Like a gaggle of hunky men. Have any of you ever been to a sexy conference and whether it’s about food or plumbing supplies or something else they’re a lot of fun. You’re allowed to mingle and gather information. Generally there’s food and drink and usually folks group together to go out and party. It’s also fun because a lot of the time you’re in a city perhaps you’ve never been to before. Well, I’ve been lucky enough in my career not only to attend several (and yes I partied like a wild woman) but I’ve also put several conferences on for several thousand attendees and have all the trials and tribulations around it.

When I was deciding a little over a year ago to think about penning a Valentine’s Day piece I wanted to combine a few things – a sexy conference, a hot erotic writer, men eye candy and a romantic city. One of my favorite places in the world is Key West. It’s fun and sexy and the bars are the best in the world. You can walk Duval Street and see and experience anything and everything your heart desires. It’s a mecca for straight and gay bars and the eye candy is to die for.

I was lucky enough to get to go – all expenses paid – with a girlfriend of mine several years ago and let’s just say we got into so wicked trouble. So… can you imagine a better place to have an erotic writer’s conference? Hmmm…   I also have an affinity for men of different ethnic background and cultures and since I’m American Indian (no cracks about the blond hair) I love their eyes and high cheekbones and well everything in between. For a writer there are cover models sometimes and we are lucky enough to have one in particular grace one or more of our covers.

At these sexy conferences they tend to have the models float around the conference teasing and tempting all who would partake. It’s just another way to draw in the readers and give the writers a chance to meet and play with… Had to give you a sexy thought. Treacherous Hunger started out as nothing more than a sexy piece about a conference and it turned into a woman leaving a terrible marriage and starting a new career as a writers – too bad her past is coming back to haunt her.

There are those who are out to destroy her reputation and kill her. It’s coming out starting tomorrow so please enjoy a PG taste of Treacherous Hunger…


It wasn’t that Skyler Scanlon hated her life as an attorney, she simply preferred being an erotic romance author. When her publisher not only offered her a series contract but invited her to the hottest conference located in Key West for Valentine’s Day, she decided Karma was kicking her recently divorced ass into gear. When she met the rough-hewn cover model, Dakotah Black, she was in awe. While he was immediately drawn to her, Skyler was concerned he was fifteen years her junior. But somehow he’d found out every one of her kinky desires including the need to be owned by a Master and the sparks flew. When she resisted his advances, Dakotah made sure she was the winner of one very hot contest.

Unfortunately secrets and lies haunted them and an individual intent on destroying both Skyler and Dakotah knew every wretched detail of their dark pasts. As the two lovers entered into a kinky relationship exploring every avenue of BDSM, a blackmailer emerged issuing threats and ultimatums. When the press found out the sordid details of their locked away lives, every aspect of their future was on the line. As Dakotah used every available resource to hunt down the person responsible including calling in favors that would cost him, the tables turned and suddenly neither he nor Skyler could trust anyone. As every aspect of their past slammed into the present, there was no doubt someone wouldn’t survive. Racing against time and their own private ghosts, two questions remained. Who was behind the ugly scheme and which one of them was going to die?


Sweet Jesus! Are those some of the finest looking pieces of meat you’ve ever seen?” The shrill voice cascaded above the din of the crowd.

“Yummy with a capital ‘Y’. I could eat one for breakfast and then another for a mid morning snack. I bet his cock is huge. Look at the way those tight leather pants accentuate his beautiful thing. Turn around baby and let me see those tight buns of yours.” The cackling laughter was rowdy and the whooping and hollering was matched with a keening whistle that cut into the frivolity of the crowded room like a sharp knife.

But there wasn’t a woman that didn’t turn her hungry gaze to the group of men that stood preening, their long hair and chisled bodies forcing the group of women to drool.

“Obnoxious.” Skyler cringed and shook her head but she couldn’t resist glancing at the selection of male cover models that stood greeting and mingling with the rather bawdy group of convention goers. Okay, so the partially dressed men were finger licking good looking. She pursed her lips feeling her pussy quiver and darted her tongue out to trace a line around the edge of her mouth. Suddenly a vision of an icy Popsicle, grape in flavor, flashed across her mind. Every part of her body tingled and there was no doubt she could see one or all of them lying buck naked, rock hard and scorching hot on top of satin sheets.

“Whew.” The sensuous thought brought another tingle deep inside her cunt and she squeezed her thighs together resisting the urge dash off to the bathroom to garner relief. That hadn’t happened in a long enough time and the intense feeling shocked the hell out of her. Skyler placed her outstretched hand over her face, hiding away from the lewd behavior, but couldn’t resist stealing glances between her fingers as the women ogled.

