Now I Show You Who Owns You

Purr and happy Friday to everyone. Today I have a treat for you – another sexy little flash based on a picture and I think you’re going to love this one. Flash fiction is writing a sexy and very unique piece based on either a picture or word prompt. Today it’s 375 words exactly telling a sinful story. And here’s the thing – it’s based on what you’re going to find in the HOT HOT HOT off the presses flash fiction anthology collection designed and written by six amazing erotic authors including me about the BDSM lifestyle. Benjamin T. Russell Savannah Chase and I do a lot of back and forth flash together on our respective blogs and fan pages and we are teasing you with several on both the next few days to…wet your shameless appetite.

This isn’t found in the book BUT it’s an accurate representation of what you’re going to find. 22k and all for a tiny $.99. Two five reviews already and it’s been out a little over a day so it’s perfect for a sexy weekend read.

I hope you enjoy…


“Eat this, pussycat,” Mistress Reya breathed as she pressed the tip of the strawberry back and forth across Maya’s lips, admiring the sheen covering her cheeks.

Opening her mouth tentatively, Maya accepted the offer, munching down slowly, apprehensive of what she might taste. “Mmm…”

“Yes, my sexy submissive. That’s what your sweet pussy tastes like to Sir. He’s told me how he enjoys swirling his tongue around your clit as he gathers your thighs into his arms. Tell me, do you crave his face buried in your cunt? Do you long to have his thick cock thrusting balls deep inside, driving you to the point of rapture?” Breathing a swath of hot air across the lovely girl’s face, Mistress Reya finished the rest of the succulent fruit and sighed. While she loved the three of them being together, tonight was her night to indulge in tasting the girl for the very first time.

“Yes, Mistress but…” Lowering her head in reverence, Maya shifted, her body trembling.

“You may speak freely.” Easing back from the girl, she adjusted Maya’s scarlet silk blindfold and licked her lips, anticipation killing her.

“It’s just that I like…I want you, I enjoy pleasing you and licking you.”

“Yyyyeeeessss… And you eat my pussy almost perfectly, darling girl. Tonight I have other things in mind.” Pushing her down onto the soft bank of pillows, Mistress Reya eased the stray strand of hair from her face, admiring the girl’s voluptuous breasts. Unable to resist, she leaned down and licked around first one nipple and then the other until both were rock hard. “Mmm… I love how excited you are around me.”

“Oh, Mistress.” Her body wiggling, Maya opened her legs wide in an uninhibited offering of her sex.

The wafting scent of the girl’s sweet pussy could drive her almost wild. Mistress Reya crawled between her legs and brushed the tips of her fingers up and down the inside of both thighs. Gathering the girl’s legs into her arms, she slowly lowered her head, darting out her tongue, delighting in her mewls. Purring, she dragged her tongue from the base of Maya’s pussy to her clit, nipping the tender flesh as she inserted two fingers. “Now I show you who owns you.”

Purr babies…




Imagine a world full of boundless passion, where the intimate touch of a man or woman and the desperate cravings pent up inside, leave you breathless with anticipation. Passion and desire come in many forms, and some of the most powerful moments shared between consenting adults can include aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. When you love someone with all your heart and soul, will the passion you feel give you enough to submit total control? The journey into the lifestyle is uninhibited, complete with trust and understanding, and few of us ever experience these heightened levels of joy.

Join six talented writers as they bring you varying aspects of the BDSM lifestyle in sizzling pieces of flash fiction. These snippets are designed to draw you into the heat of passion filled nights, unbridled looks at highly erotic sessions. Included are Kiki Howell’s tales of the paranormal, where vampires and witches fight for the very souls of humanity and each other. Cassandre Dayne’s scorching stories of passion stretch the boundaries of our secret fantasies. Benjamin T. Russell’s captivates with intense glimpses into a Dom understanding a submissive’s deepest needs. In addition, Savannah Chase has a sensual, soul wrenching and yet gripping way of sharing the powerful intimacy experienced between women.  Abby Hayes gives you highly charged and quickwitted tales of kink between multiple partners that will keep you guessing to the end. Finally, DH Black, will leave you shuddering with her gritty and sometimes brutal aspects of showing the darker side of BDSM.

Each tale entertains while leaving the reader trembling for another installment. Indulge. Fantasize. Delve into the darker side of passion…


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne and DH Black are the pseudo's for the best selling author of erotic and paranormal romance, crime thrillers and horror novels
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One Response to Now I Show You Who Owns You

  1. Cassandre, this new installment of the ongoing flasher is just delectable. Mistress Reya is a powerful woman who knows how to take control and give her submissive just what she needs. Another sexy flasher.


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