Deception…Can there be Love?

It’s the Easter Blog Hop still and I pose the question. Have you ever had a friend in a sense try and help you out with garnering the guy or gal of your dreams? Have you ever pretended to be someone you’re not because of your hunger? Have you ever played a naughty game in order to catch someone’s attention? That’s deception isn’t it?  Hmmm… I have a new piece coming out April 17th that really asks that question. Let’s take a peek and remember to comment for a chance to win and look at the other folks involved in the hop.



Anastasia Rathbone has the craziest friends in the world. Each very accomplished, these women relish games of the heart. One sultry afternoon they gather for a bridal shower complete with a wicked contest to tempt their sinful hungers…Spin the Wheel of Lust. The fantasy each woman lands on is either ripped from the headlines or nothing more than someone’s wanton desire. And such a fun filled romp is just what Stacy needs after her long time, conservative boyfriend recently dumped her for a younger version. The first woman successful in fulfilling the game requirements gets to pen a story for the bride’s publishing house. Stacy’s fated selection? Find two island men on her vacation in St. Maartin that speak no English and perform the art of submission. One moonlit night, two French dreamboats in dark chocolate and mocha flavorings and a naughty tryst of sex and domination later, Stacy and her lovers find themselves at a boiling point. The trouble is, they barely know each other’s first names. When the saucy event comes to an end, Stacy’s men pull away, a heavy dose of deception of their own threatening their happiness. But a plane ride, an overheard conversation and some intense sleuthing finally brings them together and their sizzling story becomes an overnight success.


     A rich cabernet arrived as they stood looking down at the glistening lagoon, listening to the sultry strains of the band as the wind wafted the scent of night blooming jasmine. Shades of turquoise and midnight blue still floated to the surface. Neither felt the need to say anything. They stood and absorbed their good fortune and the breathtaking view. Stacy sipped her wine and gazed down at the glowing lagoon, imagining dipping her naked body into the cool waterfall. The scintillating thought of making love under one of nature’s greatest gifts had always been one of her greatest fantasies and one that was very erotic. Sinful. Licking the rim of her glass, the thought forced a shiver deep in her pussy.

     “Amazing,” Betsy cooed.

     That is indeed. Stacy fought her raging hunger, sighed and stood smiling into the evening sky. The last remnants of a vibrant fuchsia shimmer hovered in the moonlight sky, drawing her into the magical dreams of never neverland.

      “I think I could move here easily and become a beach bum, or a bartender.”

     “I hear that.” Out of the blue, something heavenly caught Stacy’s eye. She watched the lone figure standing alone staring down at the ever-changing light pattern flecking against the ripples of the water.

    From what she could tell he was tall and muscular. He stood quietly sipping a drink and moved little, simply gazing at the waterfall. The light breeze toyed with his long dark strands of hair. And for some reason she wanted to see what he was going to do, to find out whom he was. The waning light didn’t allow her to distinguish anything other than dark pants and a light colored shirt, but something about him enticed her to continue watching, a voyeur in the night.

     Betsy hummed around her whispering and giggling as she watched the crowd.

     Stacy wasn’t hearing a word.

     As the last rays of the dipping sun managed to catch a sliver in the teaming walls, he turned to glance in her direction. Instantly it was as if his eyes found hers. There was no doubt in her mind that their eyes had locked. He stared at her without moving, yet his eyes finally drifted down the length of her body. Stacy felt a shiver trickle down her spine, sending a pulse of heat straight into her pussy. “Holy shit.” The whisper hoarse, she licked her lips and fought a smile. And just then the first shimmer of the moon cast a ray of warm light across his features. My God the man was hot. Stunning. Whew. At least from what she could see, he was as close to her perfect idea of a man as there ever had been.

     His luxurious hair just crested the top of his collared shirt, black as midnight and appearing to be in cornrows. Several longer strands cascaded down to the thick muscles of his back. The flowing shirt was open to the middle of his chest revealing a sculpted form. Dark pants hugged his slender hips and long legs as if tailored for him. He had his one hand on his waist and as he watched her staring at him, a smile crept across his face.

