Wicked Women Wednesday…Candyman

It’s Wicked Women Wednesday and the lovely and talented Miss BL Morticia has a stunning piece. Let’s take a look…

Greetings fans. My next book with Naughty Nights Press in the Something New on the Menu series is an interracial m/m about a President who falls for one of his subordinates. In the same vein as Rawiya’s Smooth Like Latte, book 3 in the series, where a wealthy man takes a liking to his favorite barista, this story is about something else sweet but not sappy.

In typical BL fashion, some angst, some humor, as well as hot love. Candyman looks at a young man struggling with his orientation and spoiled heir who is brought down to earth when he falls for his less fortunate potential partner. They both have a lot to lose. Elayne who risks his position at the company and Ty who has no family support and has to decide whether to stay celibate or become Elayne’s lover, driving an even bigger wedge between him and his dad.

Here is the blurb. Look for this to come out in June 2012

Elayne Roux is the new owner of the world famous Diamond Candies chocolate factory on the South Side of Chicago. His father, Demi Roux just lost his battle with cancer and has left it in his care despite Demi’s brother’s advice to leave it to him. Elayne has no interest in the company but to fulfill his father’s last wish, he takes on the day to day of it anyway.

His is a spoiled brat, a young man that has lived off his father’s money, and never worked a day in his life and now Elayne’s responsibility is this huge company that he could care less about till he meets one of the more attractive employees, Ty Washington.

Ty is a born and raised Southsider who is working at the company to put him through college. He was recently thrown out but his father because he confessed that he might be gay. This hardens him a bit and he makes the choice to not pursue any gay relationships in hopes he’ll eventually grow out of it and begin to date women. However, when he and Elayne talk, his heart soars and as badly as he tries to fight it, the two connect and eventually they decide to give their relationship a try.

However, the pressure of Elayne being Ty’s boss as well as the pressure from Elayne’s uncle to take over the company might interfere with their quest to become closer? Will the two survive these distractions or succumb to the adversity and break apart? In BL’s own humorous way, she will tell the tale of a man and his subordinate as the overcome the struggles to build a long lasting commitment.

BIO: BL is currently a published writer with Rebel Ink and Naughty Nights Press. Her first two novellas, My Lieutenant and Something Fresh Served Hot are silver stars on All Romance Ebooks. She writes bi weekly for Erotic Diaries with Rawiya and a column twice a month on Blak Rayne Books

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Thank you wicked girl – loved it as always!

Kisses   xxx


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  1. TY for having me as always wicked sis!


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