I know it’s a little bit early to be talking about Valentine’s Day but then again is it ever too early to be talking about romance? Not for this wicked girl. I love the thought of sharing something special and of course Valentine’s Day is simply one method of bringing out all the sexy and very romantic feelings we like to think we have buried inside of us. Even for guys – the holiday gives them the excuse to be a little sappy when they might not otherwise feel like they can. The holiday is designed for lovers and from chocolates to champagne and frilly nighties to a heated night of sex, we long to be reminded why we fell in the love in the first place.

As an erotic romance author I enjoy writing about passion of course and you can’t resist adding in the holiday but I have to tell you I like mixing up what happens around Valentine’s Day. When I was younger I waited tables for years and for any of you who have there are certain holidays you are “required” to work and sadly Valentine’s Day is one of them. In truth it’s not a moneymaking holiday event because traditionally the diners are the ones who generally don’t go out a lot and think THIS is the day to do it. That sadly meant for me lower tips. Hey – we all have to impress and sometimes this is the way to do it. A nice dinner out and perhaps a bouquet of roses and we’re good to go, right?

Wrong. Both men and women want something a bit more creative than a box of chocolates. Take it from this girl who is allergic to chocolate – not what I enjoy. A long bubble bath with candles and champagne maybe, but chocolates? Not so much. When I sat down to pen not just one Valentine’s piece I wanted to mix the concept up quite a bit so now only do I have a tale of two men – both who’ve had their hearts broken and it takes a bit of an unconventional auction to remind them to love and one based on an erotic writer at a conference on Valentine’s week. Of course she’s trying to heal a broken heart and as you can imagine a killer really wants to see her dead. Now that’s a buzz kill! LOL. I hope you enjoy a sizzling snippet of Hearts Forged in Fire and the synopsis for Treacherous Hunger. You never know. They might give you ideas on mixing up your romance.



For rancher Zeke Parker, every day was difficult. Not only was Rattlesnake Ranch falling on hard times but he couldn’t get over the horrible grief plaguing him for over a year. The death of his lover, David, had nearly stripped away his soul. As Valentine’s Day drew near his sister Sandi was determined to drag him out of his private hell. Agreeing to be a part of a charity auction for the humane society, Zeke figured one date with a wealthy woman wasn’t going to kill him. But during dinner at Sandi’s house, Zeke meets movie producer Drake Wilson, who’s scouting locations for an upcoming movie, and sparks fly.

After an impetuous moment of heat, both men are skittish and each have their reasons for pulling back. But Cupid has other ideas in mind. When a rouse brings the two men together, passion roars between them but damning secrets are too much for either to deal with. Just as Zeke is determined to give up on love forever, Cupid intervenes again and this time, the arrow goes straight through Zeke’s heart.


His hand shaking Drake brushed it through his hair and swallowed hard before speaking. “No. I should be the one apologizing. I didn’t mean to pry. You must be so angry with me after I…well after I touched her that way.”

Somehow the words surprised him. “Angry? Not at all. In truth she’s been moping since he died. I guess we both have. Nice to have something to smile about.” And it really was.

“Well, I should go. I have some things to do,” Drake breathed as he set his glass down on the hearth and rose to his feet. Grabbing his coat he could barely look at Zeke.

He had a terrible feeling he’d crossed the line. What an idiot you are telling him all your woes. “Anything I can help you with as far as the ranch?”

“No. The production assistant will be in touch with you in the next couple of weeks. I’m going back to LA day after tomorrow and then I’ll come out at some point with the crew. It’ll be in about forty-five days or so we’ll do some preliminary shoots. I might get to come back earlier but it just all depends on the financing deal.”

Zeke nodded. “Good enough.“ Nope. He’d just blown the entire thing with the man. Goddamn he was an idiot. He opened the door and dropped his head. “Thanks for coming out.”

Drake headed out the door and then stopped. Turning slowly he locked eyes with Zeke. “I know you’ve been through a lot. I don’t to sound callous or cold but if you’re willing I’d like to explore something with you. Maybe. If you’re willing to um…” He tipped his head back and laughed. “I sound pathetic, don’t I? I’m not very good with this. I haven’t really been out so to speak but for so long. I really think you’re an incredible guy and one I’d love to get to know better. Granted I’ll be away for a few weeks but maybe when I get back we can have dinner.” Looking away a nervous tick flicked across the corner of his mouth. When he spoke again his words were barely audible. “I also happen to think you’re damn sexy as hell.” Slapping his hand over his mouth he looked horrified.

Seeing Drake’s shocked reactions made Zeke not only smile but horny as hell. As his cock twitched, pressing tight against his jeans he resisted adjusting his bulge. “I think that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard in a while. I’d love to.” Hmmm…the thought the man had just come out with his sexuality was interesting. He’d always known he was gay and never questioned the thought and it never bothered him. He could easily tell Drake wasn’t sure what to do or what was expected of him and the mere sexy little thought was more beguiling than anything else.

Drake hesitated before easing forward. “I…good. I’ll call you at least. We can talk and just maybe…talk.” Awkwardness written all over his face he smiled and lowered his head.

A series of thoughts and sensations thrashed through his body and while his legs trembled he was left breathless because of the man. Losing all self-control he moved forward. “Drake.” Closing the distance he cupped Drake’s chin and lifted it as he leaned in. Capturing Drake’s mouth he whisked his tongue across Drake’s lips before pushing his tongue inside Drake’s mouth.

