He’s Dangerous… Rebel Ink Press Summer Heat

I’m participating in the sizzling Summer Heat event with Rebel Ink Press today in a HOT HOT HOT little piece of flash fiction. For those of you who don’t know, flash fiction is writing a sexy snippet from a picture prompt and this time it’s 250 words, no more and no less. I have a very scintillating piece for you, but don’t worry, it’s not “x” rated like my usual posts. Enjoy and imagine and don’t forget not only to take a peek at all the other sexy writers but comment to win some sexy prizes!!


Her heels clipped along the cool tile floor as Savannah inched her way toward him, the only man she’d given herself to completely. There was something about his look of hunger today that electrified her but in turn, terror raced through her body. Her hands sweaty, she rubbed them absently on the slick material of her crimson dress, a mere slip of material perfectly matching her carefully selected shoes. After all, Sir Michael required her to look a certain way.

Exhaling slowly, she brushed her hand through her hair, damp from the perspiration covering her body like a sheen of lust, and gave him a heated look. He was without a doubt the sexiest man she’d ever laid eyes on, and yet so very dangerous. Little did anyone else in the room know what he was capable of and yet she’d only found out the extent of his abilities two nights before – two nights of the most incredible passion she’d ever experienced in her life. Still, she barely survived the ordeal.

The closer she came the more her heart beat raggedly. This was the deciding moment. Would he accept her completely? “Sir. I’m ready.”

Lifting his head, Sir Michael nodded. “Then come to me.”

Without hesitation she knelt onto her knees, oblivious to the activity around her. This was her requirement. As he took her head into his hands, capturing her mouth, she felt vindicated by her decision.

Breaking the kiss, he licked her lips. And then bared his fangs.

I hope you enjoyed!

Kisses   xxx





Lindsay Klug                         Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy                        Lila Munro

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PK Morris

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11 Responses to He’s Dangerous… Rebel Ink Press Summer Heat

  1. Ohh you can feel her emotions and everything she is experiencing. She wants but hesitates. Love it.


  2. Eden Connor says:

    Lovely, Cass 🙂


  3. E. Jamie says:

    (shivers) Well hot damn!


  4. Donna/BLHmistress says:

    Well now I am hot, 250 words isn’t enough , we need more 🙂


  5. Susan W. says:

    Whew! Love the emotion in such a short amount of words!


  6. Shadow says:

    Hi! I enjoyed and im ready to read more! So good! Thanks for sharing and for the awesome hop! Have a great night!


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