Fighting Discrimination…

Participating in the fight against homophobia blog hop and I’m honored. For those of you who know me, I write in several different genres including same sex. I have had gay friends over the years and we certainly talk about issues including the continued discrimination against gays and the gay lifestyle. The topics have been lively and varied and because of that I have written several pieces reflecting what I hope is more of reality – and what is that? Love is love, no matter what sex, color, religious or political beliefs.

Sadly, that’s just not the case all the time. I live in the south (United States that is) and we still have issues all the time – not just about same sex but interracial too and in talking with folks from other countries etc, I realize I truly live in a backward area. Just last night in the news in the capital city of Virginia, we had an issue with a judge that needed a certain amount of votes in order to make his “seat”. Now, the truth to being a judge is that you are required to either or not vote. Certainly occasional absences are allowed given vacation or illness but… You are required to participate as much as possible.

To that end, not only did a vast majority not vote – i.e. angering certain of the members to a point they contacted the media, but when the media tried to hunt down the 36 members who did not participate in the vote, it was interesting how many of them just couldn’t be found or had no comment. Guess what, the guy is openly gay. One of the judges actually had the nerve to mention he was concerned about the guy’s moral values. WTH? When and what year are we living in?

We all have issues and beliefs as human beings. We all want nothing more than to succeed and love, have families and friends, and hopefully in our off time be able to enjoy what we believe in. I’m not Christian but those that are I am thrilled you have something you so strongly believe in. I’m not gay but I have no problems enjoying my friends, my good friends, and sharing laughter and dinner and wine and – oh my GOD – even discussions about sex.

I am a white woman (by the way did you see that white children are now the minority?) yet I have black friends and Chinese friends and… And I would and love them based on the person – not the color. I am not a Republican and have argued STRONGLY for and against my sides BUT… I do not nor will I condemn those who believe in what they believe in. Why should sexual preference be any different? Why should it matter?

At the end of the day – guess what. Love is love – no matter what color, sex or religion. Get it? Fight against the horrors and the fears. Stand up for ONCE and share your voice. Guess what, you may need that for something you believe in. Love is hard enough for most folks. Finding the right partner sometimes takes years and sometimes it never happens. I certainly know how difficult relationships can be. We all THINK we know us inside and what we want, but sometimes there is no perfect person out there.

I’m learned hard lessons over the past years and more recently weeks and nothing and no one is perfect, including me, BUT… I refuse to allow myself to feel bad about what I want or need and the fact I have to try every day – a hell of a lot of times after being thrown against a brick wall. But I’m lucky. I’m a white woman in a het relationship and that’s supposed to be easy for me. RIGHT…

Next time you even think about laughing or scoffing at a relationship you don’t know, ask yourself this question – are you any better? Do you think you know any better? Then ask…why…

Something to think about. New on the hop – came in late and hopefully I’ll have links up for tomorrow but there are a hell of a lot of other talented writers and fabulous people involved in this and I so hope you will enjoy and participate but more importantly, remember…

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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2 Responses to Fighting Discrimination…

  1. Thank you for taking part in our blog, hopefully people will finally take the time to look at their own actions before condemning someone else for their beliefs.


  2. Cassandre, thank you for being a part of this event. I want to say congrats to you and all the authors who took a stand


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