Hmmm… Careful. This piece is telling. I’m in a particularly wicked mood today and those of you who know me I call myself the wicked girl. Sometimes when I write pieces I simply know the sexy men I’m going to create because they either come from a dream or I in a sense select the way they’re going to be. Then there are pictures that totally blow me away. From sex appeal to sensuality, brawn to a quiet smile, men inspire every piece I put together whether for a same sex piece or heterosexual. Men are simply delicious. As authors we like to have fun with day-dreaming about our favorite model or sexy man in pictures we find all over the place. Of course we have awesome covers sometimes of hotties who we hope personify the characters we’re trying to portray.

For me I love writing about all types of men. You have heard me say many times I love all flavors – a coin phrase of mine and of course I like the hot rugged guy just like the rest of us naughty women who scan the Internet looking for guys we can post and share in rooms we enjoy being in on Fcaebook. And yes ladies and gents they are usually naked and oh-so-sinful. But there’s so much more behind a man and no matter what you think ladies, men want to please. They just can’t figure out how to do it. I love the way they try from sending you songs they find on You Tube where the words mean so much to sexy pictures of hot romance scenes they continue to banter about with you, bringing you or ME in this case to the point of complete cravings and utter wetness. WHEW! That’s when my muse goes insane. You all know I write interracial pieces as well and sometimes he’s Puerto Rican and sometimes he’s American Indian. But most of the time he’s a sexy black man. They just do it for this girl.

Sometimes I get questions about why I’m so attracted to pieces containing interracial couples and perhaps it’s the romance of the continued stigma. Perhaps it’s the beauty of the pairing – and as you’ll see in one picture in particular the couple is absolutely gorgeous and something I can imagine in a beautiful piece. Personally I find beauty in all colors and that goes back to the fact I love men. When I put together a piece, I certainly try and incorporate the kind of guy my stories need to reflect. I don’t like stereotyping at all and I’ve been in recent discussion with other authors who are concerned as they write pieces containing multiple races and cultures that they are indeed stereotyping. They have been criticized for that very fact in reviews sometimes but mostly from readers who either don’t like names attached to particular races and cultures and even certain jobs that some might associate say with an African American male or a Chinese male.

I honestly don’t know what those are any longer. There are just as many white and black criminals, doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs. So…goes back to the question, why do I write about black men quite often? The reason is simple. They attract the hell out of me both in their awesome good looks, the way they carry themselves and in their eyes. I love sultry eyes. Yes, are certain men I know more inspiring than others? Well of course there are. I love to write about just how sexy they are in and out of clothes. I love to give you a taste of what they like to drink and how they dance what they drive and how much they hunger.

Do any of you remember Phillip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice? Holy cow. That man was about the sexiest creature on the face of the earth. Forget Don Johnson! Lordy, from the dance moves to the sweet smile to the way he looked in suits – that I wanted to rip off of him. All I can say is WOW. That probably was the moment I was hooked. That’s what I call the measure of a man and one special guy recently told me those are some powerful five words. They are. Now can I say I have a personal inspiration? Purr-haps. But ssshhh… No telling. That wouldn’t be fair. Would it? From his eyes to the words he says to the gentle yet sometimes dominating demeanor because he wants what he wants when he wants it, I find one in particular more than just an inspiration. The measure is also his intelligence and wit and the way he comments on certain pieces. Sweet thoughts shared during quiet moments. Doesn’t that sound incredible ladies?

Inspiration can come in all packages but for me he has to have a bit of everything. Does he have to be perfect? Of course not because none of us are. I love adding flaws in every characters I write about and I honestly think that gives us more of an understanding of his needs and in turn perhaps our own. So, we’ll just leave it to your imaginations where he might show up in one of my future pieces.

So today I thought I’d give you a little eye candy for this fabulous hump day in a couple of flavors. I have several things to work on and as you can tell I’m feeling particularly naughty today. I think the day might need Prince in the background, a glass of red wine in my hand when it’s five ‘O clock somewhere and my dreams of sensuous chocolate – and not the kind you can find in the grocery store unless he’s throwing me over the fruit stand ravishing me. Told you I was feeling wicked.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and purr-haps you can find your own personal inspiration today. Be wicked and saucy for me, will you? Oh and I would love to hear who your personal inspiration is and why – even if it’s in a hot song.

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. I think we are attracted to so many different things. It is in the eye of the beholder.I agree with you when you say men are delicious. They are very…


  2. Jade Baiser says:

    Hmmmm I don’t know what to add there… I soooo agree with you when it comes to black men. They do have something more… I just can’t put my finger on it. It’s more a feeling, deep down inside, you know? The way they look is the first one. They have a presence, something particular. Then comes the skin. Did you notice how their skin feels under your fingers??
    I think I’m gonna stop here before I get all worked up… Yes, that’s what black men do to me…every time!
    I enjoyed your post Cassandre…a lot!


    • behalle says:

      I know – sighs… I am totally enthralled. Ready for something hot and well long and thick and…demanding and dominating and…. I guess I better stop here lest I tell all my secrets…


  3. Oh Ms. Cassandre, you are indeed being wicked today. My Muse Jezebel is squirming in my mind and stroking my fertile imagination. On the flip side of the coin you’ve thrown up in the air – I love all kinds of women. They are a gift from the Universe. I believe the glory of Life is in its infinite diversity and in the ways our differences combine to create meaning and beauty.

    Your passion for the characters in your stories is obvious in your writing. Your Muse is much like mine – full of the joy of living and the glory of the human form. Perhaps your Muse and Muse should get together someday. If our recent Blog Chit-Chats are any indication, it would be one helluva a book. Muwah!!@


    • behalle says:

      Well since we are working on something a little spicy together Sir Benjamin I do this our muses will get along famously. Glad you enjoyed and I do think I know what you enjoy…


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