What If You Had LIttle Time Left?

What would you do and how would you spend it? Would you visit family and friends and simply enjoy or try and make amends and make certain that your significant other had someone special in their life? Would you atone for your sins or simply wallow in self despair? Or would you allow yourself the peace of knowing you did everything in your heart to make life better for those around you. That’s the big question in my upcoming September release – Praying for Time. 

It’s a tough book I think to read and it was for me to write, but I assure you the love will shine through. In honor of my cover that I just received yesterday and the wonderful comments I received from so many people, here is the very first taste for you. I hope you enjoy and take a few minutes today to share love with someone and remind yourself that life is damn short.



What if a single secret shared between friends could destroy everything?

Russell Willis adored Jake Timmons and while their relationship had its ups and downs, they were happy, healthy and living life the way they’d always dreamed. A well-respected architect, Russell had plans for the future, including marriage but in a single moment, his visions were shattered – Jake had only months to live. While Jake had always kept his emotions and details about his past locked away, hearing the news shut him down into a world of denial and he refused to open up. Unsure of what to do, Russell allowed him space. And then he became certain the man was having an affair. Angry and confused, he fled, seeking solace, answers and possibly retribution.

Kyle Bass knew about tragedy. His long-time lover taken in a drunken driving accident, he was barely on the healing track and guilt had changed him forever. When he found out about his friend’s condition, he offered to help in any way he could. Little did he know what Jake would ask and the request rattled his world. Determined to keep the secret, Kyle was led down an emotional trail until he was unable to cope. As the scheme turned ugly and he was accused of betrayal, he knew he had to help Russell understand. Unfortunately Jake’s health took a serious turn for the worse. In his quest to bring Russell home, Kyle was forced to face the truth about undying love. Secrets endured from their respective pasts were taking a damning toll and yet one hidden treasure remained — a shining light, but would the two haunted men grasp onto the only thing able to save them? Sadly, as the end drew near, they were all praying for time.

 EXCERPT – Unedited

Life is what you make it. Dream and never allow your soul to suffer.

Russell Willis breathed in deeply as he stood on the knoll, drinking his coffee and planning for the future. He couldn’t help but think about his mantra as of late. For some reason the words continued to resonate within him in a way that always gave him a shiver. He’d been thinking of the very words more often lately and wasn’t certain why. Perhaps because life continued to have twists and turns in the road. No matter, now was the time to forge a new path. Past time. He shook his head and drank in the incredible beauty around him.

While the day was going to be long and arduous, at least it was Friday and he had incredible plans for the weekend. Thank God they’d be able to enjoy the outdoors – a favorite. There was nothing like the smell of the crisp morning air and the sight of mist floating across the lake. As the sun crested over the horizon, he squinted and couldn’t wait for summer to arrive. That’s when Smith Mountain Lake was at its finest. Sighing, he turned to face the cabin and grinned like a kid in a candy store. His lover had only placed the last finishing touches on their new home one week before. He had to chuckle. New? Hell, they’d been living in the space for almost nine months.

Then again, Jake Timmons was a homebuilder and this was exactly like being a cobbler’s son. But dear God he loved the place and Jake had built an incredible space for them to share. From the long thick timber beams and the oversized stone fireplace, every aspect of the craftsman style home was a combination of their tastes. What an eclectic mix of their combined decorating styles. Now, if only they could keep the dream alive.

Sighing, he shook his head. Unfortunately they were already under water with their mortgage. Between the economy taking away from both of their businesses and the increasing building costs, they could barely pay the majority of their bills. For that reason alone he’d been working nights and weekends trying to finish the single project outline and all the finite details that might turn around their precarious financial position.

Both of them being in the building industry wasn’t the best place to be – at least not right now. Russell took another sip of coffee and nodded toward the lake as the sounds of birds fluttered in the breeze. No matter, life was good. Good enough anyway.

As he walked toward the house, he could hear heavy acid guitar licks of Guns and Roses blaring. Why Jake had an affinity for the metal music, he’d never understand but at least the heady beat kept the man smiling. He thought about their relationship and shook his head. While it wasn’t perfect, there were moments so amazing he could barely believe they’d found each other. Russell laughed. Somehow sparring in front of forty burly guys about whether a single building had been designed per Russell’s specifications wasn’t the best way to begin a relationship.

Then again, the argument had lasted well into trying to solve their differences over a drink and suddenly they found themselves in bed together, embroiled in passion – on that very night. He’d never done anything so impetuous in his life but jumping into a heated tryst was the damn best decision he’d ever made. Arrogant and opinionated, Jake boiled his blood. As he glanced at his watch he groaned. It was time to get a move on. There were days he never wanted to leave their slice of paradise.

He slid open the patio door and as he walked inside he could hear Jake coughing. The poor guy never became ill and he knew Jake was going to be in a piss poor mood when they went to the party tonight. Smiling, he drained his coffee and placed the cup in the dishwasher as he thought about Jake’s demeanor. The man had to have everything neat and perfect and very organized. Well, almost everything. Jake even pressed his clothes before hanging them just so in the closet. Yet he was a slob with his truck, leaving fast food wrappers and plastic Coke bottles covering almost every inch. The dichotomy was Russell’s fodder for teasing his lover.

When he walked into the bathroom, the sight of Jake shaving in front of the mirror, completely naked was almost heart stopping. In truth, he could never get over how damn good looking that man was. From Jake’s shoulder length curly hair to his broad shoulders, muscular back and the powerful long legs, the man was sexy as hell. As he lowered his gaze down to Jake’s chiseled ass, he realized he was licking his lips and while he was going to be late for work, he didn’t give a shit. “Well, you look damn good enough to eat this morning.”

I hope you enjoyed and have a great week

Kisses   xxx




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