What’s Not to Like About…Oral Sex?

Oh come on – it’s not such a difficult topic, is it? Geez. Okay so here’s the deal this morning. I have a sexy piece that dropped at ARe and the brand spanking new Naughty Nights Press E-book store (congrats team!) and I am having a sexy contest in honor. So… Orally Fixated is about – guess what? Oral sex, but… there is a kinky little story about three friends (two gay males and one sassy little woman) who enter into a bet of sorts and an incentive program to help one of the friends out. Now think a wicked moment in a very public bathroom, a dazzling event right in front of the boss and a party that will make you look a totally new way about group sex – yes, you heard me right. That’s Orally Fixated? Game to take the heat?

So…at a tiny little $.99 for over 14k in words – you know this is the purr-fect summer weekend read. So here is the contest and you’re going to have to download and purchase Orally Fixated and read it in order to win. On or around the middle of the book is a scene break in which my hero Michael is sitting in front of his computer. I want you to paste and copy the entire first paragraph and send to me via email at behalle@comcast.net. The first two who get it right will get a copy of BOTH Bad Things Hunger and Dazzle – hmmm…

Here’s a little taste of Orally Fixated to wet your appetite…

“What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done before? Tell the truth or I’ll turn you over my knee right here and spank your pretty ass.” Michael Jordan couldn’t help but give Autumn an evil glare. She’d been teasing him mercilessly for the last few years and he had a rather salacious plan up his sleeve – if he could convince her to go along. After all, Autumn Butler as a hard-ass vixen and every man wanted to get into her panties. Too bad he knew she preferred women.

“Kinkiest? Why do you want to know?” Slanting her eyes, she licked around her lips and moaned. “And you wouldn’t spank me because you know what you’d get.”

“Dear God! You’re such a tease and I think a solid spanking is needed.”

Michael glanced at James Richards, his sometimes lover and one hot man and nodded. “I love the idea. I say we start now.” Wrapping his hand around her wrist, he jerked her up and over his knees in a split second.

Squealing, Autumn kicked out and struggled hard to get out of his arms. “You wouldn’t dare! We’ll be kicked out!”

“Oh yes I would.” Michael’s sing-songy voice echoed into the crowded restaurant. Of course all of this had been carefully planned, including letting the perveyor of the fine establishment in one his sultry plan – only she wasn’t aware of her rather precarious position.

Crack! Whoosh! Pop!

“So hot!” James egged Michael on as his foot tapped on the floor.

“That’s it. Spank her hard!”

“Nice ass. Whew, baby!”

Hearing several men clap and whistle, Michael grinned as he swatted her again. “Bad girl. Very naughty and in need of discipline.”

Slap! Crack!

In the next several seconds he could tell she was getting as turned on as he was. Michael swallowed hard as his cock beat against his tight jeans and had to stop or he might have to to something wicked. “Now, see that you can behave.”

As Michael eased her back into her chair, Autumn gave him the finger before reaching down and grabbing his bulging crotch. “Trust me. You will get yours.” Brushing the hair from her flushed face, she took a gulp of her drink and plastered on a smile as she stole a glance around the room.  “Now what did you want to know?”

“I think he was asking about the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done.” James grinned as he eased the tip of his finger around the glass.

“Kinkiest?”  She asked, her face full of innocence.

“Speak or be prepared to receive another spanking!” Michael demanded. When had he become the dominant male?

“You’re both terrible. Fine. Taking six studly men in a hot tub in a condominium association. And not one of us lived there.” Her eyes twinkled as she watched their expression.

“Not bad.” Michael shifted in his head, uncomfortable as hell.

“And you?” Autumn baited.

Michael shrugged. “Drive in movie theatre and two hot guys. It was sexy as hell. Too bad the grandparents next to us weren’t thrilled.”

“And you, stud muffin wanna be?” As she turned toward James she gave him a heated stare.

“Let’s see. Sucking a man under the table of a very posh restaurant. It was delicious until the owner threw us out on the street.” James burst into laughter. “Funny how we never had another date.

“I love it. Why the question? I know you. You’re up to something.” Autumn pointed her finger at Michael.

“Trying to write a specatcular article for my boss. Not only do I need to hit a home run with this one but there’s a little contest. The sexiest piece gets a big bonus and perhaps a new title.” Michael really needed this too. Hell, he was so in debt he was barely hanging on.

Autumn sat back in her chair. “Sexy huh? Just how sexy?”

“Over the top. This one has to be something like the city has bever seen before.” While Michael had a few ideas racing in his head, none of them were clever enough.

“How about asking like twenty questions or something. Make them hot?” James suggested.

“Not bad.” Autumn grinned.

“That might work. Let me think for a minute.” Something spectacular came to his mind. Now only was he going to set her up for one sexy adventure but he’d also have the story of his career.

“Uh-oh. I see the wheels turning,” James said through clenched teeth. “Maybe we need tequila.”

And if that weren’t enough – the synopsis for both Bad Things and Dazzle so you KNOW what kind of mischief you’re getting yourself into.


Bad Things is a sexuality training facility owned by a reputable businesswoman in Charleston, South Carolina but looks can be deceiving. In truth it’s a highly sought after club run by a sexy Were-tiger Domme with powerful clients who pay top dollar to be allowed to engage in the kinkiest acts of BDSM known. Anastasia Lucard is as savvy as she is ruthless and enjoys the taste of two slaves who cater to her every bidding – including a human woman. Respected in her community she indulges in her own fantasies while living among humans peacefully. Unfortunately a group of conservative Christian faith believers known as the Healing Souls is out for more than just her business.

They want her blood. Christian Sowers is as ruthless as he is loved and will stop at nothing to get what he wants – including murder. Hiring a sexy attorney to act as a plant, he’s out for more than just information. A righteous man, he has his sights set on the Whitehouse. But is he the man he portrays himself to be or someone who nearly destroyed the Pride centuries before? Only Anastasia knows the answer. As a brutal mutilation of a young girl occurs fingers are pointed but the killer goes into hiding, taunting the entire town. In a time when the elders want to end their peace with man – what will happen to the Pride when the Devil returns for more?


Shane Whitlow owns one of the best advertising firms in town. Dazzle, Inc. is savvy, on fire and includes the wealthiest customers in the business. His competition fears his ruthless tactics and some say the man will go to go to hell. Jade Chen and Lisa Lin are his best employees and at odds with each other for the position of Vice President. Both would do almost anything Shane asked, even if it means slipping into his bed. Enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, Shane indulges in both women on a regular basis even bringing them together for wild weekends of unbridled sex – the only relationship he can handle. Haunted by a tortured past, he’s incapable of love.

Unfortunately for one girl, her boss’ brutal business tactics become too much when she’s required to help destroy Dazzle’s only competition. Sickened, she begins a scheme of her own, uncovering a sordid past. As her own dark needs drives her into the arms and bed of another man, the completion makes an offer she can’t refuse. As the plan envelopes, embroiling the unlikely ménage in a twist of fate, Shane, Jade and Lisa are forced to make choices none of them can understand. Unfortunately the past tragedies resurface, threatening their very souls. Faced with his brutal demons, Shane realizes the error of his ways but it is too late to change or will he lose the one woman he’s learned to love?

What’s not to love here? I hope you enjoy and please visit the brand new Naughty Nights Press E-book store and support all the other talented writers! Now you have until Tuesday night to download, read and give me the passage and then I’ll select on Wednesday…

Kisses   xxx





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  1. I can’t wait to read this. I’ve got it on my desktop. Love the teaser. You know how to bring it.Oh and I agree what is there not to like.


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