Fandomfest Here I Come…

So do you think Louisville is ready for the wicked girl? Hey, I was justin wonderin’!  Fandomfest is a conference being held June 29th – July 1st in the fabulous and very exciting city of Louisville Kentucky. I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of the Literary track last year by a wonderful and very talented author, movie producer and now an extremely good friend, Stephen Zimmer. We connected at another conference and simply love working together.

I attended last year and met a hell of a lot of fabulous new friends and great writers and  Stephen was not only kind enough to ask me back this year but asked if I would consider designing several panels. I was thrilled to do so and for me, it’s branching out from simply being the erotic author to showing off my other talents in thriller writing and comedy writing as well. There are way too many pros about going to these conferences including of course contacting readers and perhaps potential agents etc. Plus for me I am able to hone other skills that I have.

For those of you who know me you realized I am a bit ballsy and that’s true, but when I’m at these cons I don’t have the wicked girl hat on. I have Bethany’s hat on – the professional author and marketing who takes what she does very seriously. I love writing, I love the business of writing SOMETIMES and I always want to hone my craft. BUT what I enjoy the most is teaching and helping others as they attempt to get into the business. The writing world is tough and no matter what you think, it’s tougher today than fifteen years ago because of the influx of so many publishing houses and the e-book industry explosion.

Sure, you might be able to get published a bit easier but whoopidy do. After that it’s more hard work than one can ever imagine. You are a name for about a blink of an eye IF you ever achieve that status. Of course with 50 Shades of Grey – all the pub houses want another star. Well, we shall see. But representing my two publishers, Rebel Ink Press and Naughty Nights Press, I take very seriously and while I will have fun – oh trust me it gets a bit wild at these cons, I have my marketing persona and game face on at all times.

Well…okay maybe not when I’m partying with the likes of Alexandra Christian, Siobhan Kinkade, Stephen Zimmer and Christian Jensen but you know what I mean. This is a wonderful time and I am thrilled. I thought I’d let you see the exciting panels I am going to be on. If you’re in the Louisville area, the tickets are crazy cheap and this is a HUGE and I mean HUGE conference and the literary track is only a tiny little portion of it. Horror stars and directors will be there, big time gaming events, comic books, a huge show for buying and selling, art, crafts, you name it. If you are interested the link is

I’ll be there through Sunday so stop by and see me…

Friday 4pm Stanley Room Mixing Thrillers and Erotica (M)

Erotica is not monolithic at all, and the forms that it takes are wide and varied.  This panel explores the blending of thrillers with erotica, weaving together two very popular genres into something that is exciting on more than one level!

Friday 5:30 pm Stanley Room Horror Erotica: Blood and Sex-How Much is Too Much?

What’s the right balance between blood and sex in horror erotica?  At one point does one element become too predominant over the other?  Our panelists tackle these questions and more about the fine lines in writing effective horror erotica.

Friday 7pm Stanley Room We Make Good Girls Go Bad (M)

Whether its shifters, vampires, or one of the many paranormal entities in contemporary M/F or GLBT. Erotic romance has become a centerpiece in reading. Erotic authors not only have to build a plot that the readers can relate to but also make their character believable, give them triumphs and downfalls that keeps the readers holding their breath. Join some of the very same Erotic authors as they talk about vampires, wolves, panthers, dragons and so much more including yes… sex!

Saturday 4pm Morrow Room Taboos in Writing

Are there taboos that a writer should stay away from when creating a story?  If so, what are they?  Are some things appropriate for some occasions and not for others?  This panel brings you an open discussion about the areas that writers might be cautious about.

Saturday 5:30 pm Wilson Room Romance Authors or Smut Peddlers

When Erotic Romance Authors, of any genre are asked what they do many are more than happy to tell others what they write. However, there are some that do not include the Erotic in their title because then the weird look of ‘Oh My God, you write Porn’ comes across the person’s face. The little old lady who assumed the author was a whole person, now sees the author as a smut peddler. Join some of these same Erotic Romance Authors and how they deal with society. How does their writing impact their day job and do they have to have a pen name so their neighbors don’t label them smut peddlers.

Saturday 7pm Wilson Room Same Sex Romances: Does Homophobia Intervene? (M)

Same sex erotic romance is one of the most popular in the writing market today, selling thousands of copies, and both men and women read them voraciously. Unfortunately authors of same sex pieces are still being shunned by other more mainstream authors. Is this a product of continued homophobia or something else? Join the lively panel discussion as several same sex authors explore both the good and the down sides of writing in such a controversial genre.

Sunday 11:30am Morrow Room Effective Publicity for Authors

Publicity online and in traditional media is often a challenge to attain for authors.  This panel will explore the area of publicity in regards to all levels of authors, and offer some advice on things to do to get coverage.

Sunday 1:00 pm Stanley Room What Goes into a Good Cover

Books ARE judged by their covers, and this panel explores the things that go into the creation of a good, effective cover.  From artwork to layouts and font choices, the creation of a cover can have a profound impact on the sales of a novel.

Sunday 2:30pm Taylor Room The Perfect Kill (M)

How would you go about the perfect kill in your writing?  This intriguing discussion explores the approaches, elements, and other ideas involved in developing the ‘perfect kill’!

The entire literary track if you are coming…

I hope to see you there! 

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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6 Responses to Fandomfest Here I Come…

  1. Looks like a great place. Hope you have a very wicked time roooaaaarrrrrr


  2. Suaana C Ryan says:

    Have a wonderful time…I wish I could see you there…..look I’m on a serious diet here…LOL LOL…been asked to do a conference in New Jersey 2013 by a group of ladies here…so if u write it…I want to look it…LOL…good luck and yes I’d love to tell people, Bethany Halle, the famous famous Bethany Halle, of course I know here…thank you for being a friend and an inspiration…Go for it Lady….


    • behalle says:

      Awe thank you girl! You are such a lovely person and a fabulous writer and hope one day we can share a conference together! I am just me but learning more every day girl!


  3. You are going to blow everyone away at the panels. I wish I was there, but hopefully I will get to attend the event maybe next year.


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