Hungry for Some Sun and Sexy Cabana Boys?

Well… you know me…

So I seem to mention cabana boys a lot in little posts I do on Facebook. Now I love my men and you all know how much I do. I also tend to crave simply summer with all things including Margaritas, poolside kinky fun (you know the kind I mean and do NOT even try and tell me you haven’t done something that wicked and delicious) and Jimmy Buffet music blaring on the outdoor speakers. I have a hot tub I cool down in the summer and it’s perfect to catch a few rays and think about wicked and wild stories – and boy can I ever. But what stays infused in my pieces is well in truth, cabana boys. Does the sinful thought do something for your sexy drive? It does for me. I don’t think there’s anything better than a couple of bronze kissed men in the middles of the islands. I can only imagine a dip in the sea with two hotties and preferably naked. I know what you’re thinking  – the sand will creep into all the wrong places. No ladies, there was ways to prevent the itchy trauma. I’ve blogged about sex clubs before – both the good and sometimes ugly sides but I wanted to give you another kind of sex club. These are designed with nothing but pleasure in mind.

You’ve probably heard of Hedonism before. It’s a secluded and exclusive club that caters to men, women and couples providing fantasies of every kind. Some you can preplan when you books your itinerary and others might be planned as a surprise. Either way, you’re going to have a wonderful time. Many of the clubs require that you are screened medically before you can set foot into the establishment to ensure that everyone will have a wonderful time without fear of catching any diseases. There are other clubs that cater to even darker sides of kind and they are spread all over the world.

Could you travel with a girlfriend to a wonderful island cove where the water is a dazzling cerulean blue, the waves are gentle, the beaches infused with shimmering pink crystals and the men even steamier than the beach? I’ve experienced such a place. St. Maartin is such a wondrous island retreat and I went with a girlfriend of mine several years ago – just the two of us. We stayed in a wonderful castle like hotel on the French side and it was every woman’s fantasy. The pool boys were all golden haired and sun-kissed and Carol and I really didn’t want to leave the facility…but we did and found Orient Beach. Have you ever heard of it? It’s a saucy nude beach and let me tell you – it’s one of the most breathtaking places on earth.

And to answer your question, yes we sunbathed in the nude. Trust me that we had no worries as while there was delicious eye candy, others were lacking in…well, you get the picture. We loved it. We met several gorgeous French men that claimed to know no English and we had a VERY good time. Could you do it?

So I had a piece release last year and I truly loved penning it and my two male HOT characters. They are both from New Zealand trust me ladies all gorgeous and tanned and with eyes to dream about long nights in well…paradise. For my heroine, she is truly trying to become a bit less inhibited and trust me these two men are going to make every fantasy come true. I love this piece and since it’s going to be another 100 degree plus day, I thought – why not share a taste of the sexy story again? In Taming Paradise – two girls do just that. Not only are they staying in a exclusive location but they our little heroine finds herself in the middle of a hot game where she seduces two New Zealand hunks in the middle of the surf. Hmm…just imagine what happens for an encore. Let’s take a taste…


     Shannon Myers had it with men. Finding her fiancé, Randolph, in bed with a naughty blond vixen half her age did little for her self-esteem and despair settled in. Incensed, her best friend, Amy, whisked her way to a Caribbean island and a well known Hedonistic spot so that she could recover while convincing her to have a wicked fling of her own. Developing a naughty game titled Taming Paradise, the first one that bedded not one but two stunning hunks would win. Her spirit crushed, Shannon refused until she took one look at New Zealanders, Brandon and his rough-hewn friend Kyle and knew that two young studs just might be her ticket to a slice of happiness. Instantly the nights turned saucy as Brandon introduced her to a very kinky society, where all things scandalous were on the menu.

Shannon found herself falling hard, until she realized that he was none other than Randolph’s son and she was embroiled in a ruse that included releasing her inner most secret and very erotic cravings they had shared together years before. Racing back to the states, she was determined to put the experience behind her. However Brandon wasn’t playing a game. He had been in love with her for years and the moment he found out about his father’s behavior, he was determined to win her heart. It took nefarious planning, a surprise visit from Randolph and a series of truths to finally convince her to take a chance with a young man that stilled her heart and filled her every desire.


The knowing look that passed between the two told Shannon many things. One, they weren’t new to picking up women and two they were also into sharing. She nibbled on her bottom lip and her nipples hardened into little pebbles at the thought. Go on girl, you deserve this. Taking a long sip of her drink, she licked the rim and looked each in the eye.

“You boys into skinny dipping?” She set her empty glass down onto the sand and placed her hands onto her hips.

Brandon laughed and reached for her. “You’re playful as well as luscious, a dangerous combination.”

God she could stare at his gorgeous face all day, but instead she scuttled away, grinning and unfastening her skirt, holding the material out to the side. “You think?” The filmy material fluttered to the sand. “Can you boys handle this or um…too hot for you?” Shannon twirled in circles, tempting and teasing as she unfastened her top and in the most daring manner she could imagine pitched it to the side, allowing them to see her firm breasts for the first time.

“Oh…my…God,” Kyle breathed and moved forward.

