Stereotyping and Sexy Hunks…

I’m here celebrating the Valentine’s Day Hop and do you ever stereotype your characters or the men around you? You know what I mean…

We all know how much I love hunky men and for men who also enjoy men they love them too. It’s Wicked Women Wednesday and we’ve been hearing WAY too much crap about same sex pieces being difficult to read. I don’t know what all the fuss is about because as I consistently remind everyone – sex and love is the same no matter what sex you are and who you love. But to each their own I suppose. I simply happen to love men who don’t mind saying what they want and who go for it. Throw in that they’ve had a difficult time in their past or are hiding something dark and even better.

For men who carry a grudge, perhaps against something they were wronged for or are trying to protect someone they love, it can be difficult not to come across as the bad guy. When they’re all brawn and a hulking mass in body as well then they can also come across as dangerous and perhaps unstable. Sometimes these men are gentle as lambs and sometimes their persona is justified. Think about when you read a character from a book you’ve enjoyed and he’s gritty and flawed and you really want to love him but he’s hiding something so dark you can’t peel through the layers.

Those are the kind of men I very much enjoy writing and reading about. I also enjoy taking stereotypes out for a whirl and mixing it up a bit. What happens with ex-cons who really feel they were railroaded into prison for a crime they didn’t commit and when you add in the fact they are a hulking mass with a bad ass persona and they have massive hands – well, they’re considered licensed weapons in front of a judge. How are they going to try and make it in the world after their release and who will allow them into their lives and their homes?

That’s the premise around His Wrath – releasing in a few short days. Wrath is big, gorgeous, a man of color and he happens to be an ex-con. He’s also a kind and loving man who isn’t sure how to prove his innocence. Is anyone going to care about him? Maybe… Let’s take a taste…


“May I join you?”

“Your pool,” Wrath breathed.

Parker nodded and tossed his sunglasses down.

As Wrath watched him dive into the deep end, he slid his hand under the water, stroking his stiff muscle. Damn the man just did it for him. Refusing to give into temptation, he folded his arms back over the edge of the pool and lowered his head, closing his eyes as he heard the sound of splashing water behind him. Why in the hell did the rich composer have a thing for him? His nerves on edge, he heard nothing but the sound of lapping water and sucked in his breath.

“Tell me about your furniture.”

The sound of Parker’s voice drew Wrath out of his moment of peace. “What do you want to know?”

“What do you specialize in?” Climbing out of the water, Parker stood squeezing water from his shoulder length hair.

“I can make anything with wood.” Lifting his head, from where Parker stood, Wrath could just make out the delicate hairs on the man’s thighs.

“Anything?” Parker eased down next to Wrath, kicking his legs into the water. He looked out across the pool and sighed.

“Yeah. I specialize in hand crafted items.” Wrath turned so that his back hit the pool wall. Was this nothing more than a game of cat and mouse?

“Do you take commissions?”

“Depends on what you have in mind.”

“I enjoy crafted pieces,” Parker commented as he slipped into the pool.

“Like your art?” Wrath took a calculated gamble.

“Very much like my art.” Parker fumbled under the water.

Looking away, Wrath sensed movement under the water but refused to give into Parker’s baiting attempt. “What would you like built?”

“A special bench.” Parker tossed his swim trunks toward the lounge chair.

Sucking in his breath, a bead of sweat trickled down the back of his neck. Wrath coughed, trying to hide his building hunger. “Something for your office?”


“Something to hold a piece of art?” Wrath refused to look at him.

Parker chuckled. “In a manner of speaking.” Dunking down into the water, he swam across the width of the pool.

His move forced Wrath to watch every action as his breath became shallow. Seeing Parker’s lithe form gliding through the water and the glimmer of his naked ass sent a shiver down his back and an intense quiver deep in his balls. Groaning, he looked away for fear of ripping into the flesh of the tasty man.

Parker dunked his head under the water before turning and using his powerful leg muscles to kick out from the pool wall. His body jutted forward quickly. Jerking up from the water like a bullet, he threw his head back.

As the glistening sun managed to snap a line down the length of Parker’s body, showcasing his hardened cock, Wrath was mesmerized and desperately famished to taste the man. Licking his lips, he fought his natural urges from worry this was a test.

Once again Parker pulled up from the water and sat on the edge of the pool, spreading his legs. He turned his head slowly to gaze into Wrath’s eyes. “You must know what I am and what I crave in a man?” Leaning over, his voice was filled with a raspy darkness.

As Parker’s hot breath skated across the shimmer of his face, Wrath lifted his head. Their lips barely inches away, he licked around the edge of his mouth and shifted closer to Parker. “Tell me. I want to know.”

