Try Something New: Art Follows Life

I have a brand new guest today and I couldn’t be happier getting to know the lady or her work. Please take a moment and enjoy with me the lovely…

Willa Edwards

Recently I’ve been writing a lot of stories about people exploring something new. Heart’s Ultimatum, my Valentine’s Day tale, my hero and heroine do some naughty role playing in his office. In Snow Day, my March release, Ben and Michaela, have a good old time experimenting on dreary snow day.  And in Foolish Desire, my current work in progress and book 4 in the Naughty Holiday List series, my characters Amy and Will play with getting naughty in public, in a restaurant, in a public bathroom, on a stage, and a few other places (I can’t give everything away, before its even edited :D).

I think one of the reasons I’m writing so much about trying new things is because I’m doing the same, in my writing. This year I’ve embarked on several new ideas. This month I had my first ever lesbian romance release, which happens to be my first historical release also. Writing a lesbian story really stretched my creative and writing muscles. It was much harder to write then I realized, but I think I’m a much better writer for it. And I plan to try a few more in the future. In the past few months I’ve also delved into my first paranormal story, which was my nanowrimo story, and I’ve been making notes for a fantasy series that will stretch my imagination and world building skills in a whole new way.

This is one of my favorite parts about writing. Oppose to my evil day job, where it can be the same old same old, every day, every month, every year. My writing is constantly changing. I’m always exploring new worlds, new genres and new characters. Writing is a constant course of exploration and growth. I never stop learning, never stop trying new things and never stop growing as a person, as well as an author, through what I write.

And what’s going on in my real world always bleeds into my writing way in some small way. Maybe it’s only a feeling, like being scared or alone, which we all understand and feel from time to time. Or maybe it’s a similar activity, like trying something new and pushing your limits. In these small ways, my always work follows the same path as my life. Just like me, my characters are trying new things, pushing their boundaries and exploring who they are, and I’m having a blast following after them. I hope you enjoy it too.

Here’s an excerpt from my latest release, Serving Madame, and first ever lesbian romance. It was a real departure for me, but it’s oh so fun. I hope you all agree. These characters just took over and demand they have their story be told, and I didn’t get any say in the matter. Because whatever Madame wants, Madame gets.


For the young and beautiful Ada, being a Lady’s Maid to the sensuous Madame Claudette was truly a labor of love…and devotion. Her services rendered were both domestic and torrid; the simple act of helping Madame to undress after an evening at Court was an erotic experience for a young girl. To yield, to submit, to pleasure was all part of…Serving Madame.


Unable to resist the temptation, Ada leaned forward, pressing her lips to Madame’s neck. The kiss was soft, seductive and enticing. Madame’s pulse increased beneath her lips; the sweet fragrance of the flowers that had adorned the elaborate hair style most of the night, and the soft powder brushed on her mistress’s face and hair only made her appear more angelic. An angel of lust and need.

“Not yet,” Madame whispered, turning slightly back to meet Ada’s gaze, unable to disguise the thick husky tone of her voice that set every one of Ada’s nerves quivering. Her deep green eyes flashed with interest.

“Yes, Mistress.” Ada pulled at the ties holding Madame’s stays in place, releasing the fabric an inch at a time. Madame’s breath hitched, whether from being released from the construction, or her closeness, Ada didn’t know.

Madame untied the outer petticoats, the garment slipping down her hips to pool on the floor, surrounding smooth white ankles. The panniers followed quickly after, the boning and layers of fabric dropping to the ground and revealing her true curves.

Ada’s hands skimmed down her mistress’s body, chasing after the lengths of linen and lace. Madame moaned, pushing backwards. Soft bum pressed into Ada’s stomach. The body heat rubbed against Ada, swirling through her belly and making her pussy throb.

A groan slipped from Ada. Madame looked back over her shoulder, a wicked smile spread across her mouth. Her tongue escaped to smooth across those lush lips.

Ada moaned again, the sound vibrating from the back of her throat. Knees suddenly weak shook beneath her as she stood, pressing up against her mistress.

Madame laughed, a quick seductive sound. Stepping to the side she kicked away the pannier structure that had made her look wide and flat as a painting. The minty sweet scent of her breath, from the leaves she’d chewed as part of a night time ritual, brushed across Ada’s cheek. The cool feel on Ada’s skin rose goose bumps across her tanned chest and neck, sweat beading along Ada’s back and nape.

Reaching back, Madame skimmed long graceful fingers across Ada’s shoulder, along her arm and down to entwine her long soft fingers with Ada’s. Madame pulled her forward with the connection, until Ada almost stood on the jeweled covered shoes. Heartbeat pounded in her ears. Ada met the lusty emerald gaze. Releasing Ada’s fingers, Madame traced back up her shoulder, across the delicately curved collar bone and long sensitive throat.

Fingers hooked around Ada’s neck; Madame used the leverage to pull her forward until their mouths met. Soft velvet lips enveloped Ada’s with demand. She opened her mouth quickly to her mistress, meeting her need, and escalating it. Madame’s tongue extended within her mouth, tangling, searching. Ada moaned at the sensation of their lips pressed together, her kiss urgent and demanding.

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Kisses   xxx


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4 Responses to Try Something New: Art Follows Life

  1. Willa it is a pleasure to meet you, I enjoyed your post and will be checking out more of your work


  2. Willa Edwards says:

    Thank you so much for having my Cassie. I really enjoyed stopping by.


  3. It’s always good to try something new. You never know what you can accomplish unless you try. 🙂


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