My Guest – Ciara Ryan

I have a new writer with me today and she writes some pretty steamy things so please give her a warm welcome!

Hey everyone. I’m Ciara Ryan, and I love wine, jacuzzi baths and everything David Duchovny (or Mr. Duchovny, which he makes me call him every night in my dreams.) My boyfriend showed me an episode of The Red Shoe Diaries when I was 16 and it triggered something in my brain. Ever since that day, I’ve had these naughty stories running through my mind and I need to get them out or they drive me crazy. Here’s one of my personal favorites. Enjoy.


 Sex With Teachers: Kindergarten

When Jim didn’t ask me to sit with him, I took a seat directly across from him. I waited till I thought he was watching and seductively seated myself. I slid into the chair slowly, lowering my ass down onto it as if it were Jim’s pole, even stopping twice to make it look like I was riding a cock. If it didn’t get his attention, I’m sure it sent a couple of the father’s home with hard-ons; something that gets me hot when I think about it today.

Every library I’d ever been in was always cold and despite the fact that it was almost subzero conditions there that night, I still took my black cardigan off to reveal the shoulder baring, white tank-top I had on underneath it. This was the move that finally got Jim’s attention. The air was so cold that my nipples were rock hard under the silky fabric of my bra. I talked to the woman beside me, letting my long blonde hair down when I saw Jim watching me out of the corner of my eye. It was so fucking hot knowing that Jim was watching me from across the room. I bundled up my hair and put it back up while he watched, pushing my chest out while I did it.

I looked in Jim’s direction. I caught him staring at me and he offered a smile that he’d never given me before. I was hot and he was just realizing it. I tried my best to ignore his gaze during the reading, but feeling his eyes burning a hole in me was making me weak. I closed my eyes and pictured his big dick growing larger in his pants. Our eyes met again and this time I offered him a shy smile, followed by a giggle. Jim smiled, but his eyes were smoldering, like he was trying to burn the tight tank-top right off of me. I closed my eyes again and imagined all of the dirty thoughts he must have been having about this sexy librarian that he had up until now been unaware of. I’m not conceited, but I looked fucking hot that night.

I was ready to jump out of my skin, I wanted him so bad. I fidgeted in my chair, crossing and uncrossing my legs numerous times, each time opening them wider to give my intended a better look at my freshly, shaven pussy. I caught one of the fathers looking when I uncrossed my legs and Jim saw him too. I gave the father a little wink and fucked him with my eyes while I uncrossed my legs again. I had no interest in the man, but I hoped it would make Jim jealous. I tried this trick with one of the other fathers that had been watching me, but his wife caught wind of my actions and gave me a hateful look.

The end of the reading was close and Jim’s eyes were shining with an intensity that I’d never seen before. I hoped that this look was his way of telling me that he had every intention of fucking my brains out once everyone was gone. I reached down and rubbed a smooth leg to let him know that I was more than willing to give him what he lusted after.

The reading finally ended but people milled around, drinking free refreshments and talking to the author. Jim found his way to my side a few times but each time one of us was pulled away by someone that needed our attention. After a half hour of schmoozing with guests, I was ready to pull the fire alarm myself. My pussy was dripping with anticipation and my tits ached for Jim’s touch. I would have let him fuck me right there on floor in front of everyone, I wanted to feel his meaty hammer inside me so badly.

Half an hour later, the crowd had dwindled down to a dozen or so. The author was enjoying the attention her work clearly never got and she wanted to keep it going.

“Meet me in the boy’s washroom,” Jim whispered in my ear during a brief moment when both of us weren’t pre-occupied.

I watched him walk to the door. He stopped and turned so I could see the tent he’d pitched in his pants. His pole looked huge from where I was standing and the urge to wrap my lips around it was agonizing.

I waited as long as I could, which was about a minute before heading for the boy’s bathroom.

“Great job tonight, Holly,” the principal said, stopping me in my tracks as I reached for the doorknob.

I got dragged into a conversation with my boss and one of his daughters and Jim came back into the library five minutes later, looking like he was about to kill someone.

