Reading One of HER Books – Tantalizing Tuesdays…

On my oh my it’s that time again. Tantalizing Tuesdays where I get to pick ONE hot little picture and write 200 words around it – no more and no less. So… This week is a fun take off on say – an erotic writer. I wonder who just might be HER?  LOL. Don’t forget to click on all the other sexy talent giving you a freebie each week and I love comments…


Parker shifted on the sofa, desire sweeping through his system. He was hot and horny and Michael wouldn’t be back for an entire day. Why he’d decided to pick up one of her books, he’d never know. Damn, the woman knew how to kick up the heat. There was something about reading erotic romance that sent tingles skating down his back, directly into his cock every time.

“Whew!” Licking his lips, he glanced around the library and grinned. Who the hell was going to see him if he decided to pleasure himself? A little masturbation was good for a growing boy. And hell, he was growing all right. His dick aching like a son of a bitch, he slipped his hand inside his boxers, wrapping his fingers around the base of his shaft. Parker read another paragraph and just thinking about figging Michael’s sweet ass was enough to push him over the edge. As he imagined his lover’s naked body, described exactly as the sultry temptress had penned, he was left panting. Desperate.

“Fuck me.” And he’d make certain Michael fucked him hard in the ass – more than once. Damn, the writer was a hot one. For a woman anyway.

What so you think? I hope you enjoyed and dare to be very, very wicked every day… I do.

Kisses    xxx


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21 Responses to Reading One of HER Books – Tantalizing Tuesdays…

  1. wildandwicked says:

    Wicked teaser. I wonder if anyone was secretly watching him.


  2. Don Abdul says:

    Even though M/M erotica isn’t my cup of tea, you crafted this teaser so cleverly that I was tempted to read it a second time. Bravo Cassandre.


  3. That is just sexy….I think he wouldn’t being watched…just a little..


  4. Muffy Wilson says:

    This was indeed and sexy teaser. I love watching a man masturbate, love him and just as much, LOVE reading about it….for a girl anyway. Clever and expertly crafted. YummyYou:) xo


  5. Tasty TT, Cassandre! I feel the best books inspire this kind of passion! 🙂


  6. Oh, that was yummy! I bet Michael hates being gone if he has this little cutie waiting for him. 🙂


  7. Gemma Parkes says:

    Hot post Cassandre! Love the affect these stories have on the readers!


  8. You know – if Parker gets the pages of that book all stuck together with his joy-juice, it’s going to be piss somebody off. In total honesty, my spank bank is filled with hot steamy prose more so than photos. I know men are supposed to be all about the visual, but a well turned phrase and the images it evokes in my mind is the ultimate turn on for me. I can totally relate to where Parker is ‘coming’ from. Muwah!@


    • behalle says:

      Well you see, reading one of HER passages does do several things to a man including making him hot and wet and horny and… well, you get the idea


  9. FUCK!!! You certainly know how to turn up the heat. That was fantastic


  10. ER Pierce says:

    Ah, Cassandre, you have such a way with words. Very hot and steamy Teaser. And hey, who doesn’t like to stroke themselves while reading sexy prose? Hmm. Speaking of… be back later 😉


  11. Mmmmm so hot! That was a sensual teaser!


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