His Wrath…

I just talked about flawed characters in my books in my blogs yesterday and in an upcoming release for Rebel Ink Press – His Wrath – it’s all about flaws and stereotypes of men. Sadly they are all around us. This one is about how difficult it can be to get past them and for two men who are trying to simply get by in this world and learn to love – it’s really tough. Let’s take a long taste and see what you think…



Life meant nothing for composer Parker Skye. With his life partner taken by a brain tumor, Parker could barely get through the day. Hiding inside his mansion, he worked on his music and avoided the world. Unable to put the past behind him, a new relationship was not in the cards and yet his dark hungers for sharing a D/s lifestyle remained, burning into his soul. When a fire destroyed his office and threatened his beloved erotic art collection, he enlisted the help of a friend to find a contractor. Jack White knew of the perfect man to bring Parker out of his depression. When Parker set eyes on the chocolate rough-hewn man, he was intrigued.

Clark McGraw, Wrath to those that knew him, was an ex con determined to make something of his contracting business. Railroaded into prison for helping a friend, rage remained buried deep inside Wrath along with a damning secret that threatened his sanity. Refusing to take handouts, when his parole officer asked for a favor, Wrath resisted but the moment he met the sun kissed man, sparks flew. As a series of events pushed Wrath beyond his limits of control, his confusion and hunger for Parker grew. Both haunted and damaged, their respective pasts came crashing in. Which meant unfortunately, a difficult choice had to be made.

EXCERPT – unedited

Parker stood shaking his head as the adjuster walked around the shell of an office taking copious notes.

“And you’re sure it was started by the fax machine?” The woman asked as she lifted her glasses, her harsh gaze locked onto the melted plastic.

“Well, only as sure as what the fire department was, Ms. Martin.”

“Well, sometimes they can be wrong. Are they doing a follow up investigation?” Ms. Martin eyed Parker.

Frowning, he tamped back an ugly rebuttal as he heard the sound of a truck rumbling up his driveway. “They didn’t seem to think there was any need. I’m getting the report tomorrow.”

“Make sure and send it to me. I’ll just take a few pictures.”

     You just do that. “Sure. Seems I have company.” As Parker moved out to the lawn, he couldn’t tell who was behind the wheel of the supped up Black Dodge Ram but he suspected it was Wrath McGraw. At least something was going according to plan today.

As the door opened and the man climbed out, Parker glanced down at the steel tipped cowboy boots first and blazed a long, hot trail up the length of his body as his mouth dropped open. Sucking in his breath, he realized his cock was throbbing against the tight confines of his jeans. Jack wasn’t kidding that the man was huge. Standing at least six and a half feet, his long midnight hair fell to the middle of his back. Wearing dark shades, a pair of tight black jeans and a raven colored tee shirt that showed the exact reason God created a hot man in the first place, the chocolate covered hunk wore dark and dangerous like a badge of honor. Parker wanted nothing more than to drop to his knees and suck his thick black cock.

“Whew.” Said under his breath, Parker’s pulse rocketed into over drive as the man walked over, his strides long and powerful. Swallowing hard, he realized his foot was tapping involuntarily against the driveway pavement. Never had he reacted to a man this way. With Joey it had been instant attraction but Parker had always wanted sweet control With this man, anything might be possible and on the menu. A fleeting vision of Wrath’s naked body forced a trickle of sweat down the back of his neck.

“Parker Skye?” Holding out his hand, the man took off his sunglasses and gazed down into Parker’s eyes.

Wiping the sweat from his palm on his jeans, Parker held out his hand and nodded. “You must be Wrath McGraw.”

Nodding, Wrath’s eyes glimmered. “Jack must’ve told you to expect me.”

“In a manner of speaking. Thank you for coming on such short notice.”

“I owe Jack a lot. He said you had a fire.” Cocking his head, Wrath stole a glance down Parker’s form before looking toward the house.

Catching the look, Parker fought a grin as he guided them toward the corner of the house. “Yeah. Damn fax machine.”

“Happens more often than you think.”

The sound of Wrath’s husky voice alone sent a series of shivers dancing down Parker’s spine. As he moved to the back corner, he exhaled slowly and fought laughter the bubbled to the surface. It had to be the intense masturbation session that had him hot and horny. Either that or the thought of fucking a mysterious and very sensual stranger was a fantasy in making. “Tell that to my insurance adjuster.”

Wrath chuckled. “I’d be happy to. While I’m here, I’ll work up an estimate and try and work with the insurance numbers.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Parker caught his look of surprise. “Not that I’m not going to take the insurance check, it’s just that I’ve wanted to redo the cramped space anyway. Perhaps we can talk about a new design. I mean…I mean if you don’t have too many engagements over the next couple of months.” Why the hell was he so nervous around the guy? It had nothing to do with the fact he was an ex con. In truth, Parker was so turned on that he could barely focus.