“I’m sorry,” I told Jim when he joined our conversation; and when the principal asked what I was sorry for, Jim and I both ignored him.

We could have gone together back to Jim’s place or mine, but the principal invited us for drinks after and we sort of had to go. We rode in separate cars and were seated across from each other when we arrived at the bar. This might have been for the best, because I would have jerked Jim off right there at the table had we been seated beside each other. The tension between us was soupy thick. Although we barely talked for the rest of the night, Jim played footsy with me under the table, while my pussy dripped. I waited for him to make the boys washroom offer again, but it never happened.

The principal and his daughter both got so drunk that I was forced to drive her home, while Jim chauffeured our boss safely home for the night. My boss’s daughter was close to my age, but I did a miserable job listening to her talk in the car on the way to drop her off. My pussy was screaming out for Jim’s tool and now that we’d gone our separate ways, I knew that it was not going to happen that night.

The reading had taken place on a Friday night, which left me the entirety of the weekend to think about the sex that hadn’t happened. Jim and I didn’t know each other outside of school and no matter how hard I tried to find a number where I could reach him, I was unable to.

I went to work bright and early Monday, hoping to rendezvous with Jim for a quickie before class started. I didn’t know about him but I had put off masturbating all weekend long despite how Herculean a task it may have been, hoping that the next time I came, it would be while riding his joystick.

Monday was torturous. Every time the library door opened I was sure it was Jim, but each time I was disappointed. I wanted to go to his classroom and see him but couldn’t think up a plausible enough excuse to do so, which was crazy considering that I’d flashed my pussy to him and any number of guys only three days earlier I’d wanted to fuck him so bad.

It was just after lunch that I decided enough was enough. I was worried that I might not be able to control myself once I saw him, but I needed to talk about Friday. Just as I got up from my chair, a girl about eight years old came in and told me that Mr. Monroe had sent her here to tell me to come see him immediately. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough and I think I may have inadvertently knocked the little girl over on my way out the door. I practically ran down the hall towards the kindergarten section. I gave a zealous knock when I arrived at Jim’s door. He greeted me a second later.

“You wanted me, Mr. Monroe?” I cooed when he opened the door.

It was naptime and the children were spread out on blankets on the floor.

“Keep an eye on the children,” Jim told the grade eight girl who was working as his teachers assistant. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

My nipples popped when he took my hand and closed the classroom door. I fell in behind him as we silently headed for the boys washroom. My heels clicked and clacked as he dragged me down the hall. Jim slammed a palm into the door and it swung in and smacked against the wall. He pulled me in roughly and our mouths were together before I knew it. He forced me up against the wall, pinning me in place with his body while a hungry hand groped at my breasts. I turned my head to the side and let him kiss my neck. The washroom in this part of the school was only used by the kindergarten classes, so I knew we had lots of time and privacy. Jim knew this also, but his left hand grabbed my right wrist and he placed my hand on his throbbing hard-on. We kissed aggressively while I rubbed his tool through his pants. Jim was big like I’d imagined and before too long, I had all of his size pulled out his open zipper.

I stroked his thick meat with a strong hand. He was impossibly hard and I felt the head of his cock leak a drop of pre-cum. The air was electric around us and the room felt like an oven. I undid my blouse with my free hand and Jim liberated my round tits from my bra. His tongue found my perky nipples, licking softly at first and then sucking hard when I began stroking his tool faster. I heard the faint click-clack of heels in the hallway, but was too lost in Jim’s grasp to pay it any mind.

We kissed for an eternity. His lips were soft and firm at the same time and his dick felt as if it had been made with my hand in mind. I pushed him away unexpectedly for a reason I can’t recall and saw his swollen erection standing at attention. Our eyes met again, but neither of us made a move. I wanted to crawl over to him on my knees and taste his big dick, but I was frozen in place.

“Take your skirt off,” Jim ordered.

“Yes, Mr. Monroe,” I said, and did as I was told.


I hope you guys enjoyed!  What a hot ride…

Kisses   xx


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