     Beads of perspiration slid down the length of her neck into the back of her dress. Breathless, suddenly there was no one else on the oversized deck. Every part of her body shaking, Stacy gazed into his eyes. The distance was great enough she couldn’t read them, but in a sense she knew what he was thinking and what he was craving. Her heart beating rapidly, she clenched her fist. There was no doubt he could tell she was watching him. Instinct and wild heat told her that. She wondered about him, imaging the husky tone of his voice, the touch of his rugged hands. Admiring his lithe body and strong shoulders, she swallowed hard. With his hand now on his hips and his legs apart, he appeared commanding, fearless and sexy as hell. Oh my. She could just imagine all kinds of wicked activities to do with the man. The thought of wild kinky sex boiled her very blood and sent the trickles of her honey past the thin edge of her thong.

    They continued their combined dance, absorbed in a quiet moment of raging lust.

    The air surrounding her was stagnant and she struggled to breathe as she pressed the back of her hand over her mouth to keep from moaning out loud. Every coherent thought had been forced out of her mind along with her sanity and yet at that moment, the sizzling heat of feeling very alive was wonderful. Out of the shadows, Stacy watched as a second man approached the first. Much taller, his features were lighter but equally gorgeous. His silky hair hung down to the middle of his back, the light breeze shifting the long strands back and forth across his broad back. Also ebony in color at least in the dimming light, he watched the first man as he continued to stare. Then he shifted his gaze in her direction.

     As the wind kicked up, fluttering the thin wisp of her dress across the heat of her flushed skin, both men kept their eyes burning into her as if reading her mind. “Dear God they were ecstasy posing as utter perfection.” Thankfully her strangled whisper died in the light pulses of the wind, yet the feeling remained. She blinked several times wishing she were closer so that she could see their faces, their features and hear their words. Were they as gorgeous as she thought them to be? Were they as sexy as hell? Why was it she was wet and hot and wanted…oh hell, her blatant desire for two mysterious strangers was ridiculous.

     Wasn’t it?

     Blinking furiously, Stacy knew Betsy had posed a question, but she didn’t care at that very moment. All that mattered were the two hunks of men hovering one hundred feet below the railing she gripped like the only remaining lifeline. She resigned herself that she would walk to them and maybe talk to them. Sure, Stacy you have the nerve. She bit her lip and tried to convince herself she could.

     Until the second hunk caressed the other’s back and eased his head into the neck of the first, nuzzling gently. The spell was broken. It wasn’t that she wouldn’t want to try and convince them that a woman would be a tasty treat, but she’d been there. Done that. Oh yeah she had received the tee shirt like a badge of honor and moved on long ago.

     Stacy sighed heavily and turned away. Why were all the gorgeous men gay?

     “What is wrong? That sigh sounded like you were over it already and we just got here.” Betsy complained.

     “Nothing’s wrong. Just looking around.” It was such a stupid lie.

     “Good. Cause there are some really hot guys in here.”

     “Ladies?” His rich timbre cut through the insidious hunger. The host held out his arm, menus in hand.

     “You are right.” Growling, she sighed and glanced over her shoulder one last time as they were led into the dining area. Mmmm…. Damn it!

     Dinner was excellent. The pasta was perfectly cooked with a light marinara sauce and succulent baby clams. Stacy enjoyed two additional glasses of wine and scrutinized Betsy flirting with every man in the room. Some days she wished she had the nerve. Dinner over, she was the first one out of her seat, antsy as hell.

     They moved out to the deck where a salsa band was playing twinges of island music as the party continued and the full moon shimmered over the horizon. The sultry shade of luminescent amber glowed in the distance, beckoning.

     “Hey beautiful. Would you like to dance?” He was cute but not her type.

     “Not right now but maybe later?” Stacy smiled.

     He gave Betsy a once over and sighed. “Sure thing, honey.”

     “Why didn’t you dance with him?” Betsy hissed.

     “Not in the mood.”

     “What got up your craw tonight? Just the usual I plan on being alone forever mode?”

     “Ha!” Stacy laughed. As if by a magical moment of enchantment, she sensed his presence. His presence. Whew. Every nerve in her body was standing on end as her heart beat raggedly enough she had to inhale deeply. No man had ever had such an effect. Her movements deliberate, she turned to look into the crowd. Mostly drunk, the entire restaurant and the surrounding bar were filled with partygoers. “Nothing is wrong, sweetie. Go ask someone to dance.”

     “And leave you?”

     “How old am I?”

     “Old. So very old.”

     “Go. I know my way home.” Giving Betsy a harsh stare, Stacy realized her blood pressure was rising.

What do you think? I think he’s hot myself…

Kisses   xxx


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2 Responses to Deception…Can there be Love?

  1. Oh I think we have all done something a little naughty in our life…Great excerpt..


  2. Susan W. says:

    Love the excerpt! Where’s a fan!


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