Flaws, Lies & Deception…In Our Characters of Course

All the perfect attributes for a gritty book. Don’t you think? Why all three? Because they tend to lead to a story line a bit different than all the others. I don’t know about you but sometimes I get tired of the same formula. I’ve said it before and I know most readers do like a Happy Ever After ending but sometimes story lines want to leave you hanging – like the bad guy who just might not be dead. Don’t you go NO – when that happens and then you crave more. Don’t you say – whew I loved reading that book but I wish…

It’s funny for me that one of the reasons I like the whole Trueblood series is that the characters are all flawed – every single one of them and the story line (at least in the HBO productions) leaves you hanging. That’s what makes for such a wonderful aspect of the show. You never know what the odd humans and creatures are going to do in any given period of time. So you pine away for the next show or the next season. I’ve heard people talking constantly about the start date of the next season for Trueblood on everything from Twitter to Facebook. Is it really simple the gorgeous Norwegian hunk fills our every bad girl fantasy at night? Well, he is hot but he’s flawed just like every one of the folks living in that strange town. So we tune in to see who’s going to get murdered or bitten every week with baited breath.

All kidding aside – that’s why I like to write about characters who are very flawed. I don’t think any men (or women for that matter) fall in to the perfect category. I certainly know I’m not a Barbie doll and every man isn’t a hunk and a half either. BUT – it’s the subtle differences and the wayward attitudes that draw us in like a spider to a fly — at least in my opinion. When we see character actors on television like Rutger Hauer– who is perhaps one of my sexiest men in the movies and do you know why? Because he’s dangerous and cocky and self-assured and a bit weird. That makes him also memorable. You can probably remember the scene in Blade Runner with him as the conniving nut case or perhaps the one with the two semi-trucks and the girl tied between then and then he had the drivers pull back and… BOY – I still have nightmares about that one. But I remember him…

I post a lot of sexy men on my blogs and of course I enjoy eye candy like the rest of the women in the world but I comment all the time – and I’m having a conversation right now with a good guy friend – that I like men of all flavors, shapes and sizes. I do. BUT – in order for me to be drawn to a man he has to have an edge and I don’t just mean the dangerous side. He has to be a touch vulnerable and playful, genuine and sassy, has attitude and brawn – but in his own way and not because society tells him he has to be a certain way. That’s simply boring.

Is it any different in real life than in reading? Can you honestly see a world full of six foot four inch golden haired Gods and nothing else? You know the types – perfect hair, chiseled body with six pack abs and long legs to wrap around you at night. I know what your immediate reaction is, ladies – um YES, YES, YES. But truly ask yourself – wouldn’t the same flavor of ice cream get boring after a while? Don’t you want to add in some nuts or perhaps sprinkles to kick up the heat a little? I know I do.

When our characters have to live through a tragedy in order to get to a triumph or take care of a family member against all odds – that’s simply sexy as hell to me. Sometimes I think that blows away the dangerous guy I hunger for in my dreams. Then again, we all hide behind a mask including men who want to be everything for us as women. You know – the knight in shining armor we all talk about and wish for including the huge white steed? They do exist but perhaps in a location you’re not used to going to.

What does all of this mean for me as a writer and you as a reader? Expect the unexpected. I don’t mind giving you a touch of the happy ever after as long as you realize there are very few lives that can live up to that. Yes, do we want to move out of our regular lives into a moment of fantasy so we don’t have to think about washing the dishes or doing laundry or the cable bill we can’t pay? You bet. I’m no different. From harsh economic times to family situations, we all want to get away from our real worlds and fall into something spectacular. I hope to always bring you that but with a touch of something different too.

So why did I title this Flaws, Lies & Deception? Because we all have flaws – every once of us. We all tell little white lies – especially about ourselves to the person we’re involved in and we are all hiding from something. There’s no difference in our characters. The multi-dimensional ones with several layers are truly more fun to play with – aren’t they?

Kisses   xxx



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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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