Ready to be Tickled? Pink that is…

My Special guest today is Tessa Wanton. She’s one fabulous writer, has a wicked mind just like I do and she has a HOT new book. Let’s take a look at…

Tickled Pink

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*Rushes in a hurry* HEY!!!? *waves* sorry to intrude, but I simply *have*to tell you a little about my newest release ‘Tickled Pink!’ I’ve detailed the synopsis of Ellie’s tale below, and perhaps I can tempt your readers a little further with a quick excerpt? Thanks Cassandre, I don’t believe a *word* of what they say about you! *mwah!*

Synopsis – Tickled Pink!

Ellie Cassidy is a confident and efficient Executive PA with an extremely demanding boss, Mark. Ever capable, she knows that he would be lost without her, but what Ellie doesn’t realise, is quite how much he does need her. One day when she is locking up the office for the evening, she is abducted and subjected to an experience which changes her life forever. Mysteriously tortured in a most unexpected way, terrified beyond anything she had ever felt before, she discovers that some agony is sweet enough to stir her, even against her will.

Shocked by the turn of events, Ellie grows closer to her captor – her boss and a torrid love affair sizzles between them, showing just how deep Mark’s passion for her runs. Experimenting with new and exciting erotic situations, she is shown a world of delight, filled with laughter and tickling, and other kinky pleasures. Wrapped up completely in Mark, she falls deeply in love with him, until one fateful weekend when he reveals a deep, dark secret which threatens to destroy everything between them – and everything she had ever known about him.

Laughter, terror and high heeled shoes abound in this tale of discovery and love, never before has tickling been so appealing! But one final question stands in the way of their everlasting happiness. Will Ellie be able to overcome the shattering revelation that Mark has to declare?

Excerpt – Tickled Pink!

It had been a long and boring day at work, tedious meeting following yet more monotonous discussions. I flexed my right hand, rubbing it inattentively, my writing hand painfully cramped from taking reams of minutes. I hadn’t even been allowed the luxury of daydreaming, as when there was a break in the meeting, it was my duty to make the coffee, arrange lunches, etc. Such is the life of a Personal Assistant. Not only do you have to act like a Stepford Wife at work, but you have to appear perfect too in order to be considered a “good PA”. Sighing heavily I rose from my desk, heading towards the executive washroom. Running my hands under cold water usually helped to ease the dull ache caused by the day’s exertions.

As I ran the cold water over my hands, I glanced sideways at my reflection in the full-length mirror. Grabbing a handful of paper towels, I quickly dried my hands and stood back, smoothing the front of my figure-hugging, black pencil skirt, examining my curvy body. I was happy with my fullness, and it was clear that many of the visiting male clients also admired it, often making comments to my boss about “perks” of the job and the like. I just laughed graciously at their misogyny whilst cursing them quietly in the back of my mind, ever professional, smiling to the last. Swiveling on the balls of my feet, I looked over my shoulder to appraise my rear view whilst also admiring my black patent court stilettos. They were my favorite shoes, always my “go to” shoes when I needed cheering up. I simply loved the way they accentuated the contours of my legs – making them appear longer and leaner. Acknowledging my visage once more, I tucked an unruly red curl behind my right ear, raised my chin and stepped back into the office.

Only my Director – Mark, and two clients were left in the office now and I could hear them laughing their farewells to each other as the men were ushered out of the front door. However, I was not allowed to leave until my Director did. Impatiently checking my watch, I knocked on his office door, “Is there anything else you need for today?” Raising his eyes from his computer screen, Mark flashed his famously winning smile, catching the slight edge to my query. He had this unnerving way of disarming people when he fixed his gaze on them; you would think I would be immune to it by now after all these years of being his ever efficient assistant. Nevertheless, the permanent sparkle in his eyes when he regarded me did not pass by unnoticed; but I was never going to succumb to that ridiculous cliché, whether I desired to feel his strong arms around me or not.

Slipping the files from his desk into his briefcase, he stood and pulled his car keys from his pocket. “Well, I think I’m done for today,” smiling mischievously, he continued. “Do you want me to stay behind and help you lock up?”

I replied quickly, “No, no – I can manage perfectly well,” waving my hand to dismiss his offer. I wanted to get home, and if he stayed around I could guarantee that he would want to talk more work and the pile for tomorrow would stack up higher than it already was. Hurriedly shooing him out, I watched as he jumped into his car and wheel-spun out of the car park. It bemused me how this man could be so successful when he appeared to treat everything in life with such childish glee. But I suppose that was what made him so appealing – that perpetual excitement – that drive to achieve. Shaking my head I turned back and started my final check around, switching off several computers and office lights. One last sweep satisfied me that all was secure. Pulling my bag onto my shoulder, I made my way to the exit.

Locking the darkened office building, I turned and walked towards my car. It was a warm spring evening with a light breeze blowing in off the sea. As I pondered the frothy waves in the distance, the hairs on the back of my neck rose as unease crept across my skin – a feeling that I was being watched. Nervously checking around me, I quickened my pace to the car, pulling my coat tightly around my body and warily keeping to the safety of the open space in the center of the park. Making it to the car with a sigh of relief, I fumbled with the key, cursing quietly at how my shaking hands were refusing to comply with my wishes. As the keys tumbled through my trembling fingers I yelped with frustration, crouching quickly to retrieve them, but as I stood, I felt a hand clamp over my nose and mouth. Struggling and thrashing in pure instinct, I tried frantically to claw the hand away, scratching with my long fingernails, but an arm now secured tightly around my waist, squeezing me, putting an end to my desperate struggles. Trying to scream I breathed in deeply – realizing in horror and much too late, that it wasn’t just a hand; it was a cloth. A cloth soaked in a strong-smelling substance, which I’d just inhaled to the bottom of my lungs. As thoughts scrambled and swirled desperately, the strength drained from my limbs and panic rose in my throat as blackness consumed me, my eyes closing heavily as I collapsed, limp in my assailant’s arms.

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5 Responses to Ready to be Tickled? Pink that is…

  1. Tessa Wanton says:

    Thanks again for having me Cass!!! XxxX


  2. Cara Bristol says:

    Sounds like a sizzling read!


  3. Oh Tessa, you poor soul, you have been duped. What did you say? “Cassandre, I don’t believe a *word* of what they say about you!” Tessa, trust me, yes – you should believe every single word of what you’ve heard about the wicked Cassandre Dayne.

    I must say the excerpt to your new book sounds delicious. I am tickled pink that it’s about a sexy and curvy woman who wears black patent court stilettos. *Sighs* My kind of woman. I simply must add this book to my must read list, the excerpt has given me visions of sugar plums dancing through my head. *Muwah!*


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