The cat and mouse game began. With deft fingers she lowered her bikini bottoms, flung the wisp of material over her shoulder and took off in a dash toward the surf praying to God she didn’t look ridiculous racing toward the ocean. She tumbled into the salty water as a wave crashed over her, knocking her to the wet sand.

Seconds later two sets of hands jerked her from the comfort of the warm water and directly in Brandon’s arms. She gasped the moment his hard cock grazed against her belly. The men were now naked affording Shannon her first glimpse of what could only be described as the most gorgeous thick cocks she’d ever seen. Whimpering softly, Shannon resisted the urge to grab Brandon’s.

Kyle gingerly parted her legs and danced his hands up from the inside of her knees to the tender flesh of her inner thighs. “Sexy woman and so very hot. You have no idea what you started.”

Oh, hell yes I did. The dark baritone of Kyle’s accent shimmied off her back and she fought the whimper that caught in her throat. When Brandon captured her mouth and thrust his tongue past her lips, she could taste the harsh edge of his whisky and a hint of spearmint candy. Shannon wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her tiptoes as the kiss became a force of passion and wild abandon. Brandon’s hands slid down her back to cup her ass as Kyle reached between them caressing and fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples until her pussy flowed from the sweet anguish sizzling her blood.

Their tongues entwined as Brandon held her, grinding his hips into her, his hand opening her ass cheeks and lifting her legs from the sand.

Kyle brushed the golden locks from her neck and pressed kisses across her flesh, then his tongue darted out to mirror the efforts of his mouth.

“You taste like sweet cherries, ripe and fresh for picking,” he whispered across her skin.

Every part of Shannon’s body shook as Brandon and Kyle drove her into a wild frenzy. She entwined her fingers in Brandon’s long locks, as the musky hint of his exotic cologne wafted across her nose. Somehow the warm scent was dangerously inviting and a reminder of just how much she loved having a man take her hard and fast.

Brandon eased her back toward the surf, his kisses growing more frenetic and laced with a dark hunger. He jerked her body to his, holding her tightly as if she might run. “Ataahua, you still me.”

Shannon inched her fingers across his hips and down to the softness of his pubic hair. As his hard cock throbbed in her palm, she shuddered and craved being devoured to the point of exhaustion. He was long and thick and hard, and no doubt hungry for her. She broke the kiss and nibbled Brandon’s lower lip as Kyle eased her back against his cock. Dear God, was it truly possible that both men were built like brick shithouses? That little bad girl that had always existed in Shannon knew the answer. Holy hell, they were hot, studly and offering their bodies on a silver platter and she was famished.

Kyle’s fingers slipped inside her pussy, flexing open and closed in an orchestrated dance, sending a cascade of tingles racing down her spine. All the while he licked and bit her shoulder as he whispered words she couldn’t completely understand, but every whisper of heated breath sent another series of sizzling jolts deep within her pussy.

Brandon yanked her hair, forcing her back into a deep arch and sucked her neck, licking the soft underside of her tender skin as he slid one hand over her breast, pinching and twisting her sensitized flesh.

Shannon moaned and would have been lost to gravity had the water not kept her afloat. The soft waves pushed the three of them together and an amazing rush of sensations flooded her body as Kyle pressed two more fingers inside. Brandon eased his hand over hers, encouraging her sensual movements as he squeezed her fingers around the thickness of his shaft. Needing no guide, Shannon moved up and down on his cock noting every vein, her thumb moving back and forth across the thick head.

Kyle forced his fingers in deeper, driving into her as his other hand wrapped around his leg to tickle her clit in circle after circle, teasing her until she shivered.

“We want you. Will you allow us to make love with you beautiful baby?” Brandon’s whispers were ragged, hoarse from the intensity of his longing.

“Will you allow us to give you every pleasure you so desire?” Kyle added, his destructive glance telling her that his beast had risen.


Every single movement of their hands, their cocks and their lips drove Shannon to the utter brink of sexual rapture and back again. It was as if she was submitting to a pleasure beyond her control. Kyle drove his fingers in and out of her slick pussy as his other hand eased her ass cheeks apart. He slid the tip of his finger inside her dark hole wiggling back and forth. She threw her head back and clawed Brandon’s arms as he lowered his head and nipped first one nipple and the then next, drawing the flesh between his teeth and biting. The water lapped them with gentle waves and Shannon was transported into a mindless field of nothing but tumultuous sensations.

“God…oh God…”

Kyle pressed another finger and then another inside her ass as his other hand worked in a delicious unison driving her off her feet and into Brandon. Removing his fingers from her pussy, he grunted as he continued thrusting his fingers into her ass past her tight ring of muscle. “I’m going to fuck you here,” he breathed.

Dear God, I hope so. “Oooohhh….Je-sus.” Shannon tried to focus, yet the warmth of the water and the incredible sensations of their erotic actions created a shower of vivid colors and swirls stealing her vision. Her heart was ragged as it beat frantically against the walls of her chest.

So tell me – could you do something so wicked and shameless? I have a feeling I know the answer…

Kisses   xxx



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  1. You have the most delectable adventures…and they create the sexiest books.


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