I know – you’ve heard me talk about how much I love hot things from men to romance, kink to passion and I think we all enjoy something spicy. I think readers want several things when selecting what they are willing to put their money on including how hot the story is and whether they can believe in the characters. That being said when readers look for something erotic they are looking for perhaps something a bit different. Isn’t that true? I write for several reasons including the fact I love to write but I also want to sell. This is a business after all. Or at least I like to hope it is. Tell me readers – what makes the difference for you when you go to pick up a book, whether e-shelf or at the local Barnes and Noble? Is it still the cover, the back cover blurb or the fact you know the author?

Personally for me it’s all of the above but I honestly think I don’t mind trying a new author if they kinky little story line has something a bit different. You know – not the normal boy meets girl, they fall in love, have angst and break apart and lo and behold they meet back up again. Hey – maybe I’m personally weary of the happy ever after part but that’s what publishers want to see. What’s wrong with tasting and tempting and then perhaps you might try later? Hmmm… Yes, safe sex and everything around it is important and I try to put that in my pieces but in truth I like good solid fun too!

So…that’s the reason behind a new “series” so to speak called Dirty Little Lunches. They are designed as a quick HOT HOT HOT read with no HEA – just plain kinky fun. And every scenario happens during and around lunchtime. You get the idea. At 5000 words and price at $1.99 I am hoping to draw you the reader in and hopefully give a taste so that maybe you’ll hunger to try another piece or two of mine. I know, shameless right? The first one is out – The Boardroom with three others penned so let’s take a look at the hot little scenarios and see what you think. From Rebel Ink Press…


Tyler Wallace was famished and he wasn’t interested in food unless his boss was on the menu. Kirk Jameson was rugged, powerful and aloof and no one in the office knew much about him. Throwing all caution to the wind Tyler was determined to seduce the man during office hours. Developing a kinky idea with his best friend he set out to secure additional information in order to bring his plan to fruition. When he discovered the man’s brazen secrets Tyler knew he’d found the perfect afternoon delight. As he closed the door to the boardroom he waited with heated anticipation. Was a dirty little lunch in the making?


Sabrina Miller was a high-powered attorney for a prestigious law firm in Phoenix. She was also the ex-girlfriend of Tyrone Michaels – only the most well known fullback with the Miami Dolphins. After finding him in a compromising position she learned to loathe him. But he wanted her back and was willing to do anything to prove his innocence. On one hot day she sauntered into her office and smack into the stunning hot chocolate man. Sparks flew. Resisting his efforts she went about her job until it was time for lunch. Heading into the elevator she was determined to secure a cold martini in an effort to calm her raging libido and then Tyrone stepped inside. As electric current spiked into overdrive something else happened. The power went out…


Randi Reynolds was in the mood for something hot and sweet for lunch and it was in the form of one scintillating man who she’d been pining away for. Months of ordering delivery from the restaurant Tomas Garcia worked only garnered her a casual hello. It was time to kick up the heat. On a sultry afternoon she enlisted the help of her best friend and together she and Tanya allowed Tomas to see just how close they truly were. Intrigued, when she ordered take out the next day he arrived a different man and ready for an adventure. The dirty little lunchtime ménage was the perfect addition to the menu.


Birthday boy Montana Devereau should have been celebrating turning thirty. Instead he was buried behind a mountain of work planning on skipping lunch in order to get home early. Unfortunately there was no one waiting for his arrival. When Brad asked Montana to lunch with the guys he was intrigued. After all he’d had a crush on the golden haired God for years but the rough-hewn hunk had never given him the time of day. Saying yes, Montana settled in for a simple burger and a beer. Too bad the guys had kinkier thoughts in mind. When they took him to an unassuming brownstone smack in the middle of town Montana knew something was up. With a name like Burgers & Bondage the lunch suddenly became more of an adventure. In truth, submitting to a man was Montana’s darkest fantasy. Was this a dirty little lunch in the making?

What do you think? Might be the perfect little lunch time read?

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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