A Haunting Journey for Beasts of the Night…

I’m still over celebrating the Valentine Day Blog Hop and what better day than to introduce a hot new creation coming in April? I love were creatures and especially white tigers so I put them together in a menage piece – in which the two men are lovers and share more than one very dark secret. They have to find the one or they will fade…



When Katerina Randolph joined Doctors With Dreams, an organization created to provide inexpensive medical attention to cities in need, she was lured immediately to Lafayette, Louisiana. Gaining acceptance with the people, she loved everything about living in a town laced with the old ways of black magic. She found her dreams filled each night with two luscious and very ghostlike men that sated her every sexual fantasy. And the experience was so real and so breathtaking, Katerina questioned her sanity. Rattled by it all, Katerina buried herself in her work until townspeople began turning up slaughtered by a wild animal.  Those left behind predicted that the creatures of the forest had finally come to take their rightful place amidst the ruins of their village.

The Were-tiger, the oldest and most powerful breed created by the Devil, was nearing the time of the Passing. Feeling betrayed, the devil’s son and Prince of their people cursed two men of his kind into the Fade, an eternity of hell. Their only hope? To find the one woman pre-destined to be their mate and make her Queen of their Pride. Gage Trevillian and Lucan Morgan were the lost & forgotten. More ghost than man or beast, their goal was to find Katerina and forever break the curse. Unfortunately, a pact made with the devil put the entire town at risk. Amidst a volley of secrets and lies involving both the humans and tigers, only a select few would survive.


Lucan Morgan bent slowly and as the breath of her luscious scent filled his nostrils awakening the ugly beast within, he grimaced. As his carnal teeth erupted brutally from the ragged hunger that dragged his soul into the very depths of hell, he shivered. The treacherous need forced a single crimson drop to trickle from the heat of his mouth and down onto the crisp white linen. “Aaarrrgggghhh…” The cry a strangled mixture of longing and need, he eased back and forced the savagery to recede. The violent shaking of the change remained and he closed his eyes wishing for something he would never be again.

“She is?”

“Aye.” Lucan nodded and hissed, the low timbre of his voice dangerously sullen. The visions of the stunning woman were correct.

She whimpered and bit her lip as her fingertips brushed down and across her nipple making it erect and rock hard instantly like a perfectly cut pink diamond, sparkling in the moonlight. Her deft little fingers slid down further past her taunt stomach under the sheet that guarded their view. She moaned as her hand moved up and down, pleasuring herself through the last vestiges of the sultry night. They could smell her luscious scent as her pussy became soaked from her self pleasuring movements.

And Lucan wanted to ravage her entire body in a feast meant for a King.

Or the King’s beast.

     “Mmmm…I grow hungry for her.” Gage flicked his sun kissed hair over his shoulder and turned an icy stare toward Lucan. “Why are we waiting?”

“You have no patience my love.”

Gage Trevillian growled and pressed the back of his shaking hand over his sharp canines. “It’s been far too long.”

Indeed they had waited and hungered and she was their prize.

The slice of moonlight illuminated her sleeping form and both hovered over her, watching. Wanting. She was barely covered by the thin sheet that highlighted her magnificent feminine form as she slept, her breathing relaxed. She was also completely unaware of the haunted presence or the extreme danger she was in. Empowered by the long hibernation and their keening scent, they could sense the burning desire that raced through her body, tormenting her every waking moment. Desperately hungry, both yearned for her tender flesh and her tortured soul. They had searched for her for a very long time, in their minds a lifetime. Finding her, taming her, claiming her as their mate had become the single quest allowed to them. She was well worth the exhausting days, the long horror filled nights. The luscious woman was their only hope. It was a shame they were both very, very dead.

In truth, they were the lost and forgotten.

Lucan gazed down, admiring her lovely features as she murmured, her body bucking slowly, willing the pleasure to continue. He had seen her luscious form and sparkling smile in his dreams for a full year before allowing himself the mere thought of taking her. Finding her had almost finished what Vexar had started. They had watched her for months and he knew she fought being aware of them. He had not been prepared for the battle that had ensued or the loss he felt deeply in his loins. His heart ceased to exist long ago. Somehow he knew better that it was going to be that easy. Glancing at Gage, he understood all the raging emotions that his lover felt. Anxious. Curious. Ravenous.

And Lucan knew exactly what his body craved. There would be no denying what was destined.

“Oh Lucan, she is amazing and so very sensuous. Perfect.”

