the night with my saucy vibrator and my nipple clamps. Danger is what I thrive on and a guy that’s not afraid to be a bit bold and daring in his wants and need.

It seems to run as a thread throughout my stories – he’s a little bit dark and mysterious with a wicked past and something to hide. I simply love to peel the layers he has finding out what he’s hiding under those sexy clothes and baby blues. Every woman and man has a different flavor. Personally I like every flavor and appreciate the subtle aspects in a man. I’ve had several people ask me how I create my characters and make them seen so real. Perhaps it’s because I appreciate all types of men from the professional to the rugged hard working types that wear worn jeans and a two day stubble. Yummy!  You have to make him believable for what you’re writing about. Guys talk a certain way and act a certain way and I put “him” down on paper and give him a personality. I put down not just his dreamy ideas and rough-hewn body but what he drives and what he drinks and where he’s from. Every part about a man from his family to where he grew up changes him. I like to try and get the mannerisms right. So my guys come out rugged and a bit craggy.

I don’t know what it is about a man on a Harley, but he just does it for me. I always see him as gritty, rugged and the kind of guy that will enter any location swaggering like a man in charge. Commanding a room with a single look, he’ll tip his head to the bartender and the man behind the bar will know instinctively what he wants. As he strides inside, his steel toed boots thumping against the floor, all the women will stop and gaze down the length of him, hungry and wet. Hmmm…sounds far too tasty even for a Thursday and sadly rarely true. Then again, this is fantasy, right?

For little girls, the thought of enjoying a bad boy sent tingles down our spines. We weren’t supposed to want to go out with them or enter into a relationship, but we did and we seem to continue to hunger for one. The odd thing is, the majority of the resident bad boys are teddy bears inside. Reading about a villain that ends up having a heart of gold has been popular for years. Whether we are enjoying the “bite” of the latest sensual vampire or running with the wolves, we are attracted to the dark side.

I also think that we enjoy watching villains in the movies and on television sadly much more than the hero even. Come on – you know you like the hot vampire in True Blood much more than our saucy southern comfort boy. That’s one of the reasons we’re so fond of
vampires – the ultimate in darkness and danger. Whether it’s the concept of the undead or the inhibitions and heightened passion vampires share with their victims. It’s sexy and sultry and we wish they existed. Then there’s the every day man. Just who is dangerous these days?

I seem to have in several threads of my saucy little books a Harley riding man. I honestly didn’t realize it until I finished editing several and sent them into my publisher, Rebel Ink Press. Each man is very different and very sexy. Of course there’s that naughty concept about the man as being dangerous.

I think for me that I crave and love a man that’s kind and thoughtful, a mixture of rugged and yet sweet in his actions and mannerisms and one that will go out of his way to give you a night of pleasure or a day of peace and fun. What am I talking about? How about a guy that wakes you up with breakfast in bed and then runs you a hot little bath, adding your favorite scent while he cleans the house and not because it’s your birthday? Or, imagine a long walk in the woods with a picnic basket full of your favorite treats. A bottle of wine, a loaf of French bread, a selection of cheeses and a blanket sounds delicious to me. Can you just envision exactly what you plan on doing with that hot man? Oh I can.

When I started penning m/m pieces I really wanted my guys gritty – not all of you are and of course each relationship and man is different. I just happen to but a bit of the masculine side in mine – not that they aren’t romantic as my guys share a passionate quiet night in front of a roaring fire and enjoy creating a romantic dinner together in their kitchen while listening to Kenny G – but so far they’re just he-man types and all my guys want the same thing – love and passion.

I hope you’ve enjoyed another slice into fantasy and our most hidden fantasies. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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