The Lost Creatures of the Night

Since I was a little girl I was terrified and yet fascinated by the dark. I used to crawl in my bed and cover my head knowing the vampires couldn’t get me if they didn’t see me. I loved gazing at the full moon knowing my beast like creatures filling my imagination were ready to show their rightful place in the world when the moon became full, glowing like a beacon of hunger and need. Even as a child I could hear and talk to ghost and still do so I’m a true believer that we’re not alone.

So many people ask me how I can write in so various genres and for me it’s easy. I have an extremely vivid imagination and allow my mind to work overtime. I also dream in color and usually think of stories almost every night. I’ve always had a fascination with the darker side of the world including were-creatures and other night crawling demons. My very first pieces were about vampires and while I morphed over the years I continued to hold them dear to my heart.

Now the love of vampires wanes over the years because of the media but I honestly don’t think there’s a single woman who doesn’t love and almost crave the idea of being bitten by a vampire or given immortality. Who wouldn’t? They are now portrayed as very sexual beings who can go all night long. What’s not to love? I also love the furry kind. Now let’s NOT go there with this whole new concern with writing certain pieces. I’m talking about were-creatures. I hold a particular love of were-tigers. And I love the white Bengal tiger, a rare species and one who is very beautiful. So why not combine all aspects?

I put together a piece that is meant as a trilogy but we’ll see. There is an ancient civilization and one we know little about who truly runs a portion of our world. They guide humans and creatures alike to the point they literally rule yet they are threatened by a curse bent on destroying their kind. That is if…

Please enjoy a taste of The Lost & Forgotten, an erotic paranormal thriller coming from Rebel Ink Press on April 3rd. It’s brutal and savage and yet hopefully will give all of you aspects of true love.


Katerina walked from behind the desk. They rarely talked about Serafine’s past or her mother because Serafine simply wanted to distance herself from the old ways, the old beliefs or so she said. Yet her gift was a powerful storm brewing within and there were times her powers grabbed her sense of reality. “Talk to me.”

“I think the story and the fear best not come from me.”

“Hey, this is silly. It’s me here. Talk to me.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Just say it.” Katerina crossed the distance and took Serafine’s arm. Electric current crackled until she withdrew her hand. “Jesus, girl!”

Serafine rubbed her skin as if burned. “It’s from the dreams. You have to remember that the energy flows within me from my family, my heritage.”

“Dreams? You too?”

Serafine jerked her head up. “You’ve been having dreams?”

“Some, why?”

“You have to tell me about them in detail. I know they mean something, Kat. I don’t want to believe but I can’t deny them any longer. I think your past and your future are colliding.”

“Girl, now you’re scaring me.”

“You should be scared. There is a malevolent spirit here feeding off the negative energy of the people. You don’t know about the past here and you don’t want to know.” Serafine shivered and held her arms.

“Jesus! I haven’t heard you talk like this before.” The look in Serafine’s eyes was more than terrified. It was as if she had seen a series of ghosts. “Just a man, no men…this is silly.”

“Tell me about the dreams. Did you really have sensations afterwards about these men? Were there lingering smells or do you remember the sound of their voice?”

“Smells? Sensations? My dreams have always been vivid.” Katerina closed her eyes and could almost make out their features.

“As if they’re real, almost alive.”

The questions caught Katerina off guard and sent a shimmer of terror skating into her system. “I…yeah, I did. I’ve had more than one dream and up until last night they played out the same way time after time and in color, which I do sometimes, but this…” Licking her lips, she tasted remnants of an exotic tang. What is it? What am I experiencing?

“What changed?”

Changed? Why was there something about Serafine’s expression that terrified her? “Well, I could almost make our details about their faces, their bodies and the dream became more sexual in nature and…“

An anguished cry reverberated throughout the clinic and booming sounds of heavy feet rattled the entire room. A heavyset woman burst into Katerina’s office, her eyes filled with a haunting look of horror and something else.