As a moment of understanding passed between them, a slight curl appeared in the corner of Parker’s mouth. “I dominate men in such a way that they are left begging for mercy and for more. I crave taking a man to the extremes of pain and pleasure giving him every fantasy he’s yearned for his entire life and something he’s been afraid to admit even to himself. I hunger to have a man share with me my needs in my playroom and in and out of bed. I want there to be such a complete level of trust between us that there’s no bounds of the level of kink we can share as love grows to the point of forever.” Leaning further forward, every action deliberate, Parker brushed his lips across Wrath’s, moving back and forth before darting his tongue out and tracing a circle around the man’s lips.

The scent of tang and peppermint floated across Wrath’s nostrils fueling a level of hunger and need he hadn’t experienced in far too long. Swallowing hard, he lifted his head slightly and captured Parker’s mouth, darting his tongue just inside.

Parker took control, pressing his hand down from Wrath’s brow to the side of his face until he gripped under Wrath’s chin, holding him still as their tongues entwined, tasting the combined sweet essence. Just as the kiss became a passionate roar of need and raging desire, Parker broke the heated moment, pushing Wrath back. “Tell me. Is that something you crave?”

Wrath’s entire body shook not only from the anticipation of being with such a delicious man but also from such a heady experience. Opening and closing his mouth, he allowed his gaze to drift down Parker’s chest to his waist and down to his thick cock.

Using a single finger, Parker lifted Wrath’s chin. “I asked you a question.”

“Yes more than anything.”

Parker pressed the finger back and forth across the seam of Wrath’s mouth before bringing it to his own mouth and licking the tip. “Tell me what you want from a master?”

Hesitating, Wrath wasn’t entirely sure how to answer.

As if sensing his discomfort, Parker nodded. “You can tell me anything. I promise I won’t betray your confidence.”

Swallowing hard, Wrath steeled his nerves. When he began speaking he was surprised at his words. “I want to be trained and disciplined. I want to give him all the pleasure and joy he requires. I long to be taken and disciplined until my Master is happy with my behavior.” The statement was simple enough and there was no hesitation. This is exactly what Wrath wanted in a relationship and why he trusted a near stranger enough to tell him about his late night fantasies was beyond understanding. Blinking furiously, he remained still but his body betrayed him shaking almost uncontrollably.

“Mmmm… Very good.” Parker smiled, the look mischievous, as he opened his legs as wide as his body would allow and tilted his head back. “Come suck me.”

His eyes opening wide, Wrath nodded and moved between Parker’s legs as he kept his heated gaze locked onto the man he hope he would call Master. As he slid his hands up the length of Parker’s thighs, kneading the muscular flesh, his heart beat rapidly, pressing hard into his chest.

Parker entwined his fingers in Wrath’s long locks and leaned down, kissing his lips softly. “You can have all you want.” Giving him a heated look, Parker lay back on the concrete and sighed.

Wrath pressed a finger across the sensitive slit of Parker’s shaft, gliding it back and forth as the thick muscle throbbed. Moving closer, he lowered his head and darted his tongue out, dragging it across the tip before swirling around the blood engorged head.

“Yyyyeeesss…” Parker hissed and lifted his legs, resting his feet on the edge.

Raking his finger down the underside of Parker’s erection, Wrath sighed and licked down until he swirled the tip of his tongue around his swollen balls. As the musky scent of Parker’s sex floated up between them, Wrath sucked first one testicle and then the other as he alternated squeezing and stroking the base of his cock.

Parker moaned and lifted his body, arching his back.

Wrapping his hand around the base of Parker’s shaft, he pumped slowly as he grazed his teeth up the back until he reached the tip. As he eased back, he wet his finger and swirled it around Parker’s cockhead before sliding it down to the crack of his ass, moving up and down. He took the tip into his mouth and sucked as he went down an inch at a time, relishing in the sweet taste of the man. Instantly rewarded with several drops of pre-cum, a single tremor sliced down his back.

Slipping his arms around his legs, Parker lifted them, opening them wider and exposing every part of him for Wrath to take and taste.

Grunting and desperate with thirst, Wrath took him all the way down to the base as he pressed his finger down the crack of Parker’s ass, finding his puckered hole. As he slipped his finger just inside, he heard Parker’s slight whimper. Encouraged, he pressed the tip deeper as he used his strong jaw muscles to suckle around his shaft as it swelled in his mouth.

“So good…that…yes!” Tossing his head back and forth, Parker jerked up the instant Wrath pushed his finger past the tight ring of muscle. “Fuck! That’s it…yes…drive harder.”


Next time you think about stereotypes – why don’t you peel back the layers?


I hope you’ve enjoyed… Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a treat and I’ll have more coming. Join the others on the hop as well!

Kisses   xxx


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  1. Midia says:

    Great excerpt. Very hot. 🙂


  2. Cristina C. says:

    Love the excerpt! Very Steamy.

    menina.iscrazy @


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