I Kiss the Hand that Disciplines Me… Tantalizing Tuesday

Mmmm – it’s Tuesday again and you know what that means?  A sexy flasher based on my selection of a picture and writing two hundred words, no more and no less, around the look and the feel. Since I am in the middle of writing several longer flashers for a freebie coming out and all dealing with BDSM – I thought I’d pick a picture near and dear to my heart. Now don’t forget to stop by all the other sexy blogging sites for more tastes. We have a talented bunch of writers for you.


Raven lowered her head as she slowly dropped to the floor, her heart racing. Nothing had prepared her for the look on his face, disappointed and full of a level of harshness she’d never seen. Her lower lip quivering, there was little she could say.

Exhaling slowly, Sir turned his head as he slowly removed his belt, his eyes narrowing. “You remain willful, stubborn. I don’t understand.”


The sound of the leather tip hitting the floor caused her pussy to clench. Swallowing hard, she scooted across the floor toward him, mindful to keep her place of reverence. “Yes, Sir.”

“And you deserve punishment.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Crack! Slap!

She knew what to expect and while he’d only taken the belt to her on a few occasions, the thought terrified her. Not the pain she was going to be forced to endure, but the way she’d challenged his trust for her. Anguish filled her heart, leaving her panting as a single tear slipped from her eye. “I’m so sorry, Sir. I…I…” Unable to finish, sobs coursed through her body leaving her feeling empty and hollow.

Gently, Sir lifted her chin. “My beauty.”

Raven kissed his hand and knew she was loved.

I so hope you enjoyed!

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne and DH Black are the pseudo's for the best selling author of erotic and paranormal romance, crime thrillers and horror novels
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18 Responses to I Kiss the Hand that Disciplines Me… Tantalizing Tuesday

  1. A stunning piece of work. Even though she needs to be disciplined, she will always know how much she is loved and needed, and even though he needs to discipline her, he will always make sure she knows it😀


  2. Muffy Wilson says:

    Scortcher, as usual. Very sensuous and, dare I say it?…… romantic:) xo


  3. Her utter devotion to him leaps off the screen and it’s clear she never wanted to disappoint him. I suspect his heart will soften and this time, he will forgo severe punishment.

    For a Dom, there is a thin line between too much punishment and not enough when it comes to loving a sub. What some people don’t understand, is that a sub requires and needs a measure of punishment as reaffirmation of her Dom’s love.

    In this case, if I was Raven’s Sir – I might still spank her, but not with the belt – I’d use my hand. It seems to me this is a situation that mandates punishment, but her actions in deference to him should soften the blows.

    Well done Ms. Cass – I like your style.


    • behalle says:

      What’s interesting Sir Benjamin is that I am learning a lot about devotion and disappointment and the picture truly spoke to me. She never wants to disappoint but she is well aware everyone has faults and yet love is truly the only way any relationship can survive and move forward. Whether he is forced to discipline her or not, I think he can see not only is she longing to be more devoted to him – learning more every day – but wants his love as he does hers. It’s a fine line between knowing and understanding the differences. The few who do it well, allowing the true sides of their inner selves out really make something beautiful together.


  4. You never fail to amaze me with your work. Very powerful and touching. So much emotion in so few words.


  5. naomi says:

    A very sensuous post. Her devotion showed through clearly and the fear of sensing his disappointment was strong. Great teaser


  6. Venus says:

    Fantastic Teaser! Your description and style are amazing. I found the emotion stunning.


  7. Sexy and powerful post. I love that this was so sensual, so raw, so romanntic!!


  8. CJM says:

    Sexy and stunning TTT!


  9. S. J. Maylee says:

    The power they both have is vivid in your teaser. Beautiful.


  10. ‘…full of a level of harshness she’d never seen.’ I wonder what she did to disappoint him so deeply. I’m glad he could see how much that hurt her. Very well written!


  11. Gemma Parkes says:

    Powerful and emotional, your words matched the picture perfectly.


  12. Don Abdul says:

    This awesome teaser shows a depth of devotion, emotion and contrition flowing from the sub to her Sir. It’s so beautifully written too. Well done Cassandre.


  13. Beautifully written very hot piece


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