My Special Guest… Sandra Sookoo

I have a wonderful guest today and not only is she an awesome writer but a wonderful lady. Let’s take a moment in her world. 

Thank you for having me on your blog today!  I’m so excited to talk about my latest book A WOLFISH SCANDAL.

One of the things I’m a big fan of doing is blending genres.  I think it gives a story another edge, a little dollop of the mysterious.  That’s what I’ve done in this book.

The story is set in 1863 Civil War-era, and it’s also in Indiana, which is also when Indiana’s only skirmish during the war happened.  As the story opens, my heroine, Lyndal, gets devastating news that she’s dying, so with nothing to lose, she answers a very scandalous personal advertisement in the local paper.  My hero, Grey, is a werewolf who believes he’s got nothing to live for.  His idea to distract the local press blows up in his face when Lyndal hits the scene.

My take on werewolves is probably different than the popular views.  My werewolves don’t live in packs.  Something has usually happened to make them loners.  Sometimes they’ll have family members who also suffer from the affliction, or even friends, but there’s no hierarchy, no over-the-top alpha business.  It’s more a struggle between a man and his beast.  Grey is exactly that, but he’s sexy and annoyingly stubborn at times.  He’ll make your knees weak.

I hope you’ll snag your own copy of A WOLFISH SCANDAL.  You can find it here:

Liquid Silver Books:

Here’s the blurb:

He has nothing to live for.  She has nothing to lose.  Together, they have everything to gain.

Lyndal Carson’s life is at a premium.  Afflicted with a heart ailment wherein she can drop dead at any time, she makes a pact with herself to create one scandal and to really live before she dies.  Tired of being a handmaiden to her family, she writes the letter that will change her destiny.

Grey Rutledge, a werewolf who is hounded by a reporter and haunted by memories, endeavors to provide a diversion large enough that the paper will forget its interest.  He invites twelve women to his estate on the premise of choosing one of them for his mate.  After the loss of his family, the only thing he wants is heirs and a woman by his side.

As the days go on, both Lyndal and Grey find that elusive piece missing from their lives.  When their respective secrets are revealed, they both run the risk of losing everything.  Danger catches them unaware during an innocent afternoon but it’s what is decided as life hangs in the balance that will change their lives forever.


“What the hell were you thinking?” The forceful shout rang through the orchard and displaced a robin. Said bird flew to the next tree with a squawk of outrage.

James Greyson Samuel Rutledge glanced over his shoulder. His cousin, Franklin Garrett, rushed through the apple trees with a newspaper crushed in one fist. Clasping his hands behind his back, he waited until his relative joined him before he quirked an eyebrow. “That depends on what exactly you refer to. I am a man of many interests.”

“You forget trying to be vague and mysterious has absolutely no charm with me. I know all your secrets and have kept more than a few.” Franklin raked a hand through his mop of reddish-blond hair then glared over the tops of his wire-framed spectacles. “I am referring to this nonsense of an advertisement you placed in the Indianapolis Journal.” He shook the paper for emphasis.

“Ah. I thought it turned out rather well for all the complaining the typesetter did.” A grin lifted the corners of his mouth as his cousin’s face reddened. “Calm yourself. It is printed and cannot be withdrawn. The world didn’t end as you probably thought it would. Of course, it’s too early to know if I will receive letters of outrage from the general populace, but even if that eventuality occurs, it will make no difference. The matter stands.”

“Why did you do it?” Franklin unwrinkled the paper. “‘Experience in sensual bedroom arts is preferred but not required. Ladies maids or attendants will not be needed and are definitely not desired.’ What the hell, Grey? Are you trying to tempt scandal and sully your name further, or have you simply lost your mind after all these years?”

“As if I had a chance of escaping scandal. It’s only a matter of time before it catches me here, and it will soon if that damn reporter has his way. At times, I think perhaps that would be best because then everyone can be free of the misery.”

“Spare me your defeatist outlook.”

“I apologize.” He unclasped his hands and walked through the orchard. A tiny bit of relief swept through him when Franklin kept step. He half-suspected this would have been the act that made Franklin abandon him. They’d been born relatives, but friends since the cradle, and though they’d had disagreements in the past, they’d never parted ways.

“The reporter, Mr. Carson, returned? I hadn’t been apprised of this fact.”

“He came snuffling around a week or so ago. Even went so far as to write a short piece in the paper speculating on what could be the source of the missing and killed livestock. He also theorized on what really haunts the night in this area.”

Franklin shook his head. “He’s getting too close. It’s only a matter of time.”

“Perhaps, that is why I invented this lark of a party. Not only will it divert the paper’s attention, but it will also open the property up for prying eyes.”

“God, Grey, that’s a loose plan at best. No mother in her right mind will consent to let her unmarried, unchaperoned daughters come here for a ridiculous house party that rings more of an orgy than a polite society affair.”

Since when have I ever been concerned about polite? My dependence on the whims of society dimmed years ago. “That depends on how worried folks are. This is wartime, you must remember. Mindsets are different. Stakes are raised. Idyllic comforts have been taken away, stripped down until only the raw need remains.” No one was better qualified to make that analysis than he, except what he wanted and needed weren’t necessarily the same. “Desperation will drive the match.”

“Which is exactly what you are if you continue with this plan. And to require the ‘candidates’ list out their physical attributes. Are you insane, because I know you’re not that shallow?”

“I figured if I’ll be condemned for this stunt regardless, I may as well see the best of what Indianapolis and the surrounding areas can offer in the way of the opposite sex.” He lifted an eyebrow. “Not that I wouldn’t consider an everyday female. I suppose it’s really personality and temperament I’m after, but you must admit, a troublesome attitude goes down better if it’s hidden by a pretty face.”

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Thanks so much for dropping by!

Thanks so much for being here, Sandra!

Kisses   xxx


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8 Responses to My Special Guest… Sandra Sookoo

  1. Mary Preston says:

    A WOLFISH SCANDAL looks amazing. I loved the excerpt.



  2. Thanks for having me on your blog today 🙂


  3. I love paranormal stories of any kind and the werewolf is my personal favorite. Lon Chaney set the standard for conflicted werewolves and it sounds as if Mr. James Greyson Samuel Rutledge is following in his footsteps. Sandra, some day you must tell me how you come up with these names. Great except, it sounds like a helluva a book.

    Ms Cass, I love the company you’re keeping.


  4. I STILL need to read this book! 🙂 Congrats on your release Sandra!



  5. Mary Preston is the randomly drawn winner. Please email me your mailing address at sandra (dot) sookoo (at) comcast (dot) net.


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