Publisher Appreciation Week – a HUGE Thank You!

Well, I think this is a long overdue event but sadly brought on my not so nice reasons. That being said, no reason to dwell on negative aspects. Right? For those of you who are readers, you truly couldn’t know how difficult the business of writing is. Perhaps you think you simply write a story, send it off and are accepted, make a few little changes and then when the book is published you can sit back and rake in the royalties. HA. That’s the first word that comes to mind and the second – well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

When the world of e-books exploded onto the scene, there was not only a flurry of activities from people believing themselves to be writers, but also folks thinking – hey, the publishing business doesn’t look so tough. That’s another flat out fallacy. For some of the few who have a touch of an insider track into the world, I can tell you that being a publisher is daunting, terrifying, money sucking, time eating and a few assorted other adjectives and adverbs.

Publishers not only have to deal with the basics of formatting and editing and finding good stories but also polishing the stories, making certain the venues do what they say they’re going to do and paying on time, market appropriately, not put things into the wrong categories and… Well, I think you can see how they spend part of their time.

On top of the basics they have to deal with personalities. Like any other managerial position, dealing with people can be frustrating, mind boggling and down right a pain in the ass. And I’m putting it nicely sometimes. I have seen and been a part of bad behavior – known as the diva mode – and I NEVER knew writers were so overtly dramatic. Hey – I ain’t perfect either so you writers out there KNOW what kind of behavior I’m talking about – don’t you? Fess up! 

This is an emotional business and when you already have naysayers, the big six breathing down your neck AND then you deal with lack of money, time and sleep and all the other parts in between and you know what? It can be a recipe for a melt down. So… why do publishers do it? The love of writing, promoting, getting behind new talent, the joy of helping others succeed and the absolute thrill is hearing two simply little words – THANK YOU.

Said it to your publisher lately? Hmm???  I know what you might be thinking but without them we are nothing. So… I have two publishers to thank today and both are amazing people. Naughty Nights Press and Rebel Ink Press took a chance on an unknown girl who knew she could write – hey we all KNOW right? In September of 2010 it started with Rebel Ink and a single email that changed my life. “E” put out a smokin’ piece – Treats in a Plain
Brown Wrapper
– for me after a intensive editing session – UGH and it was an honorable mention winner at the Passionate Ink Passionate Plume contest in 2011. “E” has been a mentor, an advisor, a spanker and a dear friend and I adore her and the entire staff. The cover artist, Carl J. Franklin is amazing and I couldn’t do what I do PERIOD without her and the team – and yes we are a team.

Then in about May last year I started talking with Naughty Nights PressGina Kinkade and she and I quickly became friends. She mentioned she respected my work and asked if I would consider writing for her new publishing company. I quickly agreed and Spankdown had it’s debut in July of 2011. Since that time I’ve had several in publication, received a contract with them and quickly became a fan of their entire operation. Shane Willis is also an amazing cover artist and the entire editing team top notch.

With both of my publishers I am given such amazing opportunities and I love them dearly. We may all snark about something during our course on this wonderful journey but trust me writers, readers and everyone else out there – none of this is possible without our publishers. And guess what my last words are going to be?


Kisses   xxx



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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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6 Responses to Publisher Appreciation Week – a HUGE Thank You!

  1. Cassandre, you put it very well. With the ups and downs they work their butt off and I appreciate it so much. We all do…So I thank all my publishers as well.


  2. Delena says:

    You said it, Cassandre! You sound as if you’ve seen it all firsthand, and boy, that’s an eye-opener. =)


  3. Delena says:

    You said it, Cassandre! You make it sound like you’ve seen it firsthand, and boy, what an eye-opener! =)


  4. Amen, darling! They do so much work that we don’t see as writers or readers, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge and appreciate their efforts and let them know that we appreciate it.


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