“No, I can’t say I have a lot going on. I’d be happy to try and help you.” An edge remained in Wrath’s voice as he scrutinized the gaping holes and scarred wood.

Parker noticed that Wrath had a difficult time looking at him. “I’ll leave you and finish with the adjuster from State Farm but I’ll be in the house so please make yourself at home and we’ll talk when you’re done securing everything.”

“Good enough.”

Turning to go into the house, Parker inched back and smiled, trying to make Wrath feel more comfortable. “And I’ll pay you for today’s job of course when you’re done.” He thought he caught a slight smile crossing Wrath’s face.

“That would be wonderful. I’ll get to work.”

Parker licked his lips as he walked back inside. There was something about Wrath McGraw that was appealing and it didn’t entirely have to do with the fact he wanted to take the man to bed. Chuckling, he rubbed his hand across his mouth and stole a quick glance out the window. There was no doubt he wanted the chocolate stick like no other man. Sadly as he watched the rough-hewn hunk maneuver the large pieces of plywood off the back of his truck, he wasn’t sure he could go through with seeing if he was right about Wrath’s hungers. It had been a damn long time.


Wrath finished a little over two hours later. While sealing up the holes was crude at best, it would allow the guy a little peace for the night. Tired, he put his tools away before heading toward the house as the sun began setting behind the bank of trees. Glancing across the house, he could tell the guy had money. The Mediterranean style home was beautiful in design and detail with a front fountain and trees surrounding the secluded area. Parker’s closest neighbor was at least a half-mile away. The setting was indeed beautiful and somehow suited the engaging blond.

There was something about Parker that intrigued him. While he had never really been into white men, his dick throbbed every time he thought about his runner’s body and sparkling green eyes. Growling, he pushed thoughts of tasting the man out of his mind. The work would be time consuming and if Parker really wanted something different, then perhaps he had no worries over the next couple of months. The fire had done some damage but from what he could tell, gutting and starting over would be easy enough. He’d need an electrician but everything else Wrath could handle.

Wrath walked toward the house, his apprehension growing. He’d never felt comfortable around wealthy people. Perhaps it was because of his frugal upbringing. At least Parker seemed down to earth. Rapping on the front door, he had no response. As he opened the door he listened for any sound of him. Hearing none, he walked further into the house. Instantly he admired the layout. Rich in color and plush in design it was certainly a home decorated by a man that had a penchant for detail. “Impressive.” The extensive art collection flanking the majority of the walls caught his attention.

Gliding toward the back wall in the living room, he looked from piece to piece as a level of understanding crossed his mind. The collection of erotic art was masked quite expertly by creative details yet his keen eye and love for the genre captured the dark meanings easily. Licking his lips, he studied piece after scintillating piece depicting various stages of bondage. Whoever the artist was that created the stunning creations was inventive and had a bent for highly kinky. There was more to Parker Skye that his timid demeanor. Who are you and how much of the lifestyle do you crave?

As he glided into the kitchen, he had to shake his head. There was more money in the granite countertops and stainless appliances than his entire tiny house was worth. Yet it was stark with little love. As he gazed across the clean and organized space, a sense of loneliness crept into his mind. This was a kitchen only used for essentials. Hearing a vibe of music, he tipped his head and gazed out the bank of floor to ceiling windows that flanked the breakfast area. The glistening pool grabbed his attention first, the man holding his head in his hands second. Sucking in his breath, he strode to the set of French door and walked outside.

Sounds of Bon Jovi floated from unseen speakers. From where he stood, Wrath could easily tell that Parker was upset. Mourning a loss was a bitch. He hadn’t had a lover in over three years and the man that had been in his bed and his life had left him for another. Chuckling, Wrath bit his tongue remembering finding Randy in bed with their next door neighbor and the neighbor’s son. It had been a sickening eye opener and even given his prison term, finding another lover wasn’t tops on his list of needs. Clucking his jaw, he could see perhaps dating… What the hell are you thinking? His body shaking, the combination of ugly memories forced him to exhale. Shrugging off the feelings of shame, he moved closer, accidentally kicking a metal table leg. As it scrapped across the concrete deck, the sharp sound pulsed into the air.

Parker snapped his head up and turned to stare at Wrath. Rising to his feet, he smiled as he walked toward him.

Yet Wrath could easily tell he’d been crying. Folding his arms, he stood quietly allowing the man to collect himself.


“It’s not pretty but it’ll do until we can get started.”

“Thanks. I’ll get you a check,” Parker moved toward the house, his voice strained.

“Would you like to go some design thoughts?”

Parker stopped short as his shoulders sagged. Turning slowly, he lifted his head to gaze into Wrath’s eyes. “It’s late and my manners suck. How about a drink and we can talk for a short time and then maybe that’ll give you some ideas to go on.”

Wrath nodded. There was something so sad about Parker Skye and for some reason he wanted to get to know the man. “I’d like that.”

I hope you enjoyed…

Kisses   xxx


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