Drake moaned and closed his eyes, his entire body shaking as he gripped Zeke’s arms.

Zeke wrapped his arm around Drake’s waist pulling him tightly against the heat of his body. His heart thumping he could easily tell Drake was turned on and as he ground his hips against Drake’s the friction forced him to growl into the kiss. As the moment of passion roared he sensed Drake relaxing.

Drake slid one hand around Zeke’s waist, allowing his fingers to dance back and forth across his back. Their tongues entwining the kiss became a manic roar of hunger.

Every part of his body on fire and very much alive for the first time in so long he longed to encourage Drake to stay and to make love with him but he was unsure of what to do. Finding the courage to break the kiss he sighed. “You taste so damn good.” His voice barely a whisper he licked his lips and allowed the sweet scent of the man to fill his nostrils.

His face flushed, Drake panted as his eyes darted back and forth across Zeke’s. “I…I…” Palming Zeke’s chest, he fingered the thick shirt as he struggled to find something to say.

“You don’t have to say anything.” Tracing the seam of Drake’s mouth with his index finger he knew it was time to stop. “We’ll have plenty of time for this later. No rush. We’ll get to know each other.” God he longed and hoped to get to know the gorgeous man. Why was he burning all over with need? “If you want to I mean.”

Nodding slowly Drake said nothing but his look and his throbbing cock said enough.

There was something about the way Drake gazed at him that gave him courage and fueled his almost savage needs. Gently easing Drake back inside he closed the door and backed him against it. “I don’t know what’s happening here.”

“Neither do I but I’m so damn attracted to you. I…I’m not used to this, I’m not good at this.”

Biting his lower lip Zeke’s legs trembled. “What do you want?”

Several seconds ticked by.

“Drake.” Please God don’t let me lose him here.

“Oh…shit…” Tossing his head back Drake closed his eyes and jerked his coat off, pitching it to the floor. “I want…”

“Tell me,” Zeke encouraged as he leaned forward and licked around the seam of Drake’s mouth. Cupping his chest, he fingered Drake’s nipple through the fabric until the bud became rock hard before slipping his hand down to caress the bulge growing between Drake’s legs.

Drake sucked in his breath as his eyes fluttered open. Panting, he used the flat of his hand to brush down Zeke’s chest to his waist, his fingers dipping below the waistline. “I want…”

Tell me.” His voice more insistent, he kneaded Drake’s cock, stroking up and down until they were both breathless.

Drake fumbled with the button on Zeke’s jeans, his fingers shaking as he tried to unfasten. “I want to taste you.” He laughed nervously as if admitting it was difficult and gave Zeke a slanted stare. “All of you.”

It had been a long time since he’d had his cock sucked and there was nothing more that Zeke would love that to have the man’s mouth wrapped around his shaft. Shivering, he licked from the underside of Drake’s chin up to trace a circle around his mouth before crushing the man’s mouth as he pulled Drake against his chest. He continued rubbing Drake’s throbbing erection until he every nerve in his body stood on end. This was out of control and for some reason he didn’t want it to stop. Breaking the kiss he pushed Drake to his knees, his grip tight on the man’s shoulders. “Suck me then.”

Easing out Zeke’s cock his opened his eyes wide. “Shit.” As he kept his gaze locked on Zeke, Drake managed to maneuver the tight material down from Zeke’s hips, exposing his thick shaft. Inhaling deeply he sighed and took Zeke’s cock into his hands, kneading and caressing. Very slowly he darted his tongue out and dragged the tip across the sensitive slit.

“Dear God!” Zeke’s legs continued to tremble from anxiety and an almost desperate level of desire that threatened to consume him. Wrapping his fingers in Drake’s curls, the silky feel of his hair sent another series of electric pulses into his system.


It wasn’t that Skyler Scanlon hated her life as an attorney, she simply preferred being an erotic romance author. When her publisher not only offered her a series contract but invited her to the hottest conference located in Key West for Valentine’s Day, she decided Karma was kicking her recently divorced ass into gear. When she met the rough-hewn cover model, Dakotah Black, she was in awe. While he was immediately drawn to her, Skyler was concerned he was fifteen years her junior. But somehow he’d found out every one of her kinky desires including the need to be owned by a Master and the sparks flew. When she resisted his advances, Dakotah made sure she was the winner of one very hot contest.

Unfortunately secrets and lies haunted them and an individual intent on destroying both Skyler and Dakotah knew every wretched detail of their dark pasts. As the two lovers entered into a kinky relationship exploring every avenue of BDSM, a blackmailer emerged issuing threats and ultimatums. When the press found out the sordid details of their locked away lives, every aspect of their future was on the line. As Dakotah used every available resource to hunt down the person responsible including calling in favors that would cost him, the tables turned and suddenly neither he nor Skyler could trust anyone. As every aspect of their past slammed into the present, there was no doubt someone wouldn’t survive. Racing against time and their own private ghosts, two questions remained. Who was behind the ugly scheme and which one of them was going to die?

I hope you enjoyed my thought about the romantic moment…

Kisses   xxx



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  1. Drake and Zeke work together in this scene. I just had sex this morning and now you have driven me to do it again with this story.


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