“Such a shame we can only experience her in a dream state.” His voice filled with contempt, Lucan cursed as he closed his eyes, remembering the days he was a young man, able to love and experience all that life had to offer and he felt the rage building to the point he feared losing all control. God, there were so many lies. Katerina Randolph was the only woman that either were-tiger could be with. She had been destined to belong to the clan since her birth. There were so many reasons why and most he had only learned after reading the sacred scrolls of his people, of his clan. And then the sacred book had been taken from his people. There were times the fade forced the quiet memories of his previous life out of his mind, but he remembered the words he had been required to study when taking on his position. The telling was enough, the signs hinted but to find her was another thing altogether. Their quest had been rivaled and controlled. They were mere puppets to a realm that few understood in the day where their kind was forced into the shadows. She was also going to end their curse and assume her rightful place, only if she agreed.

“That will do you no good. If the passages your spoke of are true. You can’t deny what Katerina is and what she will be. Vexar is truly evil.”

“Vexar could be our King for all eternity. I hesitate to believe in his…generosity.”

“Generosity? Lucan, I understand your concern and the terror that has nearly stolen you away from me but you must push all those thoughts aside. You have given us no choice!”

“I have? What-“

“Yes, you have to try and remember why we must do this. Why we both want to do this. We have to believe. What else is there but death?”

Lucan snarled and clenched his fist. Want? Had the ancients been wrong? Were they simply torturing him as the others in his clan had? He had lost so much in the fight for his people. He certainly didn’t feel like a great protector for he had failed to keep them safe from Vexar. Letting his guard down had allowed the subterfuge. He was truly cursed but not by Vexar. Tasked with finding the book, the search had collided in their previous home but the others were still watching. “Perhaps I cannot deny what she appears to be but seeing her lying here, our supposed salvation does little good if we can’t touch her, if we can’t fully mate with her.”

“You know damn good and well what we must do. I don’t understand your hesitation. Stop this now! Your ferocious behavior will never help what karma has started. Nichoette will eventually sense that you don’t care.” His whisper ragged, he slanted his eyes and glared at Lucan.

“Don’t care?” Gage was right. There was no doubt her sensory perception would pick up their feelings at least eventually. He couldn’t afford to care for her as he did. She could never truly belong to him. “Perhaps.”

Gage arched his spine as the ripple of his muscles raked down the length of his back catching each flicker of his bones. The stance growing feral, he purred and drew closer to her, wanting. Stalking. His look ferocious yet playful as usual, he hovered over the bed, lowering his head to send a cascading shower of breath dancing across Katerina’s skin. “I’ll choose to believe.”

Lucan looked away. What if they were wrong? What if their ancestors had only told a story? What if all the years he was sworn to secrecy was simple blasphemy?

Katerina shivered in her sleep and kicked at the confining sheets, pressing them completely down past the softness of her thighs. A slight whimper escaped her lips as her hand fluttered across her breasts and down to brush across her quivering legs. Goosebumps danced like tiny glistening beads over the heat of her skin as perspiration flecked over her top lip.

Lucan breathed in the scent of her, sultry and filled with a musk of her desire. He watched with his need to feast on her sizzling through his entire body. Gage was the romantic, believing that not only their love would survive their damning state, but also that the woman would restore their very lives, perhaps their souls.

Too bad Lucan knew that there was much more to the curse than finding the woman. The damning knowledge was something he kept from Gage for reasons that chilled him daily.

Gage turned and smiled as the shimmer of his beast visualized, the moonlight casting a long shadow of his true self along the back wall.

Lucan hissed and turned away. Half man and half Were, they both lived in a state of flux, unable to live among the humans. Feared by all that knew of their kind, he and Gage were ostracized and alone. Even their kind had grown terrified of what was happening to members of their clan. The curse was more than anyone could ever imagine. While Vexar was to blame for the creation, the others were strong and had fought bravely. No one knew any longer who was truly to believe. Some said their creator was playing a game as it came close to the time of passing. Yet the clan and the others had been fractionalized and as the time of passing drew close, either both sides would perish or thrive. There was no in between. The weight of his responsibility was killing him.

Gage lowered his head and sliced another long breath across Katerina’s creamy skin. “So beautiful my love and so perfect.” He crawled onto the bed slowly and watched her whimper as she dreamed, as she felt his presence deep in her soul.

Lucan knew what he was thinking easily enough as the lure of her salvation burned deep within the creature that longed to be human again. Gage would be with her first and while he longed to taste her and take her as man and woman, he was forbidden. Lucan feared the blinding rage that had consumed him and he knew in his blackened soul he was lost to the need. He could also harm her easily enough.

“Stop thinking that way. This is what we must do and you know it as well as I do.” He turned his head and nodded, willing Lucan to join him. “Besides, she will feel only the rapture that we give her.”

“Katerina will only remember a fantasy.”

I hope you enjoyed – don’t forget to comment for a chance to win and take a peek at all the others – I just might have another one for you before the day is out!

Kisses   xxx




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  1. Mary Preston says:

    An amazing excerpt thank you. I did indeed enjoy.



  2. Yummm!! I’ll take the pretty kitty home with me.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com


  3. Andrea I says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Great excerpt!



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