Hard and Deep… Flash Fiction Friday

Purr babies. I have a sexy little flash fiction Friday for you. In case you don’t know what it is. It’s where a group of very talented writers get together and write a 100 words to a sexy picture and this week the inspiration couldn’t be better. Don’t forget to stop by and take a look at all the other writers who love bringing you something sexy. And please comment – I love playing wicked games. 

Balls Deep

“I like making you smile and now I’m going to fuck you hard, just like you deserve,” Michael growled as he wrapped his hand around her hair, jerking back forcefully.

Shivering, Stacy clawed the sheets, desperate for more. “God, yes.” She loved his complete control over her body, her soul.

“You belong to me.”

“Yes, sir.” There was no question. This was simply what their relationship had turned into. Closing her eyes, she dropped her head in complete submission.

“Mine.” Impaling her ass in one deep thrust, Michael tossed back his head and growled. “Balls deep then discipline.”



Bonni Sansom: http://bonnisansom.blogspot.com/

Lee Brazil: http://leebrazilauthor.blogspot.com/

Benjamin Russell: http://incubuschronicles.blogspot.com/

Havan Fellows: http://havanshawthaven.blogspot.com

Kendel Davi: http://kendeldavi.wordpress.com

Yvonne Nicolas: http://yvonnenicolas.wordpress.com/

SLira as BLMorticia: http://blrawiyaerotica.blogspot.com

Sherri Hayes: http://sherri-hayes.blogspot.com/

Jp Archer: http://jp-archer.blogspot.com

Davee Jones: http://finless.blogspot.com

Cassandre Dayne: https://cassandredayne.wordpress.com/

DH Black: http://dhblack.wordpress.com/

Venus Cahill: http://www.venusbookluvr.blogspot.ca/

ER Pierce http://www.erpierce.com

Gemma Parkes: http://gemmaparkes.blogspot.com/

Sherry Palmer: http://michellechatton.blogspot.com

Cyril J. Michael: http://authorcyriljmichaels.blogspot.com/

About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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35 Responses to Hard and Deep… Flash Fiction Friday

  1. PaParanormalFan says:

    OMG Cassandre, that was sooooo darn HAWT!!! Wheww as I fan myself! Ohhhh yessss, I can definitely see your inspiration from that picture!
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee’)


  2. Erotically wicked is such an understatement. I am enamored with every word. You know how to get the blood flowing early in the morning my dear, such a devious little work and yet it says so fucking much. Your talents never cease to amaze me and turn me on. Yummy!


  3. ER Pierce says:

    Excellent Flash Cass. Loved it. Visual and dominating. Yes please.


  4. kendeldavi says:

    Ball deep first! Cass, you are a wonder with words. This one brought me in a held me there for a while. Visually explicit!


  5. S. J. Maylee says:

    oh so very lovely and wicked, yumtastic!


  6. davee says:

    Very raw imagery, I felt the passion and control. Great FFF


  7. Sherri Hayes says:

    Loved this. Nice description.


  8. Bonni Sansom says:

    Very intense and hot. Loved what you did with this week’s pic. Keep up the great work.


  9. leebrazil says:

    Nicely done, so very hot and sexy!


  10. Verity Ant says:

    Really well done. Every word perfect and so moving. Loved it!


  11. Patricia Green says:

    That’s perfect for the picture. It’s sort of amazing what emotional response a good writer can elicit with only 100 words. Really well done, Cassandre.


  12. Muffy Wilson says:

    Yummy wicked you!! I really GOT this one and loved it. FABulous!! But, of course, you know you do it great! Can I tell him what a bad gurl I have been…….too?:) xo


  13. lanirhea says:

    Woohoo! My kind of FFF! I loved it! Great job!


  14. Venus says:

    Fabulous FFF! Hot hot hot!


  15. That was hot Cass!


  16. Oh hot-damn, now that is a winning combination and a recipe for control. Balls deep first, to remind her of just how good it can be, then a little discipline to remind her of who is in control. Oh yeah, I like his style. Michael sounds like a Master Dom who is teaching his sub a well deserved lesson. No doubt she had been willful and she needed to be punished for her misdeeds. Muwah!@


    • behalle says:

      Well as you can see my girl does need utter and complete discipline and I dare say few men would know how to handle just what she needs and what she deserves. I think you have the right idea of just how wicked the girl truly is, Sir Benjamin. Tell me – could you handle her discipline?


  17. CJM says:

    Nice Flash! I loved the measured control!


  18. Sancre Darling says:

    Now this one was deliciously painful…all about dominence! Loved this!


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