Interracial Relationships in Books…Still a Topic of Discussion

I’ve been talking to some friends lately about this concept and in truth wondering whether we’re going to continue having issues with this almost like in regard to the PayPal thing. I hear a lot of answers and some from couples who’ve never been involved with an interracial relationship and some who have or are. It’s interesting to see the answers. There’s still some controversy about it. I had a friend tell another friend when she was considering being in a sexy relationship with another race that she’s going to be ridiculed and she should just expect that. Last time I checked the civil ended a long time ago. I never thought about the concept in my writing and in truth if you look at what I write I include almost 75% of the time an interracial one. That’s same sex and opposite sex.

And does that matter in writing romance novels? Well, the truth is I’ve seen some continued concern but for the most part I do believe it’s embraced with all the passion of writing anything else. After all, who cares about the color of our heroes as long as they have some enduring qualities that remind us why we love to read romances in the first place. I’ve been asked on several occasions why I enjoy writing interracial romances and the truth is I think I’m color blind in all aspects of people including relationships. I don’t care if the men I crave are black, white or purple. Sensuality and desire come in many forms and in truth I love black men. I think they are sassy and sexy and…but then again, I have a craving for American Indians and Puerto Ricans too so. Hey – I can’t help myself and it has nothing to do with being an erotic romance author. Is it because of my upbringing and the fact I was taught never to be prejudice?

In truth I think it’s a little bit of both. I enjoy all flavors, sizes and shapes of men. Let’s face it — I simply love men! I also don’t mind sending a message that whether you’re involved with someone from another race or of the same sex, love is love and passion ignites from where your heart takes you. I personally hate discrimination and do everything that I can to educate others in my writing about equality. I’ve been very blessed to have written several interracial romances over the last year or so. Even my very first piece published was about my real life UPS man who happens to be chocolate laced in variety. He’s also simply a wonderful guy and fun to talk to.

I penned a piece that combines three of my enjoyments – interracial, same sex including a polyamory situation and BDSM. What could be better? Throw in aspects of a Knight in Shining armor who has a terrible secret and I’m hooked. What I think endures us probably to the characters in the stories are some flaw they have along with those hidden secrets. We all have lives that hide something or that we’re worried about and sometimes that can be based on certain biases we had to endure during our experiences with love, family, friends and our work relationships. I’ve penned two men getting together, white and black and the black guy has all those stereotypes he is trying to deal with or so he thinks he has to – His Wrath.

One of my most powerful pieces was set in the future about an interracial and multi cultural couple – Punch Back. Since I have a love of m/m as well, I decided to do a limited run of 8 very hot pieces and the very first piece happens to be interracial. In honor of receiving my HOT HOT HOT cover for the first one – which will be released on May 3rd from Rebel Ink Press, I’m giving you the cover and just the synopsis. I love this one to death and while it’s sizzling, there’s a sexy story behind that might just bring you a tear or two. Remember love is love no matter what flavor or size and discrimination simply just isn’t cool. That’s putting it mildly. I fall in love no matter what color – I call it the measure of the man. That’s the entire package including heart, soul, intelligence, wit and kindness. The rest is simply packaging.


For marine Darnell Wright, an R & R was long overdue. Stationed in Afghanistan for almost a year, he was bone tired and hungry – for a taste of sin. A carefully planned trip brought him to the hottest spot on Earth – Key West. Determined to have an uninhibited adventure, he made reservations at the best hotel on the strip and prepared himself for two solid weeks of pleasure. His first stop bound for a taste of the wild side? Watching the sun setting at the Southernmost Point with a cool margarita in his hand. What he didn’t anticipate was seeing a familiar face. Brent Majors was a one-time fling and a long-term friend, lost among a sea of lies. When a chance encounter brought them together, sparks flew, but could they move past their fury? Little did they know one hot summer night would drag them both into ecstasy and perhaps something more…

A Little hot, eh?

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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12 Responses to Interracial Relationships in Books…Still a Topic of Discussion

  1. I love men too Cass! All the muses have done an interracial romance now. Its just hot to see the contrasts in cultures and styles.

    Fab post


  2. Naomi says:

    I’d say more than a little hot. I keep a fan handy when reading your work Cassandre. Excellent post honey. I, like many, was brought up to believe it’s wrong to have an interracial relationship. I felt this of other people when I got a lot of less than complimentary comments about my first interracial story. Yet I have come to believe that living in such a multiracial world as we do, prejudice should be put aside because love between races, no matter what the colour, (in fact colour is irrelevant) should be embraced. Stories of interracial love are hot, hot and I love them. Bring it on!


  3. I agree with every word in the post and the comments *g*. Sizzling sexiness aside, I fervently believe that all differences should be celebrated and welcomed. As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I swear the Vulcan IDIC philosophy should be universal – Infinite Varieties in Infinite Combinations.



  4. I myself mainly write about interracial relationships (mainly with the heroine being black and the man white), I personally enjoy reading all genres of romance but interracial is something that is near and dear to me because I have always been brought up to believe that we are all one in the same despite our different skin colors and cultures. I have never judged anyone whatsoever because of their race or culture and to this day, I treat everybody that I meet as an equal.

    Sure Interracial relationships are still very much ‘taboo’ in some places and cultures in the world even today in 2012. But honestly I enjoy when two people who even though are different as far as their race have that certain chemistry together that makes the entire story itself worth reading.


  5. A great post, and something to consider when reading (or writing) any story. I have a story publish called “Pleasure Doing Business” that involves a white man, a black woman, and a curvy hispanic woman. I chose these characters because of the contrast they provided and, yes, their differences added ‘spice’ to the plot. In the end I hoped that the reader would no longer see my characters in their mind by their race but by their individual traits. Still, I was accused of writing with a prejudicial slant because my black woman character’s name was Reshonda. I think the name may have been typical but certainly not stereotypical.

    I am currently completing a novel where my two main characters (a black man and a white woman) struggle through some stressful and paranorma events and build a loving relationship that evolves to marriage. This is the story of how two characters from my first novel, “Lovestruck Succubus” met. I’ve already gotten some flak from beta readers, but I simply refuse to believe that a relationship such as this should still be considered ‘taboo.’

    I mean, this happens in real life. Why is not as accepted as fiction containing ‘standard’ characters? When are we going to learn to celebrate our differences rather than fear them?

    Again, great post!


    • behalle says:

      I admit I try to be careful with names etc – I write mostly about black men and I don’t put them in certain positions so to speak with names and certain jobs because I don’t want people to think I’m stereotyping but sometimes its more about the story – so I try to be color blind


  6. I was also brought up by my teachers to accept and understand all people despite their differences and cultures. My parents weren’t as open-minded, but my sisters received the same influences as I. I hate racial slurs of all kinds and cringe when I hear people I love speak them. I’m not perfect because I know I have to fight off prejudices which creep inside I face daily.


  7. Sharon says:

    As a writer of interracial erotica, I appreciate this kind of conversation. Interracial dating is still seen as a taboo in some societies, while others see no issue with it. That why I made a decision to make all of my characters of different colors, because I rarely see that in the books I read. I love reading about different people of varying races, and seeing it in person is even better. When I see an interracial couple, I give them a big thumbs up.


  8. This has been a controversial topic for ages, not just black and white, but even in the case of cross nationalities or religions. Gawd, we’ll all human and we all bleed red. I don’t have the resume of the renowned Cassandre Dayne, but I promise that every story I ever have published will have a mixture of races and there will be interracial relationships as well. I have been fortunate to have had favor with women of many races and nationalities. I will not allow society to dictate who I care about, who I love or how I write my stories. Great post.


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