On Becoming Devoted… Tantalizing Tuesdays

It’s that time again – flash fiction at its finest and today I have a sexy one revolving around On Becoming His – the very hot D/s trilogy being co-written with the oh so sexy Benjamin T. Russell.  Kind of a take off on his HOT WTF posting he did on 69 Shades of Smut – what is devotion?  Hmm…

Flash fiction, for those of you who don’t know, it’s writing a brand new piece from a picture prompt. 200 words, no more and no less. Don’t forget to click on the links of the other talented authors too!


Cupping her breasts, Luke licked the side of Jessie’s neck, delighting in her soft moans, the shimmer of her heated skin. They’d made love for hours, his cock buried deep in her sweet pussy. This was the only woman who’d ever been able to take every inch him and yet she always wanted more. Pinching her nipples, he sighed and bit down on her neck.

“Sir. God. I love the way you touch me.” Her voice barely audible, Jessie trembled as she raised her arms, her body slumping against his.

Grinding his shaft into her ass, he closed his eyes. “You belong to me. I own you. God, woman you still me.”

“I want to please you so much. I want…”

Hearing hesitation in her voice, he slipped his hand down her stomach to her bald pussy, slowly swirling the tip of his finger around her clit. “Tell me what you want. Do you want me to impale your tight ass or lick you until you cum into my mouth? “


Turning her around, he cupped her chin, tilting back her head.  “Tell me.”

“I want to give you complete devotion. Forever.”

The words amazed him. “You just did.”

I hope you enjoyed!  Kisses   xxx


Veronica Fredricks: http://authorveronicafredricks.blogspot.com

Michael T Jordan: www.pablomichaels.com/

Julez S Morbius: www.morbiussworld.co.uk

S. J. Maylee: http://SJMaylee.com

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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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15 Responses to On Becoming Devoted… Tantalizing Tuesdays

  1. Muffy Wilson says:

    What a wonderful sequence and ending, albeit a beginning. Sweet, sensuous, sexy. A Trifecta of Tease. Loved it:) xo


  2. S. J. Maylee says:

    Tantalizing the senses, hmmm, the devotion you show is so sexy. What fun to look at the image with your words swirling my head. Beautiful.


  3. Cassandre, you know I love Jessie and Luke’s tale and this one is just so sexy and so powerful. Her love for him is so evident. Same with his love. They are so beautiful together.


  4. Oh wow, Luke is being presented with the whole package – her mind, body and complete devotion. The gift of utter devotion is a rare gift, not easily given or found. Luke holds a precious pearl of a woman in his arms and I can feel how much he cherishes the gifts she has bestowed upon him.

    She has given him all that she has to give, eagerly and joyfully. They have developed a bond that transcends most D/s relationships, they are entering into a union of their respective souls and it is powerful to behold.


    • behalle says:

      Thank you Sir Benjamin. Jessie loves and is learning about devotion and the two of them are embarking on the most wonderful second chapter of their journey together. I hope the readers enjoy as much.


  5. Absolutely loved it the heat was so perfect


  6. Don Abdul says:

    This is one very tantalizing erotic and sensually provocative teaser that leave one wanting to read more…. Purr-fect!


  7. Gemma Parkes says:

    Sexy and erotic, got me all hot and bothered!


  8. Venus says:

    Sexy Teaser!


  9. A very sensual tease. You showed their emotions so well. 🙂


  10. cowgirlbrumby says:

    I have to admit – that post turned me right on! Sensual, sexy, and OMG! What a tease you are. Beautifully written. ❤


  11. Cass you’re so wickedly talented, of course you must know this already. Very hot scene, especially with references to Gods.


  12. Bonni Sansom says:

    Super hot and sexy! Loved this one, but I don’t even have to read it to know it will be excellently written ans sexy as hell. Love your work.


  13. naomi says:

    Very sexy sensual tease 🙂


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