Pain & Pleasure… The Art & Business of Writing Erotic Fiction

I know of all my blog titles this one sounds more clinical, right? Well every once in awhile I have to step back from being my naughty self and talk about the gritty or down to earth side of writing. I just returned from Fandomfest – which is truly a huge conference now held every year and while they gear the theme toward horror – both in film, gaming and literature, they had writers from several genres there giving panel discussion. Yes, some of it was slightly disappointing as so many of the panels weren’t as well attended as we all would have liked but I met some great folks, learned a heck of a lot about the business and had more fun than this wicked girl should have had.

We won’t go in to ANY details about the lap dance – geez. That being said, in the learning process we all talked around glasses of wine and dinner about the importance of getting out to the reader and about being a nice guy and completely working together as a team. This is a tough business and there seems to be a lot of jealousy and I honestly hate it but that’s life and that’s what can happen. Fortunately I have a core group of great friends (some of which I was lucky enough to meet at the con) and others through my general circles and Facebook who I honestly consider friends for life. I think we’ll always share and care about each other and promote how we can.

So just what did I learn? Facebook fan pages are really hot and if utilized correctly can help aid you in your endeavors to get to readers. I’ve done quite a bit of revamping on mine including adding some sexy flash fiction every once in awhile to highlight either on going pieces or some that are just for fun. I am certainly trying to promote On Becoming His and the second in the trilogy which will be titled On Becoming Her Sir and now there’s going to be a free read coming up on Amazon based on several flash fiction back and forth pieces I am and have been doing with the co-author of the second and third book, Benjamin T. Russell (Check out his site for sexy tidbits) What I learned is that Amazon has a ranking system in order to promote you and the number of downloads really matters.

So on my fan page you see the flashes and a new app for authors that allows you to connect your books and the links etc directly from Amazon or ARe or wherever you are selling your books. You can see a blurb, upload a cover and a first chapter and in one click you own it. So I am SLOWLY getting my books up there for you.

Next on the list is doing more blog hops with other locations and I’m looking into that although blogging takes a lot of time. Then there are trailers, which I do, and looking at television time on you local channel as well as movie theaters which advertise local businesses. It’s amazing in truth the very creative ways in which you can get your voice and your books out there – just takes time and a lot of creative effort. The main thing is listen to your readers and what they want.

There was a lot of talk about self pubbing and I think it’s going to continue to grow in popularity. In truth the industry will continue to change, ebb and flow. That’s the way of business. And remember kids, this is a business. It’s not just a romantic nod about sitting down and writing a tender love story or the next great epic. It’s about carefully planning what you are doing, having a core group of supporters around you and listening and TAKING advice. What I hear more than anything in the business is about prima donnas who refuse to take advice on editing, marketing and everything else. Trust me, you’re shooting yourself in your own foot – blowing your opportunities away.

I still have a lot to learn but I hope to continue to bring you sexy and sassy pieces and if you want to see something in writing – let me know. I have challenged people to ask me to write something – I can truly write an erotic story about anything. I want to thank the fabulous people from Fandomfest who made a wonderful event and especially Stephen Zimmer – my friend, a great man and a great writer. You rock me.

Here’s a little flash I put on my fan page last night –  bit of a continuing saga and journey for Jessie and Luke from On Becoming His... they are truly changing and challenging each other – just like I try and do in my writing every day. I hope you enjou.


Devotion was the one aspect of their relationship Luke told Jessie he had to have and for some reason the single notion she couldn’t find the right way to give him. Why was she having trouble at all? She loved him to the point of giving her entire life to the man, her soul, her body. Was this any different? In her heart she knew she was more than devoted, would die for him, and yet he remained concerned. She had asked herself why on more than on occasion. Then again, did the why really matter if he didn’t feel her conviction deep in his soul?

Sighing, Jessie fiddled with folding the clothes, his clothes to be exact, before stopping short and frowning. She brushed her hand across the light denim and groaned. “Why can’t I seem to show you all that you need? What the hell is wrong with me?” Very carefully she folded his jeans and tucked them on top of the shelf before standing back and admiring his selection of clothing. There was no way she couldn’t smile. He was a snazzy dresser, preferring to don attire showing off his sensual prowess.

Coming back to the word, she could barely think straight. The little things he challenged and always caught her off guard, but what she did realize was that he was right. In order to go to yet another level, her devotion had to be rock solid. Shaking her head, she closed the closet door and leaned her head against the wood, wondering. Wishing.

“There are times I can’t help but admire the simplest things about you. From the way you smile to the way you wear your hair. You still me.”

Simply hearing the sensual husk in his voice thrilled her to the point she was quivering with desire, her pussy wet and clenching with need. Palming the doors, she remained where she was and spread her legs the moment she felt his hot breath skate across the back of her neck. “I’m not wearing any panties, Sir.”

“I know.” Leaning down, Luke brushed his lips over her skin before darting his tongue out, dragging the tip through several salty beads of perspiration. “You don’t have to tell me.”

And yet when he slid his hand beneath the thin cotton of her dress, pressing his palm into her wet heat she clenched her muscles and groaned. “Oh my Sir.”

“Seems kitty is hungry for cream tonight.”

“Always, Sir. Always.” Dear God she was more than hungry.

Swirling his finger across her sensitive tissue, he nipped the nape of her neck and growled. “I own you.”

“And I’m devoted to you.” The words slipping out, Jessie was concerned about his reaction. He’d told her never to say the word unless she’d thought about the meaning clearly. When he hesitated, she cringed. Please oh please let him believe me.

Easing back, Luke inhaled deeply as he pushed three fingers deep inside. When he spoke, his voice was barely a whisper. “I know, my Kat. I know. You have my heart.” Tugging back her head, he leaned down, hovering over her until their lips barely touched. “You belong to me.”

Purr and Happy Fourth of July

Kisses   xxx



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  1. Thank you for all the great points, you are right..We have so many possibilities and we need to get creative. Hmm lap dance huh..Well aren’t you just extra naughty.


  2. ceagles20 says:

    Hi. Great article, but I’m also looking for your 4th of July Blog Hop?? Well I hope you had a good 4th.



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