How is everyone this fine summer day? Just getting back on track with posting etc after a fabulous conference. I learned a lot and one thing that I found really fascinating to hear was that the flash fiction idea seemed to be very new for people and well received. Since I started doing this – actually in part based on being invited into a sexy room on Facebook called Will Blog for Sex – I have been doing flashes and love them. What are they? They can be anything from using a picture as a prompt to write either 100 or 200 words maximum or simple an idea that you run with.

A lot of the writers such as Benjamin Russell, Savannah Chase and Nichelle Gregory participate in a way in which we go back and forth adding. What we found is we’re building teasers together and the coolest thing is that I already have a flash book out – Flashed – Flirty, Fun & Deliciously Explicit and right now it’s free for a little while so if you want to see what I’m talking about – download right now for two of my HOT HOT HOT ones. In addition, Kiki Howell is putting together another flash – this time for BDSM lovers called Six Degrees of Passion – which should be out hopefully next week and will include the wicked girl here herself, DH Black, Benjamin Russell, Kiki Howell, Savannah Chase and Abby Hayes so…get ready for more naughtiness.

Benjamin Russell and I are putting together what will be a flash and put together as a free read on Amazon for the continuing saga of On Becoming His – the D/s story we have going and we’ve been doing flashes for awhile. So… Benjamin challenged me with a pictures and a title and today you get 200 words – no more, no less on my blog and then… you have to go to my fan page on Facebook later to experience part two… Ready to get flashed?


Sheila sat on the barstool, her mind frazzled, her heart nearly broken. Why wasn’t life easy? Laughing softly to herself she nibbled her bottom lip and gazed absently at the bartender. From the golden hunk’s dashing blue eyes and lean muscles, he was the epitome of gorgeous. Why the hell couldn’t she fall in love with just a regular Joe?

Swirling her wine, she knew the answer without question — because she could only love one man. No, that was a partial lie. She’d never loved another man before and at forty-five, the revelation was startling. Michael Charles Thompson was the only man for her. “Damn it.” Said under her breath, she licked her lips thinking about their night of passion only a few days before as she slipped her hand inside the bodice of her skin-tight dress. Darting glances around her, she knew no one was looking. Then again, did she care? Nothing mattered without him in her life.

Flicking her finger back and forth across her nipple, Sheila closed her eyes and remembered the way his cock felt inside. Balls to the walls as he liked to call the way he thrust into her pussy, hard and wild.

I so hope you enjoyed…

Kisses   xx


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  1. Thank you for mentioning me on your post today. I have really gotten into doing flashers and love it. Your little sexy flasher was just perfect.She is just naughty and can’t help herself. Michael just does things to her. 😉


  2. Cass, thanks for the mention!! I loved your flash. Poor Shelia, let’s hope she gets back with ‘balls to the walls’ lover soon. 😉 Yummy!


  3. Bleuame says:

    What a great flash! Love the mystique of “What’s that woman thinking over by the bar?” :o)


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