Hungry for Hot Summer Nights and Even Hotter Hunks?

Another Easter Blog Hop for you and this one is another sizzler. I have a sexy 8 short stories coming out two a month beginning in May to heat up your summer nights. They’re all m/m and very sexy. Let’s take a of the first two and an excerpt from Key West. And don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a prize.


Being fired from a prestigious modeling job certainly wasn’t the best situation for Morgan Fields to find himself in. A musician at heart, the modeling gig was simply a way of masking a haunted past. Unemployment, given his lifestyle needs, wasn’t an option. When his two best friends suggested a jaunt to the French side of St. Martin, he had to be convinced. Then again, it had been four years since he’d been on vacation. Arriving on the sensuous island, they knew exactly what their first destination would be – Orient Beach, one of the most elusive and sought after nude beaches in the world. Pristine in every manner, the natives were convinced every man and woman could find their soul mate gazing into the crystal clear waters.

Happening upon an exclusive bar catering to the upper echelon of French society, Morgan met Dante Richeau and the myth suddenly seemed magical. When he was asked to sit in as a bass player with a local band, an unexpected moment of passion with the Frenchman was nothing short of rapture. Sadly, the shared bliss also reminded him of an ugly relationship. Pushing away his desires, Morgan was determined to end the slice of ecstasy before it started. After all, Dante wasn’t who he purported himself to be. Thank God his friends had other ideas. With a little push, suddenly the hot summer nights became more than just a heightened level of hunger.


For marine Darnell Wright, an R & R was long overdue. Stationed in Afghanistan for almost a year, he was bone tired and hungry – for a taste of sin. A carefully planned trip brought him to the hottest spot on Earth – Key West. Determined to have an uninhibited adventure, he made reservations at the best hotel on the strip and prepared himself for two solid weeks of pleasure. His first stop? Watching the sun setting at the Southernmost Point with a cool margarita in his hand. What he didn’t anticipate was seeing a familiar face. Brent Majors was a one-time fling and a long-term friend, lost among a sea of lies. When a chance encounter brought them together, sparks flew, but could they move past their fury? Little did they know one hot summer night would drag them both into ecstasy and perhaps something more…



Disembarking from the plane, Darnell Wright stood quietly for several minutes merely drinking in the enticing atmosphere. He hadn’t been through Miami in almost ten years and Jesus Christ everything had changed. As he headed for baggage claim he drank in the eclectic mix of people and smiled. There was no doubt he was ready for a little R & R. In truth, it was long overdue. Stationed in Afghanistan for almost a year, he was ready for sun, fun and sin, and not necessarily in that order. Sadly, the ten days were going to go fast and he was ready to make the most of them. While he longed to see his family, time away from everything with nothing to do but cruise the strip in Key West was first on the agenda.

Grabbing his bag, he scanned the airport and found what he was looking for, the rental car section. As he strolled toward the Hertz counter he couldn’t help but finger his sunglasses, nestled in his shirt pocket. He had to laugh as he gazed down at his attire. The tangerine colored Hawaiian print shirt and khaki shorts was a far cry from his usual attire, Marine drab. But hell, he loved being a Marine and serving his country. One more tour of six months and he was officially out. And then he’d figure out what he was doing for the rest of his life.

“Can I help you sir?” The lovely blonde behind the counter gave him more than a once over.

“I have a car reserved for Darnell Wright.” Too bad he wasn’t into blondes – at least women that is.

“We have you right here.” Batting her eyelashes furiously, she leaned over the counter and smiled as she pushed the paperwork toward him. “Just sign here.”

Grinning to himself, she could have no idea what he was hungering for and he knew of certain locations in Key West where he could find exactly the man of his dreams. While he was going to practice safe sex of course, a little taste was most definitely in order. He glanced at her nametag and pulled out his practiced, bottled charm. “Samantha. What a beautiful name for a sexy lady. This is a special treat for me since I’m been serving our country for a very long time. Tell me, do you actually have convertibles you rent?”

“Well of course.”

“Could you check and see if just maybe you have one and tell me what the upgrade price is?”

Samantha licked her crimson stained lips and nodded. “Not a problem. We want to make all of our customers very happy and especially our servicemen and women. Let me see what I can do.”

As he tossed his bag into the back seat, Darnell donned his dark shades and took a giant whiff of air. This was going to be a damn good time. Laughing, he pressed his hand down the length of the flaming red Miata and licked his lips as he strutted back and forth, showing off for any and all who would watch. “Mmm… Oh yeah, baby!” Not only did he upgrade to one hot steel beast but at no additional charge to boot. What some shameless flirting could do. Maybe he shouldn’t have pulled the military card but what the heck.

Settling into the leather seats, he turned over the engine and had to resist screeching out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell. His method of transportation for almost three years? One glorified high dollar tin can. The regulation Humvee was more than just functional and practical but this ride was like a fine stallion, meant to be ridden hard and fast. His cock aching, he pressed his hand over his bulge before heading out onto the street. Look out world, because one hungry man was coming to town.

Thanks so much and don’t forget to visit all the other sexy writers participating.

Kisses   xxx


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14 Responses to Hungry for Hot Summer Nights and Even Hotter Hunks?

  1. DogsMom says:

    This is not a genre I have read before. Might be interesting to try something new.
    Thank you for this chance.

    wismom works (at) gmail (dot) com


  2. yganoe says:

    Love the excerpt and your work!


  3. Kassandra says:

    Only thing better than one hot guy is more than one, lol! LOVE the M/M genre!


  4. JeanP says:

    Ooo that was a great excerpt, sounds like a great book.
    Have a happy Easter!
    skpetal at hotmail dot com


  5. Nancy S says:

    My fav genre and I have loved all I have read of yours.


  6. Brandi S. says:

    Loved the excerpt! Thanks for being a part of the blog hop and Happy Easter!


  7. Susan W. says:

    Wow! Love the excerpt! Your are a new to me author and I’ve apparently been missing out! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Easter!



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