Friday Flash Fiction… She’s Willful…

It’s that time again – time to be flashed! What is it? It’s several hot writers writing a sexy piece of 100 words exactly based on a picture. Up today is a little something the amazing Benjamin Russell and I are working on – a sexy piece about two people coming to terms with their D/s desires. Tentatively title New Beginnings, we’ll see how far we go but this is meant as a teaser…

She’s Willful…

Kat closed her eyes as the sound of Charles’ authoritative voice sent tremors racing down her spine. Swallowing hard, she heard the words and what he was asking but she was far too hungry to wait. As she eased her fingers beneath the thin elastic of her thong, she could almost hear him registering what she was doing.

“You do know what happens to bad girls who don’t obey?” Charles growled.

“Yes, sir.” There was no doubt he was going to spank her severely but she remained willful.

“I’ll be home in twenty minutes and you will be punished.”


What do you think? Just imagine where this goes from here…

Kisses    xxx


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24 Responses to Friday Flash Fiction… She’s Willful…

  1. Great flash. Really love this.


  2. Naomi Shaw says:

    Great Flasher. It’s wicked. She’s wicked. Cassandre you are up to your teasing tricks again. What’s going to happen when he gets home?


  3. Muffy Wilson says:

    Wicked and willful! I am so glad she is! Yummy:) xo


  4. S. J. Maylee says:

    I don’t blame her for going for it!! Would love to hear about how Charles gives a severe spanking!! HOT!!


  5. Bonni Sansom says:

    Loved It!!! And really, who doesn’t love a good spanking every once in a while? Sometimes you just have to be bad.


  6. ER Pierce says:

    She’s all “duh” I want to be punished. Excellent Flash Cass.


  7. kendeldavi says:

    What a wonderful wicked and delectable flash, Cass!


  8. Clearly Ms. Kat see this as a win-win scenario, for her this is a have your cake and eat it too opportunity. She’s going to do what she wants to and enjoy it – she’ll probably lick her fingers afterwards. Plus she gets the added bonus of a punishment from Charles when he gets home. Hmm, if I was Charles – I’d make sure her ass was tanned a blushing red and then I’d mount her deep and hard while her ass was still stinging. Learn to obey Kat – or next time I won’t use the lube.


    • behalle says:

      Then again Sir Benjamin – who says I need for you to use the lube and you know how willful I can be? Ready for more training of me?


      • Alas, it seems that poor Charles will have to affix a locking Chastity belt on Ms. Kat. Let’s see how willful she is after being teased, forced to watch Charles pleasure himself and denied release for a week. Perhaps that will get her attention.


  9. behalle says:

    But Sir Benjamin, Charles knows exactly what she can do with her…attributes and in truth he craves much more out of her. Might I suggest allowing a compromise. Purrhaps forcing her to watch as you enjoy another BEFORE you allow her to join in, completely under your direction of course. That way she is punished and you get the best of both worlds…


    • *Charles sighs. Is there no end to this woman’s willfulness?* The original punishment stands, no release for a week.

      However, since Kat has the temerity to question Charles’ decision, I recommend that she indeed be forced to watch while he enjoys another, but she Not be allowed to join. This is not a democracy, Kat should learn to offer suggestions when she is asked, not before.


      • behalle says:

        But with every Dom there is a level of forgiveness. Her willful behavior needs to be punished, no doubt but she certainly longs to please and that’s obvious. But you are right in that she needs to be told when she disobeys and punished for her actions. I simply think you should consider your options.


  10. Mmm…I dare to ask what the punishment will be. 😉 Very sexy.


  11. Michelle says:

    Holy Hell the exchange between Ben and Cassandre was as much fun if not more so, than the FFF. Sounds like Charles has new sub to play with and one who is not willing to “bend” to his every demand. But then again, I think he would get bored if she was any other way.

    Great job Cassandre, both on the FFF and on capturing Mr. Benjamin’s complete attention with it. 😉


    • behalle says:

      I am indeed willful and he’s very aware of that. I do agree with you, he’d get bored but I also think he’ll try and find a way to tame me. The question is, can he?


  12. Gemma Parkes says:

    ‘You know what happens to bad girls who don’t obey’ always gets me going! Sexy flash!


  13. Venus says:

    Very sexy FFF! I’d love to see where this goes.


  14. CJM says:

    Mmm! Charles can punish me any day. Sexy Flasher!


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