Blond or Brunette Men Who Can Suck Your Blood? Men of May…

Oh yeah babies. I love my vampires and in truth think there isn’t a red blooded woman on the face of this Earth who doesn’t think vamps are the sexiest creatures. Come on…fess up. You love the thought of men biting you and taking you into not only ecstasy but also immortality. Right? Okay so I admit I am not REALLY dating myself but I loved Dark Shadows when I was really little and I do mean really. I used to sit in front of the television and savor and then have nightmares.

Who do I love as vamps. Certain NOT Johnny Depp doing the campy revision of Dark Shadows – sorry – GAG me. BUT…I do love Alex O’ Loughlin from Moonlight and Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood. Blond and Brunette – I think I could have both on a silver platter for a feast. Sorry, no pun intended but you know what I mean. Right ladies?

Okay so the entire love carried me through years of longing to be bitten. So, when I started writing my very first pieces were about vampires and yes my original creatures were sensual and then horrifying and then I combined the two. I love writing thrillers so I thought – why not make him sexy as hell and have to deal with real sexual appetites of today? To that end my trilogy Red Fire was born. My vamp is Russian and blond and studly and hot and…. I think you get the idea. It’s also a m/m piece involving a human detective, serial killers and an ancient curse – oh and BDSM and a D/s relationship. So what’s not to love?

The second in the trilogy is releasing on the 7th. Called Blue Fire- Domination, this one takes our hero cop further into the world of mystery and the reason he’s so drawn to the sexy vampire he can’t avoid but is terrified of. Right now Red Fire – Surrender, the first in the trilogy, is on sale for 50% off at ARe – in honor of the release of Blue Fire so…. here’s a sexy different contest.

If you have to have read Red Fire in order to answer so this means you might have to buy BUT – if you do and answer this question, the first two who do will receive Blue Fire on it’s release day. Go to page 99 and highlight your favorite paragraph and send… Hmmm..

So to tempt you, here’s a taste of Blue Fire – Domination for you…



“What in the fuck could have done this shit?”

“I don’t fucking know.” But Jax had seen enough with the bloodshed from the murder the month before he was beginning to wonder whether they, at minimum, had a copycat killer. What perhaps was the most disturbing was not the murder itself, but the way the body parts, and what remained of them, were hacked up. Shivering, he knew that wasn’t the truth. What was left of an arm and leg and perhaps a groin, was ripped and not with simply a sharp instrument. Teeth had to be involved. But there was no way, was there? How the hell was he going to tell the parents about how their kid was found?

“There has to be a Goddamn big animal loose in the city. You know, like a fucking cougar or wolf at least. This is some kinda shit.”

“Oh, I think we have a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I think mom knows something she hasn’t told anyone yet. Time to make an appointment with the parents.”

“We have everything, Detectives. We’re going to take the body downtown,” the young man said quietly, his face ashen.

Jax nodded, “Thanks boys. What a mess.”

The two men nodded and turned silently as they moved toward the van.

Eyeing the wagon as it left, Jax hated everything about the body farm, or so they liked to call the coroner’s office. “What clubs are within walking distance of here, or hell, driving distance?”

Mike scoffed. “This is fucking Jackson Ward my man. As in the one of the worst places full of nothing but scarred remains of the glory days of Richmond and a bunch of crack dealers living on the street. There’s nothing close by that matters other than more death.”

“And I think there’s going to be more.”

“Would you stop that bullshit? We have a prominent citizen’s kid’s remains lying in the middle of a fucking alley in the heart of never-neverland and you’re talking mumbo jumbo.”

“It’s not mumbo jumbo. This is what…” Interrupted by the squawking of Mike’s police radio, Jax sighed. It wasn’t the exact scene he’d dreamt, but close enough it fucking terrified the hell out of him.

“Yeah we’re here, Sarge.”

Jax had never seen anything done by a blade or hacksaw or any other tool that could inflict the level of damage he saw when they’d arrived. While they’d walked the alley more than once, there was no immediate evidence and every instinct in his body told him clearly there wouldn’t be any.

“We got it, yeah no problem. We’ll be back there as soon as we finish here.” Mike snapped his phone shut and sniffed. “The kid sneaked out five fucking days ago. Five fucking days.”

“And the parents just called about this bit of evidence? Goddamn I could strangle them.”

Mike turned his head and hissed. “Someone must have pressured mama. Then again, perhaps it was the note they found in their mailbox this morning. Something to the effect of ‘what a beautiful sacrifice?’”

Opening and closing his mouth, Jax shook not only from the words but also from the way this was all making him feel. “Goddamn it. We have to find this freak.”

“Yeah well the Sergeant wants us back at the station pronto. Seems like this is big news,” Mike said as he wiped a bead of sweat from his brow.


“Meaning there might be another kid missing.”

His blood ran cold as Jax struggled to breathe and for a minute he could see another kid in his mind. “There’s a connection.”