“Come to mama baby boy,” the bawdy woman cooed.

Skyler glared at the woman’s tangerine Mumu and shook her head. “Some people are so crass,” she muttered under her breath and watched the two older women with a mixture of disdain and envy. At least they were having a good time.

“Miss? Uh, Miss, you’re next.”

She heard the sweet, highpitched voice behind her but was still trapped in her naughty vision of being taken hard and wet by two strapping God like creatures. Whew. “What? I’m sorry, did you say something?”

“I said, welcome to the Erotic Hunger Conference. You’re all paid and here are your event tickets, brochures regarding the different writing sessions and there are some really naughty little treats inside the bag for your entertainment pleasure.”

Skyler dragged her attention away from the dazzling men and eyed the perky blond in the too-tight spandex outfit. She wasn’t quite sure that particular color of fuchsia was even allowed out of the bedroom any longer, let alone something appropriate to greet guests at a fairly pricy conference. Entertainment pleasure? “Thank you.” Grabbing the canvas bag, she glanced inside and blinked furiously. Holy mother of crap! Was that a passion purple vibrator and a flogger? She shivered and wondered what might be the parting gifts just as the sounds of the older ladies flitted by her heading in the direction of the stunning selection of ultra-perfect males.

“I hope you’ll enjoy our little event and feel free to visit our vendors inside the party room. You might just find something to help you with your writing.”

Skyler watched the way the young girl scanned the crowd as if hunting prey for a date tonight. Somehow she knew the perky vixen with the sculpted nose might just find what she was so obviously looking for. Rolling her eyes, she finally looked at the girl’s nametag and fought a chuckle the bubbled in her throat. “The party room, Trixie?”

Trixie pursed her ruby stained lips and pulled out a map from a manila folder. “See, that one over there is The Party Room and the main events are going to be held in the Sensuous Suites. Dinner will be served in the Erotic Den ballroom tonight at seven and of course since it is Valentine’s weekend, you can just imagine what is in store for you, wicked, wanton and wild.”

Argh! Valentine’s weekend! “Dare I ask what’s in store?” Or will it burn me alive?

“Why, it’s a costume party, girl. You get to come as any romantic character your little heart desires and in truth, the more shameful the better.” Trixie smiled, showing her to oh-too-white teeth.

“Costume?” Nothing in the brochure had mentioned a costume party and she’d tried to put the fact that it was the most romantic weekend of the year out of her mind. In truth, she hated everything about love and passion and men. Don’t lie girl. Skyler knew the truth was she was just tired of her life. Going through a wretched divorce had a way of butchering your self-esteem, let alone your libido. The gilded personal invitation to attend the conference and all expenses paid seemed exactly like the ticket she needed to get out of her doldrums. As she eyed the myriad of gorgeous and not so gorgeous people, suddenly she wasn’t so sure. God, was she wrong? Then again, was she insane or simply famished for some male attention? Skyler knew the answer.

“Don’t worry! There’s a store set up for all the participants. Just take your red ticket and you’ll have your choice of naughty little costumes but you better hurry because almost everyone has signed in already. I don’t think you want to come as a French maid.”

Why did Skyler get the distinct feeling the words were a nasty cut at her somewhat fuller figure? Voluptuous, Skyler’s best friends kept reminding her. She glanced at the handful of tickets in every color and frowned. “Just out of curiosity, what’s the gold ticket for?”

“Oh, I’m so glad you asked. This is the best ticket in your saucy little hand. With this one you’re allowed to enter the contest.”

“The contest?”

Trixie shook her head aimlessly and continued to watch as studs in various stages of undress floated by. “It’s the best part of the conference. See the little silver box over there?”

The ravishing thought of dragging Trixie’s body hogtied into a large boat, setting sail and leaving her to figure out how to get back to shore was tempting. “Uh-huh.”

“Just put part ‘a’ into the box and tonight at the cocktail party which is at six sharp a name is drawn to have dinner with one of the cover models at an exclusive location somewhere right on the beach of Key West. Isn’t that exciting?” Trixie squealed.

Skyler had to admit the thought sounded particularly delicious. A lascivious little date with a muscular beefcake half her age would be electrifying. Instantly the thought forced a grumble to slide past her lips. Oh sure, like anything would come of a single date. Still, the sinful series of vibrant visions forced her nipples into tight peaks and even the briefest of moves forced a trickle of extra sensitivity causing her breath to skip. “Interesting.”

Interesting? Girl, you don’t know. Just wait until you see the crop of models this year. I tell you what, Sensuous Masters Publishing Company has pulled out all the stops this year and I’ve never seen such spoonable men in my life.”

I hope you enjoyed and next time you think about a conference – will it be a little differently?

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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