What Lengths Will You Go?

To save your marriage? That’s the question I posed in Through His Looking Glass of Desire. We’ve all been there in our marriages. You get comfortable and complacent and time goes by and suddenly NOTHING is the same as it was before. You argue and there’s no passion and whether or not you have kids, you simply stop trying. Maybe its around the house or maybe you don’t like him or her any longer, but it happens. It happens more often than not – isn’t it a bit sad?

Now sometimes the relationship JUST has to end but sometimes you need to try a little harder. Right? She’s voluptuous and thinks he doesn’t care. He’s busy at work and thinks she doesn’t give a shit. So… she decides to kick up the heat in more than one way. I hope you enjoy a little taste of her wickedness – it’s not the “x” rated part. You have to buy the little book to have a sexier taste but I think you’ll enjoy.



Raven Harrington had a terrible feeling her marriage was over. Her gorgeous husband had no interest in being friends any longer, let alone relishing in the passion they used to share. For years they had been the wild and kinky couple. Into S & M, sinful locations and naughty sessions of voyeurism that had almost landed them behind bars, it seemed every day they explored a wicked erotic act. Sadly, when Josh made partner at his law firm, everything changed. As they stopped sharing their thoughts and feelings, they hadn’t been intimate in months. She was determined to kick start their marriage and their sex life before it was too late. Developing a shameless plan, she threw caution to the wind.

Donning fiery red underwear, a trench coat and leopard print stilettos; she made her way to his office to give him a piece of her body. Shocked but intrigued, the sexy blowjob under his desk while the office came and went sent his body into overdrive. When his two colleagues witnessed their shameless act, their savage desires exploded. Unfortunately Raven experienced a shocking revelation. Devastated, she almost pulled the plug. Unknowing, Josh was ready to give her more and developed a nefarious plan of his own. His saucy little scheme involved everything she had fantasized about and thought was lost. Their intense cravings took them to a molten edge of passion and both questioned the future. Standing in the way was the truth and neither knew if their love or their marriage could survive.


Josh’s office was in the best part of downtown Baltimore in a high rise just off the main strip. The firm catered to the most affluent clients in town and they owned their own building, including a lower level parking garage. Pulling in to a space in the back of darkened empty tri-level, Raven put the car in park and stared at herself in the rear view mirror. Every part of her was shaking from the intense adrenaline. Thank God the day was cloudy with a light mist in the air or her little raincoat get up might cause suspicions. Shaking her head, Raven realized she would never have given a shit about causing a stir just a few years before. What had happened to her? To them?

“Okay. It’s crunch time. You have to do this and you know it. Josh deserves the sexy interlude and…and…so do you.” Yep, she needed that pep talk. Rummaging in her purse, she found the tiny bottle of perfume and spritzed herself one last time. Dear God she smelled like a whorehouse in the middle of Texas. But he would love her plans. Please God. Please love it and me.

Leaving her purse and most of her sanity in the car, Raven headed for the lower level elevators. She had snuck a peak at his calendar and knew he was in the office for the day. His latest difficult and time-consuming trial wasn’t for a few a week so maybe…just maybe he would be at ease. Yeah ri-ight. He had been nothing but tense since he had gotten the promotion. Celebrating the big event meant little more than having a quiet dinner at their favorite restaurant. Not talking at all, barely touching the food or looking at each other, the evening had dragged on. And then they had simply gone to bed without spooning and certainly without fucking. What a shame. In years gone by, she had been dessert, stretched out across their dining room table, legs in the air. Yes, dressed in a wisp of bare silk, she would have been open and waiting for his mouth to devour her, to lick her sweet cream as she writhed underneath him. She purred remembering at times freshly whipped cream had been involved. Yum-my!

“Oh my.” She shuddered as the heat of the memory crashed through her system. Dear God what the man could do with his mouth had to be illegal in several states. Fanning herself, she steeled her nerves, said a silent prayer and jumped into the insane adventure.

She punched the top floor button and held her breath. Could she pull it off? Really? Raven fidgeted and paced the elevator the entire ride. As the long glide slid to a halt, she braced herself and placed her hands into her pockets. Staring down at the coat, she knew there was no way anyone would be able to tell she wasn’t wearing…well, clothes. The thought caused the tiny bubble of perspiration to cascade down her forehead. Oh no, this event was not getting the best of her, not after everything she had gone through to prepare.

The activity was surprisingly light as she stepped out of the elevator and eased toward the receptionist desk holding her head high and maintaining eye contact with anyone that came into view.

“Raven, long time, no see.” He rounded the corner, a huge grin riding his entire face.

“Hey, Bart. How’s Mary?” Hmm, Bart had always had his eye on her and would have been a delicious third if he hadn’t gotten married.

“Pregnant again but we’re doing well. Nice to see you here. You never stop by anymore.”

“I know.” That’s about to change. “I’m glad for the two of you. Give Mary my love. We’ll have to do dinner soon.” She blinked, noticing the way he stared down at her brazen outfit. Giddy with desire, she didn’t care. Not in the least.

“Absolutely. You here to see Josh, I take it?”

Well duh huh. “Yeah, is he in?”

“Let me get Betty for you. I think so. He’s about finished with the final interrogatories for the Jenkins case and won’t go into the meeting with Mr. Smathers until late this afternoon or early morning. Not sure, but I think you’re good.”

Damn she hoped so. All the work and planning she had done for a solid week. No, that statement wasn’t exactly true. She had been garnering her nerves for a solid week. ”Great, thanks Bart.” Raven waited and stared at the beautiful office. Mahogany furniture and fine art work, the firm had done very well over the years. Somehow Josh didn’t seem content with the money and the fame. She still couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if he would have opened his own firm all those years ago. Would they be happier?

“Raven?” Betty smiled, glancing down at her attire with a hint of disdain. “Um…you can go right in. Do you want me to buzz him?”

“No! Uh, no, let me go in unannounced. A special little treat.” Raven knew the woman didn’t like her but so much. She had never known why. Hell, she had even made sure her grandkids had a fantastic Christmas every year.

Betty grimaced.

“It’s a surprise, Betty. Allow me to go in quietly.” Okay and don’t make a big deal out of it? K? She gave Betty her most imploring eyes, batting her eyelashes furiously. Okay, so she was pulling out all the stops, but Raven knew she had to.

“Sure, I guess that will be okay.”

I hope you enjoyed!

Kisses   xxx





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2 Responses to What Lengths Will You Go?

  1. Oh oh, oh!!! Must read the rest! Wait…is this one going to make me cry at some point??


  2. Another must read. To answer your question, yes sometimes you must fight as hard as you can, but there are times when you just can’t save it and it has run its course.


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