So How About a Little Spooning?

Perhaps I’m in the cuddly and romantic mood today. Yeah I know, me? Well even the wicked girl can had certain sweet and sultry desires and not just kinky. I have been having some rather fabulous conversations with some writers this week and we’ve covered every topic from spanking to handcuffs and this one kinda surprised me. Do you spoon with your significant other any longer? Now, if you have to ask what that is then I don’t know what to say to you. Spooning is where for me at least the guy wraps his body around you from behind and hopefully you’ll fall asleep together cuddling and touching.

Now I know what you’re thinking – it’s too hot, he snores, I can’t get comfortable, I won’t be able to sleep. UGH and STOP. Just think about when you were first together and you’d made love and had that sexy warm glow about you and all you wanted to do was to snuggle together for a little while, right? So why not now? Again – and I’ve said this about a zillion times – we all fall into a precarious trap with our love and our lovers. We no longer are lovers. That’s such a shame. There was nothing like spooning in the beginning and for a while I couldn’t fall asleep without being in the position.

I was trying to think about whether I’d ever put a spooning scenario in one of my pieces and you know what? I don’t think I have. We as writers can debate all we want about erotic versus sensuous romance pieces but the bottom line is there has to be romance or the reader is left flat. They want something sexy but also sultry and passionate. Don’t you as a reader? I don’t know. Perhaps I need to pen a piece about a wonderful night out on the town – the kind of old fashioned way. One of my favorite ideas in the world is a date situation where you dress up in the sexy red dress, he looks great in charcoal linen pants and you go out to a lovely jazz club where you have a wonderful dinner over a bottle of wine and gaze into each other’s eyes.

After sharing perhaps a little dessert together where you spoon feed each other that perfect slice of cake, you dance as the sultry blues singers grabs not only your attention by setting the perfect mood but also gives you the very reason to indulge and enjoy each other. A little kiss here and there and you build the anticipation. Then when you get home you can allow the sparks to fly or perhaps you simply lie on the couch together spooning. You kind of have to cuddle that way in order to be a bit intimate. Imagine his fingers lightly brushing down the length of your arm as you kiss and talk a little, pretend you’re at a vacation setting or simply have nothing else in the world to do.

Doesn’t that sound romantic? It’s funny, I used to read all the time – voraciously and I realized I don’t do enough of it any longer. I’m always writing or blogging or something related to the business of being an author and it’s about time I got back to reading. What I can tell you is that I’m like any other girl – don’t laugh. Okay? I tend to write either highly erotic or very gritty and brutal and yes I do enjoy reading those pieces as well but… I also enjoy reading about romance. I can tell you that the last very and truly romantic book I read was one by a favorite author and lovely friend of mine Jean Joachim. She does romance in spades. Her pieces are a perfect slice of what we all crave – something special.

So when I was talking with my author pals the other day I was thinking – romance isn’t dead, it’s buried in the pages of a wonderful book. Perhaps I need to make sure that I remind you about sensuous and soft and romantic and passionate and not just kink. Okay, don’t worry – not going soft on you but… I have many sides to this wicked girl and I have some reasons to want to be a little softer. So…do me a favor, take a moment and imagine a wonderful night together and whatever you do tonight – it is Saturday after all – end the lovely evening with spooning. I can tell you there is nothing better in the world to fall asleep with – having his arms around you, holding you tightly and whispering into your ear. Well?

Kisses   xxx


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11 Responses to So How About a Little Spooning?

  1. Cass, I think spooning and falling asleep with my lover in my arms is a dream come true. It is a shame that for whatever reasons, it seems to be something that gets lost over time. There are times when I just want to snuggle and hold her. Of course, I’ve been know to wake up in the middle of the night and want more, but that’s another blog post.

    I’ve written a scene for a story I’m working on with another author, that is filled with sexual energy and tension. The two lovers are hot for each other and their hunger to sexually consume each other jumps off the pages. When he picks her up at the airport, they engage in such a steamy display of public affection, people are standing around watching. However, when he gets her home, after much wine and soul searching, he doesn’t make love to her, instead – spoon fashion, he cradles her in his arms and they fall asleep together. *LOL* The fiery sex comes the next morning on the kitchen table,

    Anyway, the idea for ending that Chapter with the spoon scene was to express the joy of two people just being together without the complication of sex. Bottom-line, I totally agree with what you’ve written, there should be more spoon scenes in our stories and in real life too.


    • behalle says:

      I must admit reading your reply gave me shivers. I think such few men actually verse certain desires such as these. I love it and love the thought of the airport and the kitchen table. Hmmm… You just gave me a new series of ideas.


  2. Sherry says:

    I couldnt agree more. I am a snuggler, always have been, always will be. I sleep my best sleeps with my head on my lovers shoulder or spooned up against him. Doesn’t matter who is in front or in back…although being woke up by a man’s early morning desire already in the proper place, is HEAVEN too. People get too busy or worse yet they believe that if they “snuggle” they are going to have to performe. Again it is communication which is sadly lacking in relationships. I can spoon without expecting sex everytime and I would hope that my lover would know this. I would also trust that he would offer me the same.

    With everything in a relationship…if emotions are expressed honestly and openly there is less chance of hurt or confusion. Make the “rules”(for lack of a better word) put on the table…then Let the Fun Begin. My bed is a double and not a single cause I want human contact and I will never again settle for anything less than snuggling and Spoonig. mmmmhmmmm that is giving me an idea for a story scene. Thanks!!! 😉


    • behalle says:

      Oh yes indeed. That’s exactly what I was talking about. There’s nothing more sensuous and sexier I think. I love to wear a slip of silk sometimes and then when he’s ready he can just rip it off. Sighs… Now I need to write a hot love scene


  3. ER Pierce says:

    Sighs with a bone deep ache to be held right now. I agree Benji. Spooning can be such an emotional and loving way to reconnect. There is nothing quite like being able to fall asleep, warmly nestled in someones embrace, and know, on a deep level, that you are safe with them. (and hey, send me those scenes!)


  4. You know what Cassandra I DID write a spooning scene in my latest story that’s gonna be coming out in July, it was their first time together and afterwards they found themselves in each others arms at the end. I know for a fact that I do love snuggling, it makes the whole experience with being a man even more wonderful. Just the feeling of having someone’s arms around you while they are holding you in such a manner, it makes you feel like you are loved.


  5. maw25 says:

    My hubs and I spoon all the time. That’s how we fall asleep every night. As my hubby says, he can’t fall asleep without touching me. Love him.



  6. tucsonmike says:

    OK, you have my attention and have me going. “:)


  7. Davee Jones says:

    Lovely thoughts in this blogpost. I admit, I’m not as romantic now as I was in the beginning of my relationship with my husband. We discuss it on occasion and realize the intimacy is quick to slip down on priorities with life intervening.
    I also like that you pointed out how important it is in our writing. Most readers want a storyline and romance for a multitude of reasons–even when their genre preference specifically leans toward erotica.
    nice post!


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