“Yeah? Well you better get your damn facts straight before we roll back into the precinct or not only is the Sergeant gonna have your ass, but the Mayor will eat you for lunch, and the rest I don’t want to even think about.”

Jax nodded, “I know.” Tipping his head to the sky he sniffed and could swear Aleks was close. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where the fuck are you going? You know damn good and well we have to get back.”

“Just a second.” Holding his hand out Jax walked slowly to the end of the alley. The backside faced the river and a perfect dumping ground. Not all of the body parts were with the body and while the location was easy to hide a body, the James River was a better place to hide. “I know you’re here.” Sensing the vampire, he eased onto the grassy knoll facing the river and gazed up and down the length of the bank. Only a light breeze pulsed in his face.


He heard the call of his Master and turned. Opening his eyes wide Jax shivered as he saw the man on the other side of the river. There was no doubt it was Aleks. Swallowing hard, he sensed the connection was somehow stronger. Why? He folded his arms and knew their paths would have to cross again soon. Tipping his head, he nodded and narrowed his eyes. There was something the man, the monster, was trying to tell him.

“What are you staring at, buddy?” Mike asked as he stood behind Jax.

Turning slightly he nodded toward his partner before stealing a glance back across the river. Aleks was gone. “Just hoping we don’t have a serial killer on our hands.”

“Uh-huh. I think we need to go.”

“Right there.” Jax glanced at his watch. Barely eight thirty in the morning he knew it was going to be a very long damn day.


Clenching his fists Aleks snarled, sensing the presence. While they were cloaking their existence well, the fresh blood coursing through his system allowed Aleks to detect certain activities. The scent of a rotting flesh was strong, wafting across his nostrils along with the scent of his lover and mate. Jax Steele was filled with concern. And desire. As he walked back toward his car he tipped his head and sniffed. Yes, someone was playing a very dark game with either Jax or him. He licked his lips and honed in on his strengthening senses. The boy’s blood was just what he’d needed but his body would need much more in order to gain full control of his abilities.

There were many of them and hording, as if a clan, a clan of men or monsters? Climbing into his Viper, he started the engine and contemplated going to see the good detective. “No, you’re going to come to me.” As he threw the car into gear he headed for the dark alley that held the remains. The kill was fresh. The bloody stench wafting across the river told the story.

Driving through the streets he thought again about Durac and the boy, and of Nickolay. Hissing, his fangs elongated thinking about the damning events. If only he’d been stronger, then perhaps he could’ve saved his brother. Sadly, if Durac was correct then he had little time to repair the damage done or there would be a black sea of war waged in the human town. It was something that couldn’t happen, his kind were ready to take over, not be thrown back into the bowels of hell. Yet nothing would matter without Jax Steele. There were too many ancient curses that he was concerned about and now he wasn’t sure whether the stories Durac had drilled into his mind during his changing were all true. In truth, how could Aleks know he was the intended King of his people? Was it all a tall tale? For all he knew Nikolay was in on the entire scheme with Durac.

“Fuck.” Slamming his hand against the steering wheel, he fought his growing rage as he realized he’d need more than just blood to hone his senses.

He remained stoic as he drove through the ugly city streets, determined to allow Jax the space and time he needed to fully understand what had happened to him. Unfortunately, there was little time. There were only a few ways he could protect his lover unless the man succumbed to him fully and completely. Yet Aleks knew Jax wasn’t ready to give up his humanity yet. Fingering the cross he was grateful the final piece of the puzzle hadn’t been ripped from him in the explosion. Unfortunately, the dagger was missing but for some reason he didn’t think Durac had it. Call it his gut instinct, which meant Durac would eventually need one or both pieces. Still, with the potion, the amulet and Dimitri in tow, Durac was powerful.

Cruising into the alley he rolled the car to a stop. He didn’t need to get out of the car to sense the evil lurking in the shadows, but as he stepped out of the vehicle he growled and closed his eyes. The ugly vision of the boy being ripped apart splashed through his mind, showering him with horrid visions. The brutality was not that of a controlled being. They were hungry and real monsters, and yet they weren’t the undead. They were something else entirely.

Aleks headed toward the scene of the body dump and bent down, dragging his fingers through the remaining blood. As he brought the dried beads to his lips, he sniffed before licking his fingers. The boy had been given drugs and yet whatever it was, wasn’t discernable. Darting his tongue out he licked the trickle of blood again and a single vision came in front of his face.

What do you think? I love mixing genres and I so hoped you enjoyed. Lots going on at the bottom here including the links for the other writers involved in the hop and a HOT video trailer for the entire trilogy as well as the purchase link for Red Fire…

Kisses   xxx




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  1. Tracey D says:

    Wow, great excerpt, Cassandre. I’m ready to start buying and reading!!

    booklover0226 at gmail dot com


  2. I will always love Alex as the vampire..He can suck anytime..LOL


  3. sionedkla says:

    I’ll take an alpha vamp in any color combo please?! Medium rare for that hint of blood 😉


  4. Cass, you rock and it looks like you’ve got a another winning combo – sexy vamps of color. Muwah!@


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