My Special Guest…Jennifer Gunn

I have a special guest and a great friend…not only is Jennifer a talented writer but she’s also an editor with Naughty Nights Press. Let’s take a look into her world.

Legends is about two research assistants who learn what it’s like to live in the world of mystical, mythical creatures, whether they like it or not! From the museum they work, they are thrown in on their first assignment alone; only to find out they had no clue what it’s really like to have to fight in order to live. Screwing up the courage to defeat the things bumping in the night; no one could tell that these creatures held a potent power or even existed. But Jen and Morgan would finally know the truth.

During their fight with a 600-year old Viking spirit, Jen and Morgan discover – not all things people believe about myths are really myths or intriguing urban legends, guised in the form of hearsay and rumor. While leaving an aging place of employment after a huge blow out with the boss; who still had no real idea, the two women discover yet another object and in succession another mission falls squarely in their laps.

This new mission leads them on yet another step in their journey to find themselves and figure out how to defeat something that isn’t supposed to exist. Once again friendship will be tested and fought for as the world is shed of another Vampire. Jen and Morgan go home with a new friend in tow.

And safe in the knowledge that Pandora, a Vampire ally, has taught Morgan about her witches’ powers and more importantly how to use them. While being instructed in her craft, another object was found that has the ability to kill anyone who isn’t of the succession in the line of blood – who always cared for their own objects. Without the object staying in the family with which it belonged, great damage would be done.

Witches and Free Masons spring on Sioux Falls, South Dakota to battle it out for the powerful object in order to see who will gain control of it. Jen, Morgan, the Free Masons and Pandora set out to fight for the object. Later all Souls involved come together, aware that things are only heating up…


Jennifer Gunn, J. Gunn to the masses; comes from a rural community in Missouri. Her love of the Horror genre is known by her words in her novels and her love of all things scary. She has spent many nights trying to get scared watching that which she loves on screen and nothing of that nature surprises her. She loves what she does. Giving other people nightmares makes her day!

She is the single mom of two kids and she writes because she feels it in her very soul. Take it away and you kill her completely. She has recently dug up a very old book that started the journey as a writer for her many years ago, at the age of 14-15 years old. At that age she was more interested in Romance as her favorite genre for a while, but then she turned back to the genre that suits her. Horror has always been a huge part in her life especially with reading and movies. She also is proud of her published Poetry that is in the anthology she is featured in. She’s also been writing poems for as long as she’s been writing novels, journals, and other misc. ramblings, songs that made no sense to anyone but her, and just draw in the spots where her dreams took her at the time. She loves art, written word, and music…most things created from the soul. She used to draw and sing in the school choir in high school. Anything creative she was trying to do, in hopes of freeing her trapped soul. These days she doesn’t feel trapped but very open to the world and it’s offerings, learning new things almost daily.

It took a while to come to the forefront but Legends is finally there! Coming spring 2012, Legends will be in eBook and print, you consolation for having to wait. Also J. Gunn has been working on publishing other works as well, you may see some other things coming out by her as well in 2012, so keep your eyes open for that.

J. Gunn is now a Copy Editor with a small publishing house, Primary Assistant Editor at Naughty Nights Press and Assistant Agent at Lioness Promoting and Agenting Inc., she is also a reviewer for several people she knows. This year has been filled with a lot of interesting things and opportunities for the ‘little writer that could’ and she’s been having a lot of fun growing her connection with so many new people.

With her busy life that she loves, J. Gunn still is a charitable person as well, helping children is also always at the front of her mind. Anything she can do to help raise awareness or funds to help kids get what they need, she will do.

Something J. Gunn says regularly is that she loves spreading the sunshine and will continue until the end, whenever that is. And she loves her life as a Poet/Author/Promoter/Reviewer/Copy Editor and most of all MOMMY. This year has been filled with so many good things for J. Gunn that she is simply beaming, and that light she wants to share with all of those around her.

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*HERE IS J. GUNN’S FAN PAGE:!/pages/Writer-J-Gunn-is-a-Legend/108136789239734
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Thank you so much for being here!

Kisses   xxx





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