The need for redemption.

“What the hell?” Katerina took several strides back as Mrs. Patterson screeched, her keening cry full of anguish as she jerked to a halt just inside the door. Her eyes wild, she fought to say something as her body shook.

“Are you okay, Mrs. Patterson?” Her body trembling, Katerina advanced.

“Don’t touch her right now,” Serafine hissed.

“You!” The woman’s cry was dark and laced with a combination of rage and fear as she raised her quivering finger. Barely two inches from Katerina’s chest, she hovered, her entire body shaking violently as she moaned and growled, the timbre dark. “You’re supposed to be and yet you do not change the course.”

Katerina had been around the people of the old beliefs long enough to know when they were about ready to go into a spiritual trance. She inched back slowly but kept her eyes locked onto the woman’s now shimmering black pools. “What’s wrong?”


“No! You’re mistaken.” Serafine scuttled backwards, keeping her eyes pinned on the older woman.

“She is with the devil and no matter with the others believe, you’re not the one.”

“No, Katerina is not,” Serafine chided.

“What’s going on? What do you mean with the devil? What the hell am I supposed to be?” The moment Katerina said the words, the chill in the air floated down across them, dropping the temperature by a good twenty degrees. Chilled to the bone, suddenly her mouth was Sahara dry.

Mrs. Patterson’s eyes rolled in the back of her head as she her head tossed back and forth. Chanting and moaning, a series of tremors danced across her body as the heat flushed her face into a deep crimson. Katerina knew the woman was going to faint. Mrs. Patterson squeezed her eyes closed, as the strangled cry became a fissure of screeching words that she couldn’t understand.

The hiss turned into a growl and then a long howl that cascaded into the room like a bolt of electric current. “You…are one of them. Vile woman.”

“What? Who? What are you talking about?” Tremors pulsed through Katerina’s heart as prickles of fear raced through her system. It was a knowing, a truth and a belief the woman spoke and there was no denying the level of terror thrashing her system. Mrs. Patterson was in a panic from the blatant terror that gripped her. “What?”

Mrs. Patterson stopped cold and flashed her now golden hued eyes as a demonic smile curled across her lips. The older woman recoiled and reached out before either Kat or Serafine could react, scratching Katerina across the face. “You are…beast.”


When Katerina Randolph joined Doctors With Dreams, an organization created to provide inexpensive medical attention to cities in need, she was lured immediately to Lafayette, Louisiana. Gaining acceptance with the people, she loved everything about living in a town laced with the old ways of black magic. She found her dreams filled each night with two luscious and very ghostlike men that sated her every sexual fantasy. And the experience was so real and so breathtaking, Katerina questioned her sanity. Rattled by it all, Katerina buried herself in her work until townspeople began turning up slaughtered by a wild animal.  Those left behind predicted that the creatures of the forest had finally come to take their rightful place amidst the ruins of their village.

The Were-tiger, the oldest and most powerful breed created by the Devil, was nearing the time of the Passing. Feeling betrayed, the devil’s son and Prince of their people cursed two men of his kind into the Fade, an eternity of hell. Their only hope? To find the one woman pre-destined to be their mate and make her Queen of their Pride. Gage Trevillian and Lucan Morgan were the lost & forgotten. More ghost than man or beast, their goal was to find Katerina and forever break the curse. Unfortunately, a pact made with the devil put the entire town at risk. Amidst a volley of secrets and lies involving both the humans and tigers, only a select few would survive.

Enjoy a sexy video

I hope you enjoyed and remember – we really aren’t alone…

Kisses   xxx


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  1. OH my gosh…this sounds gripping! My kinda story 🙂 grats on the upcoming release, Cassandre…this is totally going in my to-read list!


  2. maw25 says:

    Great video and I agree…very much up my alley to read.



  3. maw25 says:

    Tweeteed and put on facebook for you, too.


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